Gaz and gir relationship quiz

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gaz and gir relationship quiz

The relationship between Gaz and GIR is somewhat similar to Gaz's Relationship with Zim in that she hardly has any interaction with the insane S.I.R Unit out of. Are you and your crush ZaDr, ZaGr, ZaTr, DaTr, or GaGr?. Who are you friends with? a. Dib. b. Zim. c. Gaz. d. The Tallest. e. Gir. f. Nobody. g . None of Are you in love/ having a relationship with any of these characters? a. Zim. b. Dib. c. Gaz Thanks for taking the quiz! To see if your.

Gaz is a loner, and you can easily see that. You'd need a VERY good reason to have them being friends. If your character is an Irken who is as tall as the Tallest, making them a trio, this is very hard to believe. If anything, your character could replace these Tallest. Gir was a rare, once-in-a-lifetime happening. No one else will really have a robot like Gir, especially if they have a different starting letter Dir, Mir, Tir, Fir, Lir, Iir, whatever.

If your character is a bigger paranormal freak than Dib, maybe you should make them not go to Dib's Skool.

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Maybe they could be a part of the Swollen Eyeball Net. If you have any questions or need more help, say so in your review and give me your e-mail address. The bullets don't work.

gaz and gir relationship quiz

I'm sure you got by with just spaces, right? I wrote this mostly for beginners who are starting to write Zim fan fictions, but experienced writers can still judge their characters here. After all, I don't have the whole story! This really is just a general look at your character's Mary Sueness.

Also remember, part of this is my own personal opinion. That means I might not necessarily be right, but hey! This still will help you get an idea of how you're doing! Think I'm a Mary Sue? Or do I have it just right? Or did I just waste a precious minute of your time? You cannot resist ice cream. To resist is hopeless. Your existence is meaningless without ice cream. How did you run out of fuel so quickly? Dumb like a moose! Did you hear that, Gaz?

That's no human organ! Humans don't have squeedly spooches! To defeat my enemy, I must study my enemy, then become my enemy, then move in with my enemy, then where my enemy's clothes, then-" -Dib "You're in my light. Bitters, I think a pencil is lodged in my brain.

Can I go to the nurse? You've gone too far! You're a hideous blob of stolen organs! I need your help!

Gaz and GIR'S Relationship

I've got work to do. Fate of the world kind of work! Wait, no, forget it. Jumping in a puddle!?! You do realize I'm gonna have to destroy you now. Score one for the human race! Score nothing for the Zim The machine has assigned you a career in fast food preparation! Bitters "I will prepare food with my iron fist! Then I will work my way up to ruling you all with my fist!

I leave you to your And now, they have the Earth. The mission's been compromised! I think we've been seen out of our disguises No, this is different. Membrane "That's what the bat's for. I'm a better gamer than you! Bitters "Be gone with you! I've had enough of your nonsense from your smelly mouth filled with I'm just here for filthy gargantuan head! In fact, it's the kind of place where you don't even have to lock the door!

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Get out of my house! Remember with your brains!

gaz and gir relationship quiz

You must behave like a human dog monster! When's the last time you cleaned yourself?