Gemini male and cancer female relationship manipulation

We Ranked The Zodiac Signs Who Are The Most-Manipulative (And Why) His And Hers

gemini male and cancer female relationship manipulation

As a matter of fact, a Gemini female is likely to get manipulated not out of If the mood strikes Cancer, she's liable to be manipulated, however. Relationships between a Gemini man & a Cancer woman can be difficult as the two have very different likes & needs. Learn more about how they can be. But some zodiac signs, at least when it comes to relationships, can be Again, Taurus and Cancer are toxic to Gemini because they're only one sign away. Gemini's knack for manipulation and Pisces' inability to forgive can.

Two volatile substances are prone to have poor reactions when mixed and it is never more true than with this pair.

gemini male and cancer female relationship manipulation

For Cancer women, everything is experienced seriously and at the deepest level. For Gemini, life is about fun and the only deep things about them are their conversations. He thrives off of verbal communication, but the crab needs a man who can master her emotional cues and emotional needs.

It isn't impossible to make this partnership work, but the challenges may seem insurmountable with such base conflicts. Are you a Cancer woman or Gemini man?

gemini male and cancer female relationship manipulation

Get a personal astrology reading on Keen to learn more about your compatibility profile. Love And Relationships Cancer women have a relatively easy time making friends, even if most friendships don't progress to close ones. The crab loves to make others feel better, after keying in on their struggles and feeling empathy. This means many friendships are built off of gratitude and loyalty, two things all Cancers both display in abundance and treasure in others.

Her inherent insecurity means close friendships are harder to come by and it takes a long time and consistent reassurance of trustworthiness before she is ready to take the plunge.

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As trust is so integral to her happiness and loyalty integral to her character, you can always depend on her to never let you down. Gemini men are exceedingly social, miles more than the rather introverted Cancer woman. They flock to new and exciting people and draw them in with their charm.

gemini male and cancer female relationship manipulation

Their friendly natures mean many friends of various levels at any given time but the trouble lies with permanence. Once boredom settles in, or an exciting friendship loses its luster, it can be hard to keep his attention and, therefore, his loyalty.

Intimate relationships take the already existing challenges for both signs and multiply them by Cancer women are far too insecure to trust that if she devotes all her energy to remaining exciting, her Gemini man will stay.

How Easily Manipulated Each Zodiac Sign Can Be (In A Relationship)

In all honesty, it is a risky gamble for any sign as sensitive as the crab. He lives in the moment and is vibrant, loving, and endlessly devoted up until the second he is not - with little to no warning. This trait often rears its ugly head in the context of romantic relationships—they usually are actually pretty honest and straightforward with their friends and relatives.

Basically, these girls will come into a relationship acting like they truly love and care about you, only to end up using you as their emotional punching bag. Favim Leo guys are super manipulative, so Leo girls must be manipulative too, right? Nope, actually, they are really not. Yes, they can show off sometimes, and they can be a bit bossy, but overall, Leo girls are much more straightforward than Leo guys and feel no need to manipulate in order to get what they want.

Who really knows why? These girls are far too honest for that. Basically, Pisces girls are extremely empathetic. This is why they do not mistreat people—when another person is upset, a Pisces woman will basically feel that emotion. Pisces women are also strong believers in karma. They understand that whatever you put out into the universe will come right back to you at some point, so they do their best to contribute only positive energy!

Favim Aries guys can be flakey and hard to read sometimes, but truthfully, they are not trying to be dishonest or manipulate anyone. They just have a hard time figuring out what they want sometimes.

gemini male and cancer female relationship manipulation

Basically, Aries guys can be kind of like puppies. Favim Just like Aries guys, Aries girls are here to enjoy life and do their own thing. They are actually very similar to Sagittarius girls—these two signs have so much in common, and they often understand each other on a deeper level. These guys have their priorities straight.

One of the core Taurus traits that make their personalities so distinctive is their focus on mindfulness. This means they spend a lot of time meditating, doing yoga, and going out into nature to be by themselves. This can make Taurus seem like a rather mysterious sign—after all, most people do not prioritize these activities.

But this is what makes Taurus so special, and it explains why Taurus guys avoid manipulating people. They have a strong grasp on what is truly important in life because they dedicate so much time to developing mindfulness.

Friendship Compatibility for gemini Sunsign And cancer Sunsign | gemini-cancer friendship

On even days he will curse and blame, and on odd days he will beg and wheedle. Hold tight to your emotional center. Place your own needs firmly first and don't allow him to manipulate you with guilt he is a master at that.

The relationship is over; his life belongs to himself, and you are responsible only for yours. You likely wish him well and that's fine.

Point him toward getting the help and support he needs, but don't try to be that help yourself. The Mature Gemini Not all Geminis are the same. A Gemini who takes responsibility for his emotions and can cry is a gem. Crying releases emotional energy which, if suppressed, creates confusion and paranoia in the Gemini mind. Releasing this energy will allow him to learn and change, rather than simply swinging between extremes. If your Gemini ex can process his emotions and do the personal work to get through the aftermath of your breakup, then you might be good friends once his jealousy has settled.

Be Safe If he is a typical Gemini he is the king of spin! His swift mental manoeuvering can make you so crazy you don't know which way is up. A new man in your life will trigger him into rage and jealousy. He is a champion at suppressing his emotions and hiding them even from himself, so he will have a good story on hand to explain why he is not jealous at all. But you can be sure he will be jealous at least part of the time, and when he is, he knows exactly how to hurt you.

Most Geminis are smart, friendly and good hearted, even if they do have difficulty handling their emotions. But there are stalkers, gaslighters and abusers among Geminis, particularly those least comfortable with emotions. Be aware, be safe. Develop your support system and investigate available resources in your area in case you need help.

gemini male and cancer female relationship manipulation

More Than Just His Sun Sign To get a true picture of your man and his tendencies toward jealousy, consider other aspects of his chart.