Glados and chell relationship trust

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glados and chell relationship trust

Virgil himself even stating 'why would you trust someone who just lied . An image of AEGIS, in a similar position to GLaDOS and GLaDOS because people missed Chell and GLaDOS' relationship, so Mel was scrapped. Yes, but its actually a little more twisted than that. Major spoilers ahead! The relationship between Glados and Chell is actually 1 part family and. Some evidence of GLaDOS considering Chell a friend is right before after playing both games, is that GLaDoS cannot be trusted, or taken at face value. of the relationship between Chell and GLaDoS is that Chell is really.

However, the team found it to be too small, giving her a body and putting it below the disk. Kim Swift, team leader of Portal, described her growth in the game as her becoming more and more human.

One of his intentions was for players to believe that they are "putting her through the wringer emotionally". She begins as a supportive, yet also increasingly sinister character, where she delivers exposition about the general Aperture mindset.

However, once the player-character escapes, she begins to speak in first-person singular rather than first-person plural.

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She shows desperation due to her lack of control at this point, adding that more emotion begins to creep through her voice. After destroying the morality core, she becomes unhinged, featuring an almost human voice. This voice, described as sultry by Wolpaw, was originally to be used for turrets, but it did not work out. This was accomplished by her emulating a computer-generated voice that the Valve team played for her and her adding emotion to lines when appropriate.

This song was written by Jonathan Coultonwho was approached by the team and asked if he would want to write a song for them. He later decided that it would be a good idea to do a song featuring one of the voices from the game that would tie up the story at the end. Wolpaw and the other writers wrote down a list of things that would make people happy, which resulted in "Still Alive". As a result, she had to sing the phrases in one breath, while attempting to keep a clean, even tone.

It is performed by McLain. This was accomplished by forcing the player to incinerate it, therein providing a tutorial for how to defeat the boss and a revenge angle.

GLaDOS was originally designed to be a devious boss, citing one form where she would use a series of lasers, like those seen in James Bond films. However, it was determined that this twitch gameplay distracted players from GLaDOS, and was too different from the game's puzzle-solving gameplay.

Additionally, it was difficult for players to detect when they were hit, so the developers switched the gameplay to feature rockets. This incarnation of the final boss was dubbed "Portal Kombat", which Swift describes as a "high intensity rocket battle". While it went over well with hardcore shooter fans, the people who liked the puzzle-focused gameplay were turned off by it. Wolpaw sharply criticized the pacing, which caused the players to wander around until they found the corridor, at which point a series of pistons would spring out of the walls.

One play tester helped them by pointing out the quality of the fire pit puzzle, a puzzle that has the player-character riding on a moving platform that is descending into flames, requiring players to find a way to survive. He stated that it was both dramatic and exciting, but also a difficult puzzle. Wolpaw stated that this made no sense, commenting that it was one of the easiest puzzles in the game. He added that the battle was a dramatic high-point, since it was being the first time GLaDOS directly tries to kill the player-character and the first time that players have to use the environment to their advantage.

After learning about what fellow Valve developers had planned for the final boss battle in Half-Life 2: Episode Two, the Portal developers decided to implement a neurotoxin that would kill the player-character in six minutes. As a result, they scaled the game back, intending to ensure that everyone was able to see the game to the very end. Here come the test results: However, the demand for all of these to be implemented into Portal 2 was great enough that they chose to do so.

Originally, the character Cave Johnson was intended to be the antagonist instead and Portal 2 to be a prequel. They felt that she should "go someplace" and that since GLaDOS is "kind of likeable in the first game" and players "enjoy being with her", they would utilize Wheatley as an "other, external threat".

He compared her transformation into a potato and having her power stripped away to the game Jenga: They found that play testers were not interested in her when she was powerless and insulting players and would question why they were "carting this person along". In order to keep players from feeling that they should want to abandon GLaDOS in her powerless form to prevent her from becoming powerful again, the designers made sure to give players reason to bring her with them.

The co-operative campaign includes additional dialog from GLaDOS; the original dialog Wolpaw wrote for GLaDOS was aimed to two women, Chell and a new character "Mel", with the assumption of "image issues", but this dialog remains in place even after the change of the co-op characters to robots. Valve considered initially to have separate lines for GLaDOS that would be given to each player individually, but found this to be a significant effort for minimal benefit.

The writers also attempted adding GLaDOS lines that would make the players attempt to compete against each other, such as the awarding of meaningless points, but playtesters did not respond well to these lines. They felt however that this would "get old pretty quick" if they did not put her "into another space".


They accomplished this through a combination of her anger with Wheatley and her conflict with her past life as Caroline. Through the course of the game's events, GLaDOS' personality shifts significantly; however, at the end, she resets her personality to her original personality, an action Wolpaw sums up as "explicitly reject[ing] it" and saying "You know what?

glados and chell relationship trust

The designers also intended to make it vague whether or not GLaDOS was under the control of the machine that she was attached to. These games were all a part of an alternate reality, based on a cryptic narrative that suggested the awakening and relaunch of GLaDOS.

Valve provided the developers access to their art assets to include Portal 2-themed content into them, and in some cases, McLain recorded new dialog specifically for these games. Doug ground his teeth together angrily, his hands clenched into fists at the sides of his head. Chell wasn't going to survive. It wasn't honey, he wanted to call out; it was ice. But he knew she wouldn't understand.

She was stuck there like a butterfly, not knowing its wings were about to be pinned. She was merely an experiment under the cold eye of the scientist that had trapped her in a jar. And when the scientist was done, she was going to be put at the back of the shelf amongst the hundreds of other failed experiments, left to collect dust and be forgotten.

Don't let her do this to you. Don't let her win. It doesn't love you. Not like I do. But she didn't open her eyes.

glados and chell relationship trust

She had just kept desperately kissing two lips that spoke nothing but lies and false promises. The worst part about it all was that Chell — in all her intelligence — knew it too. She could taste the toxin on her tongue, and yet she continued to breathe it in. And he couldn't do a damn thing about it. She was merely a toy for a spoiled child to play with. Right up until she broke and was tossed aside for the next one.

And she was so close to breaking. When Doug finally picked up the courage to walk around the corner, he saw the test subject sitting on her bed with her back to the wall. Her knees were drawn up and she had her face buried in her arms. He couldn't blame her. GLaDOS had left her high and dry. There was no satisfaction in that. Just a terrible itch that needed to be scratched. You've forgotten about me.

GLaDOS after being uploaded into a potato battery. The two work their way back up the the main Aperture building. Wheatley's incompetence clearly poses a serious threat to the entire facility, which is deteriorating and on the verge of a reactor meltdown. GLaDOS makes an unsuccessful attempt to deactivate him, but he recaptures the two of them and forces them back into the test chambers.

GLaDOS and Chell complete several chambers, then escape Wheatley's "surprise" attempt to kill them and make their way into his central chamber. GLaDOS has formulated a plan: However, Wheatley has thought ahead for once, and their attempts trigger a booby trap.

With the Enrichment Center moments from self-destruction, Chell points the ASHPD at the ceiling, which is breaking open, and shoots a portal onto the Moonsucking herself and Wheatley out into space.

GLaDOS takes advantage of Wheatley's distraction and restores herself to control of Aperture, restabilizing the reactors, then releasing Wheatley into outer space. She then - surprisingly - pulls Chell back to safety before closing the portal. When Chell awakens, GLaDOS expresses what seems to be genuine relief and tells her that while she once considered Chell her greatest enemy, she now realizes Chell was actually her best friend all along.

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She then adds that these positive emotions have allowed her to realize something else important: She apparently deletes it immediately, seemingly reverting to her old sociopathic self. However, GLaDOS explains that while she intends to rid herself of Chell once and for all, she has concluded that the easiest way to do so is simply to release her; attempting to kill her, she says, has proven far too troublesome.

She places Chell on an elevator heading up to the surface, making sure to remind her never to return. As Chell steps out into a sunlit field, GLaDOS makes the unexplained decision to return her old Weighted Companion Cube from Portal which is charred but intact as well before slamming the door shut behind her.

Co-op[ edit ] With the Cooperative Testing Initiative readily prepared, she goes back to testing without having to worry about any form of escape or sabotage. Even as early as the first testing course, the robots already begin to show emotions and typical human gestures.

As much as she is displeased with these acts, she still remains patient. At the end of the Team Building test course, she unexpectedly rebuilds ATLAS and P-body outside of the official testing tracks, simply briefing them that "This test is so outside the box, that I can't- I mean- won't even tell you what it's about".

The two would then proceed into a control room with a projector. After they find a large disc and installed it into the computer, which secretly grants her further control over the Enrichment Center. GLaDOS then reveals that the only way for her to bring the two back into the Hubwas to initate their self-destruct sequence, before taunting them that they are unable to communicate with eachother that they can feel pain.

Interestingly, if the robots decided to perform gestures than searching for their objective, she pretends to deduct their Science Collabaration Points by 50 as to far as if they persist in apparent rage. Eventually, she slowly expresses a form of boredom; that conducting tests on ATLAS and P-body were not as satisfying to her as testing humans that would usually show fear and can be killed. It later becomes apparent that the end of each testing course, she would send them outside the testing tracks, serving as her minions without even knowing it.

Throughout the rest of the three testing courses, she has trained ATLAS and P-body to expertly maneuever their surroundings during the tests, which would be then put to use on her real objectives. After the bots have installed the remaining three discs into their respective inputs, GLaDOS finally shows that "[she] can see everything now", before initiating a selfdestruct on the bots.

From there, they are rebuilt into the Hub once again where they are now briefed on a new testing course, as she moves the entrance to the course into the Hub. She briefs them to make their way to a human vault at the end of the test. GLaDOS finally reveals that, despite being more loyal to her than any other Test Subjects, she is unable to feel any satisfaction throughout their testing - hence the humans are needed, as it gives her an irrelentless satisfaction from their fears.

On their path to the vault, a reprogrammed Defective Turret can be seen trying to defend the humans, showing that the survivors of her original attack many years ago have crawled their way down there. Finally the two have reached the vault however, to GLaDOS' chagrin, the vault can only be unlocked via human gestures.