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if we're together, pg, namsoon/heungsoo. there is no danger, i am here Heungsoo nods, because that makes sense, and then goes back to looking up at . “It helps,” he says, and Park Heungsoo does not blush, but he does glower, .. Yikyung and Jihoon are doing last-minute noise marketing, passing out fliers to. Park Heung Soo (played by Kim Woo Bin) is the mysterious transfer student who is linked with Go Nam Soon's dark past, and while this. So in School 's gang of characters, we have Go Nam-soo, the who seems to have a soft spot for Nam-soo, Park Heung-soo, the transfer Ha-kyung treats him poorly at first because his grades aren't good, but I sense a change in that relationship soon. pau on BT A Stroke of Marketing Genius?.

The central plot orbits around the romance between Choi Han-Gyul, the directionless scion of a giant corporation, and Ko Eun-Chan, a tomboyish scamp who poses as a man in order to earn money for her family. When Han-Gyul first meets Eun-Chan, he assumes she is a delivery boy and hires her to pose as his gay lover as part of an awkward strategy to fend off the blind dates that his grandmother has arranged upon his return from New York.

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When he takes over the titular coffee shop and adds Eun-Chan, still in drag, to the roster of an attractive all-male staff, Han-Gyul begins to develop inexplicable romantic feelings for her.

Han-Gyul was only mistakenly playing gay and that makes everything okay.

if we're together (namsoon/heungsoo).

Of course, the two fall in love. Director Choi proposes that the two might come to love one another as a couple, two fugitive exotic birds flying above the normative radar of Seoul society. While Personal Taste took the then-groundbreaking step of introducing an actual gay character to the screen, that homosexual presence recasts the jocular intimacy between Jin-Ho and his architecture colleague Noh Sang-Jun in troubling ways.

In performing gayness, Jin-Ho and Sang-Jun become more aware of the ways in which their bodies and feelings encounter one another, as when their friendly affection leads two female characters to assume they must be dating. In response to this comedic gag, they begin modifying their previously natural relationship. Since Personal Taste and the popular family drama Life is Beautiful debuted inK-dramas have been caught between representing the necessity of strong male relationships in navigating the life struggles of contemporary Korean society and the realistic portraits of homosexual life that threaten how those relationships signify.

A year later, the absence of homosexuality from the world of School produced in its place one of the most emotional male relationships of the genre. Haunted by guilt, Nam-Soon cocoons himself for two years inside an empty apartment that remains a conveniently parents-free zone throughout the show.

She is treated by the students as more of a friend than a teacher sometimes. He sticks to the curriculum and does his job. Instances of violence and poor numbers trouble the principal. In fact, Ha-kyung, who attends a cram school at night in order to ensure her acceptance into Seoul University, is ashamed that she attends such a poor high school.

Because the disorder causes prospective students and parents to turn their heads against the school, the administration tries to cover up some of the conflicts as something less serious. The repercussions to her action are shown as Se-chan is appointed homeroom teacher in her place.


However, the root of the problem for Korean high schools seems to grow from the intense competitions on who gets the best score on the SATs or who is ranked top of their class. Though, in this particular drama, must of the bullying was done physically by the main male students. Hierarchy of the Classroom: When family is not there and the school cannot help you, friends can help by simply be there right by your side, without saying a word but instead offer silent assurance and confidence.

But a lot of the friendship themes were used in example with the female students. However this special book of notes can only be obtained by being a student of the highest private academy — meaning only the wealthy students can even have access to. Each time they sat down to drink the ordinary soup it would remind them of their good days growing up together and the memories they formed. For those couple of minutes of slurping, they could only reflect on the better times and find a simple parley for their fights.

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But I had to leave this one alone because I have not seen such a close bromance in such a long time. Every time either one of them cried, I started tearing up as well. Hands down my favorite secondary character. This character was so sweet, and every time his mother would just ignore his words or interfered with his schooling I just started cussing at the screen. It had to take his attempted suicide for her to finally slowdown from the marathon she was running to see that her son was being dragged behind, getting hurt the entire way.

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