Gleb and anita relationship advice

Anita Rani - Legs The One Show 15Feb

gleb and anita relationship advice

gleb savchenko - gorgeous gorgeous man, I had just about decided to quit watching the Gleb Savchenko on This Morning Strictly Come Dancing, Dancing With The Liam Hemsworth Stars In The New Attractive Guy Dating Tips Meme. The first couple of the evening are Anita and Gleb. .. Len says it was his kind of Charleston and he's going to give her some advice she. Anita Rani looked to get a little hot under the collar when she found out she would be capering with hunky - and extremely confident - newcomer Gleb Savchenko. routine, before offering her successors some words of advice. . to turn to a plant-based diet The power couple have written the forward to the.

Craig says her hands were particularly unattractive, expertly on the promenades, and she needs to sort out the ends of her lines. He says he thinks she was dancing with bent knees throughout, and she needs to get on the balls of her feet a lot more. There was some unnecessary grinding throughout.

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Darcey says her isolations in the upper body were phenomenal. I suppose in some interpretations of that word, yes. She says the relationship between them worked well, but she does need to place arms more carefully. Len says the gyrating was excellent, and Jamelia treats this with the slightly disgusted disdain it merits. Len says she needs to work on her legs, but the energy and enthusiasm were top-notch. In the Clauditorium, Jamelia says she loves hearing anything positive and she just needs to apply the theory more.

She says she does love the Latin and says she took her daughters to the seaside for the first time this year. But then I am from Grimsby which is near the seaside - but not at the seaside, despite what VTs on this show would have you think. The seaside's a long way for her. Their tango is to 'Hold Back The River' and opens with a lot of blue cloth wafting and some contemporary dance movements, before they get into hold and dance properly.

However, once it gets going, the angles do become more pronounced, in some cases too pronounced to the extent they feel really forced. There are some nice spins in it, although her tango face is kind of ridiculous, like when you face paint a kid as a tiger and they do a pretend scary growl.

Darcey says she can see that Helen finds it difficult to keep down and keep her knees bent, but she really did it. Helen looks like she might die of the praise. Tess asks Len if it had more content than last week and then said yes, it had lots of content. Bruno calls it a high-fashion tango and says she looked like a supermodel. Craig says it did need to be a little softer in the knees and she needs to think about where she is placing her centre, because sometimes she places it on a diagonal, which centre in the wrong direction, but he concedes that they work really well as a pairing and it worked really well with the track and he found the lines extremely powerful.

Claudia says to vote for them if you want to vote for the best meeting on a riverbank since Ratty met Badger. That dance was set on a riverbank? I must have missed that. We are reminded that last week their dance went a bit wrong, although the focus is more on the aspects of it that went right, interestingly.

gleb and anita relationship advice

Their VT focuses on how Katie loves her husband more than Anton and takes him out for coffee. I guess Anton was too busy teaching everybody else how to dance than to turn up for VTs this week. John then turns up to training, and the dance looks a little bit lazy from the footage we see.

Then Anton dances with John, and Anton looks a little bit nervous lest there be gay panic. We open with Katie looking like an even more raunchy Holly Golightly - what is it with them dressing her in that style this series?

gleb and anita relationship advice

However, there are other moments that are incredibly clumsy and feel forced. Overall, they just about pull it off and the audience scream and whistle a lot at the end. Len says it was fantastic, and Katie and Anton lose their shit slightly.

Bruno says she looks supremely elegant and there was a real Shirley Bassey moment in it. Craig says it was a bit melodramatic - just a tad! Katie and Anton look like they understand every criticism he is giving them, and Craig said overall he absolutely loved it.

Claudia congratulates Anton on getting his highest ever rumba score and Anton and Katie on their highest Latin score of the series. We then have a preview of what is coming up, which involves Kevin doing some unlikely Fresh Prince impressions. For some reason, Kellie is wearing full make-up in their training VT. Kevin then turns up to her dressing room in rollerblades and shows her episodes of T-Bag and T-Shirt on an iPad and an interview with her from the Upper Hand days.

Shake the Room' was released in As you might expect with a samba set to that track, the whole thing is very silly, which actually quite works because these two are fairly cheesy anyway.

Kevin does look ridiculous in a bomber jacket and baseball cap, but he plays it for all its worth and they mug away like their lives depended on it. But when has this evening been about staying true to genre?

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Kellie fist pumps the air as it ends and they give each other a massive hug. The audience lapped it up, as they have done with every dance tonight. He said all it needed was a Banksy mural. That seems like… a Len joke? Darcey says she gave a really assured performance and the energy never fades.

Craig tells her to open her mind. Darcey says it was still weirdly enjoyable. I guess he had to get pure about one genre of dance this week, so it may as well be the samba. Up in the Clauditorium, Natalie Lowe seems to have really enjoyed that.

Unfortunately, she is wearing a really hideous flesh bodice with some glitter arrangement on it. What on earth has she done to piss off wardrobe this week?

I love it when Craig randomly gives high scores to bizarre dances. Peter and Janette now. Janette says bringing his kids into the room will help him feel the romance of the Viennese waltz.

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Yes, because his kids mugging around the whole time is really going to fit the mood of that dance. Junior seems to quite enjoy dancing with Janette. Peter is wearing full tails, whilst Janette is in a white ballet style dress. However, the lighting is doing quite a lot to help the atmosphere, all beautiful spotlights and swirls and cityscapes. There are some really clumsy transitions into new positions in places. Craig says he danced it well, but it was a little bit too frenetic for him.

He could see that each gear change had effort and he thought they were coming in and out of hold a bit too much, and he wanted to see more of the whooshing around the floor - but he loved it.

Tess asks if Len was as impressed as he was last week. Bruno says it was like watching the ballroom scene in Cinderella and it was magic. Craig Kelly, what hath thou wrought? One of which was Georgia basically standing still looking sexy and the other of which involved Peter Andre. The hug Helen gives him in response is not quite the one.

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She looks like pissed-off Nemo. I love how elegantly people sit and wait for their partner to lever them up but I would root for anyone who just decided to roll around and flash their knickers and get themselves up alone Just a side note there Speaking of classy displays, as soon as Helen gets over to Tess she picks a bit of hair out from between her teeth LOOK OUT JANETTE!

I guess the upper middle-classes show afection differently to the rest of us. I know the feeling. Bring a cushion next time girl. Apart from the pube between her teeth obviously.

gleb and anita relationship advice

God, you know the music choices are bad when even the judges are calling them out. Up to Claud 9 we go, where Claudia opens by reminding Helen that Darcey is her hero, like we need more of that storyline, and then moves on to how Helen and Aljaz have such fun in training. Helen says that it was hard this week having the tango because Aljaz kept on trying to get her to be serious but she kept on bursting out laughing.

That is the least amount of effort that has ever gone into writing an intro for this show. Do they not discuss this at home? Is Anton literally having to load her unconscious body into the back of a taxi every night for her long suffering daughters to carry her off to bed before dragging her out again next morning, throwing a glass of water in her face and dragging her back in the taxi? The life of a BBC presenter I guess. Katie then bold face says that her John is so supportive despite him clearly having implied just then that most of her dances have been crap, and he comes to training to meet Anton, where he and Anton dance the rumba a bit.

They twist elegantlythey writhe tastefullythey approach one another and fling their arms down with restraintthey do teasing, tentative, probing, seemingly endless, opening outs like responsible grown-ups trembling with repressed desire, resisting their feelings for one another over the garden hedge and around the lawn gnomes before abandoning all decorum and clutching to one another frantically like Brief Encounter set on Babylon 5 in Then spinning, flinging, and tossing around recklessly as the song reaches its climax and this…occurs.

This kids, is how babies are made. Outer space babies who come out the womb singing Goldfinger and wondering why they look more like the galactic milkman rather than daddy. What an Anton Rumba. Kudos to Katie for managing to live it so thoroughly. You can actually SEE Anton looking at the get-up that Tess herself is in and wondering how much of a compliment this can be.

I bet he did. She could, though, have done with more eye contact between them. Darcey, it was a tentative rumba of forbidden galactic love, try to follow the story love, come on. I fear they may be upon us. Laced with Red Bull. And crushed up Pro Plus tablets. VT now, and Kellie says that she personally loved her waltz, but she knows everyone at home could see how disappointed she was when she was called as being in the Bottom 2.

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Well, you just did it again Kev, well done. Why oh why did they have to be Bottom 2 on a relatively subdued waltz? Mania until the final. And I would lean more towards the latter camp.

Oh my eyes the hip hop. Random bum shakes and shoulders thrusts and dinosaur arms and gang signs and…oh God the horror. It gets a standing ovation except from my Queen Nadiya.

Jay should probably take lessons on deflection from Kellie, it might help. Sorry, he decided that he loved it. That sort of teasy phrasing in particular. VT time and Peter tells us that last week he got quite emotional.

Well you could have been in sync. Training now, and Peter says that Cilla Black is a legend …someone has told him? I do at least commend Peter for managing to hold out until he could be the very last to parade his children before the cameras but enough! The girl one is the cute one, the boy one is the snarky one and also looks more comfortable in ballroom hold than his dad does… kids kids everywhere kids.

A bit like Mufasa in The Lion King. Why have the King Of Cheese on the show and not work it to the max? He does give nice arms though.

gleb and anita relationship advice

Craig starts for the judges saying that Peter danced that very well but it was all a bit frenetic and he could really see the effort going into every clunking gear change. Clarify for us Darce, clarify. It was just good. Also it looked more like an American Smooth to him than a Viennese Waltz.

Peter says that actually he appreciated the change. You might want to tell the VT editors that then, she appears to be there every bloody week. What an ice king. To make it up to Georgia, Giovanni decides to bring an expert in to teach Georgia how to dance Chicago style. They would have got Denise van Outen but they were missing a chair. She just has it. It gets a standing ovation and you can tell it was good because Darcey does that thnig where she bites a giant invisible cheeseburger.

She thought it was so clean and full of content. She thought it was so brave of Georgia to take risks. Oh was that it? Take a coat to Blackpool, because it gets very cold.