Go nam soon and park heung soo relationship test

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go nam soon and park heung soo relationship test

After an uncomfortable night, can Heung Soo and Nam Soon tell each other how they feel? What better way to get stressed out than to not be able to tell someone how you felt . Nam Soon was feeling adventurous and decided to test something. . It added a new level of teasing to their relationship. In Nam-Soon and Heung-Soo's relationship I can see, at least in part, We studied together, went on vacation together, shared apartments. There's also the test of brotherhood and friendship in the drama when one Also , the rivalry between Go Nam Soon and Park Heung Soo at first, and then Love relationships wasn't focused in the drama, but emphasized on.

Haunted by guilt, Nam-Soon cocoons himself for two years inside an empty apartment that remains a conveniently parents-free zone throughout the show.

I had no one to turn to. I, who ruined your legs and your future! A trio of young toughs risks being torn apart when two members want to give up gang life, calling down the fury of their heavily mascaraed leader, Oh Jung-Ho, whose broken home and alcoholic father are only a few of the obstacles he faces in overcoming the poverty that makes life a daily struggle.

These male relationships have a worlding importance in School as resources that guard vulnerable youth against the challenges faced by those who fall below economic and academic ideals.

Moreover, these passionate friendships secure the boys against precarity when the institutions traditionally vested with that power — conjugal romance which surprisingly never enters the picturefilial obligation, and the state apparatus — fail to do so. On the other hand, the ability for those relationships to flourish as they do in K-dramas seems to depend on the relegation of homosexuality to the closet.

While living in New York inI forged a friendship in the folly and feeling typical of an NYU undergraduate experience. We studied together, went on vacation together, shared apartments, shared beds, almost shared a girlfriend though not concurrentlyand shared his down comforter, naked save for boxers, while we watched movies through a haze of pungent smoke. When I came out in our senior year, I feared it might hurt the friendship that had deepened over three years, calling into question whatever my real feelings for him might have been.

In other ways, I hoped it might heal some old, and until then, inexplicable wounds inflicted as I teetered over the threshold of the closet door.

The case was different for other friends, especially my gay male friends, who continued to believe, among other things, that I must have at least fantasized about having sex with Uri despite my protestations that such thoughts would have been as disturbing as incest. When I met Alex at the University of Chicago years later, the close proximity of our apartments, shared political ideals, and mutual handwringing over our first long-distance relationships and whatever lay beyond grad school catalyzed an equally intense bond.

We spoke often of how much we missed living only ten feet apart, and when we were both accepted into the same doctoral program, it broke my heart to foreclose the possibility of spending the next five years together by accepting an offer that put us 3, miles apart. Anytime I describe these relationships to friends and even my partner, I often mark the wink, the smirk, the signals that say somewhere, somehow, I must have at least entertained the idea that our friendship might turn from the Platonic to the pornographic.

Within contemporary American media culture, the answer is almost certainly yes. The rigidity of those boundaries is powerfully evidenced in Bromance, a short-lived MTV reality show in which a host of men competed to be the ultimate best friend to The Hills playboy Brody Jenner.

While the show was ostensibly about plumbing the depths of male friendship, moments of intense bonding always had to be defanged of their queer potential. Nam-Soon and Heung-Soo can cry over each other, can hold each other, can be wrecked by one another precisely because their heterosexuality, and thereby their normativity, is never in question. He continued in a softer voice. Heung Soo stood as well, and when the table was clear, he folded the legs and stuck it in the corner by the bookshelf.

He folded his arms across his chest and watched Nam Soon rinse off the few dishes they had dirtied. The last words Nam Soon said ran through his head again. With more resolve than he thought he'd ever have, and before his brain could kick in to tell him this was a bad idea, he walked over to where Nam Soon was putting the last of the dishes away.

Heung Soo took a deep breath, grabbed his best friend by the shoulders, spun him, and kissed him. It was better than he could have ever imagined. Electricity flowed between them.

Heung Soo had kissed girls before, but none of them had ever made him feel like he was drowning and being saved at the same time. He felt blindly for one of Nam Soon's hands, and pinned it against the cabinet door above his head as he pressed his body against the smaller one.

Nam Soon's other hand managed to find its way into Heung Soo's hair, and he gave it a slight tug. Heung Soo moaned into the kiss. His pants were starting to get uncomfortable, so he ground his hips forward, causing both of them to let out a moan. Nam Soon was in shock. Without even having to tell him how he felt, here was Heung Soo, kissing the hell out of him.

He ran his tongue across the lips pressed against his own, and they parted just enough for him to slip inside. Oh, he tasted like an amazing mix of toothpaste and something that was undeniably Heung Soo. Nam Soon moaned again and ground his own hips against the body that had him pinned.

It would have been an extremely erotic stance to be in, except for the cabinet handle digging into his back. Nam Soon broke the kiss with a gasp. The handle on this cabinet-" Nam Soon found himself lifted off the floor. He wrapped his legs around Heung Soo's waist as his best friend carried him to the bedroom.

He started to unbutton the parts of the shirt that he could reach. Nam Soon started to place open mouthed kisses along the newly exposed neck and collar bone in front of him. Heung Soo stumbled and nearly dropped him.

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Nam Soon couldn't believe this was happening, and it felt amazing. He never thought that Heung Soo would ever go for this. He shifted his legs so that he would be put down.

The look on Heung Soo's face said that that was not something he'd wanted to do, so Nam Soon decided to make it up to him. He reached out to finish unbuttoning Heung Soo's shirt, trailing kisses down his chest to his stomach. Heung Soo was breathing heavily. He really didn't want to put Nam Soon down. For some odd reason, he was being allowed this crazy, perfect moment. He wanted to savor every last second of it. He couldn't bite back a moan as Nam Soon lightly bit just above his navel. Insecurity flooded his mind as he realized something.

He was the one that instigated this. Did Nam Soon feel like he had to continue to make him happy? What Nam Soon was doing felt amazing, but Heung Soo couldn't focus until he knew for sure.

He sank his fingers into Nam Soon's hair and pulled his head back just enough to look him in the eyes. He wanted to yell at him, but the retort died in his throat as he saw the look in his best friend's eyes. Heung Soo had started everything just now, and after what had happened in the past, could his question really be that unusual? Nam Soon knelt next to him and put a hand on his cheek to make sure Heung Soo couldn't look away. Are you really that blind?

I have loved you for so long now. Either you were going to kiss me or I was going to kiss you. I've spent too many sleepless nights stressing out about this. I only just realized it this morning when I woke up with you hugging me.

I want to be able to wake up like that every day. His memories of that morning were a little difficult to deal with. His hard on had been stabbing Heung Soo in the back. Heung Soo looked at him curiously. Nam Soon rubbed a hand uncomfortably through his hair. Just, ah, that wasn't my knee.

go nam soon and park heung soo relationship test

Every guy gets morning wood. I was just trying to keep things from getting weird. He reached slowly down to the button on his pants, giving Heung Soo enough time to stop him if he wanted. He met with no resistance.

'School 2013' Lee Jong Seok And Kim Woo Bin's Past Will Be Revealed

The button came undone easily, the zipper as well. Nam Soon looked at Heung Soo's eyes. He was staring back, still slightly insecure about everything. Well, Nam Soon was just going to have to make him change his thoughts. He nibbled at Heung Soo's collar bones and gave each a long slow lick.


Heung Soo responded with a low growl. This was going to be fun. It added a new level of teasing to their relationship. He licked down Heung Soo's chest, pausing to lightly bite each nipple before moving farther down. When he reached the top of the pants, he paused only long enough to suck on each exposed hip bones. Heung Soo arched beneath him. He pulled off the pants and boxers, heart pounding at the thought of seeing his best friend fully naked for the first time.

Nam Soon was not disappointed. He sat back to enjoy what he was seeing. There was no real need to rush things. His eyes traced over the lines and contours of Heung Soo's chest and abs before trailing down lower, following the thin line of hair that led from his navel to his already hard erection.

go nam soon and park heung soo relationship test

He leaned down and placed a kiss on the tip, watching it flex at the feeling. He was confused when Heung Soo pulled away from him. Nam Soon's eyes shot to Heung Soo's and his heart fluttered. Pure desire and lust stared back at him. Heung Soo moved to his knees, being careful of his bad leg. He reached a shaky hand out to run his fingers down Nam Soon's jawline. When he reached the buttons on Nam Soon's shirt, he started to undo them.

It's just not fair for me to be naked and you to be fully clothed. I want to look at you. Heung Soo pushed him onto his back with a devilish smile. He climbed on top of the smaller man and pinned his arms above his head. The full body contact caused both of them to moan loudly. Heung Soo bit Nam Soon's neck before pulling back. Both men gasped at the feel of both erections rubbing together.

Heung Soo bit down on the other side of his neck, and Nam Soon bucked again. Now shut up and let me kiss you, bastard. He couldn't get over the sounds that Heung Soo made every time he did that. Not to mention, it felt amazing. He reached up and tangled one hand in Heung Soo's hair while the other one clutched at his back.

He pulled Heung Soo tighter against him, wrapping his legs around him as he did. Heung Soo thrust his own hips forward, then bit back a gasp of pain. He pushed at Heung Soo's chest so he would roll over onto his back. The look on Heung Soo's face screamed frustration. Right in the middle of things getting good, and his damn leg had to act up. Nam Soon offered to massage it, but was taking his time.

Heung Soo gasped as Nam Soon kissed the tip of his erection a second time. He watched as his best friend's tongue flicked out for a lick.

His hips moved involuntarily. Nam Soon's hands ghosted over his hips and down his legs, his lips not far behind.

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When he did finally make it to the sore leg, Heung Soo didn't think anything could have made it feel better. Nam Soon's long, thin fingers kneaded the muscles of his calf as he pressed a kiss to the knee.

A scar ran down the shin. Nam Soon leaned down to kiss, then lick, the entire length of the scar. Heung Soo thought about all the pain he had gone through to get that scar, but all of those memories disappeared at the feel of Nam Soon's lips. Heung Soo reached down to pull at Nam Soon's hair. What he was doing to his leg felt great, but he really just wanted to have the younger man up where he could kiss him. Nam Soon stopped and scooted up, straddling Heung Soo's thighs. Heung Soo dug his fingers in to Nam Soon's hips as he rolled them against his own.

God this felt great. He reached down and grasped Nam Soon's erection in his hand. Nam Soon couldn't stop his hips from thrusting once at the sudden feel of Heung Soo's hand on him.

Heung Soo tightened his grip just a bit, moving his hand up and down slowly. Nam Soon let out a long groan as he, too, reached down to grab Heung Soo's erection. Each one knew that they wouldn't last long. It was as if they had waited forever for this moment and all the emotions they were feeling rushed them to the finish line.

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They matched the speed of their strokes. Heung Soo placed his unoccupied hand over Nam Soon's, showing rather than telling the younger man to tighten his grip just a little more. Nam Soon did the same.

It wasn't long before both of them were gasping for breath. Their free hands clasped together. Nam Soon leaned forward to place a kiss on Heung Soo's lips. Heung Soo arched his back and increased the speed of his hand. That seemed to do the job. Nam Soon called out his name as he came, causing a rush of emotion to thunder through Heung Soo, and he came as well. Nam Soon flopped over to his back, pressing into Heung Soo's side.

He was beyond happy that his best friend felt the same way about him.

go nam soon and park heung soo relationship test

He could stay like this forever. I never thought we would end up like this. You never showed interest in that kind of thing other than to point out hot chicks in movies. And again, and again. We'll have to try out different areas of the house.

go nam soon and park heung soo relationship test

He could feel himself stirring again, but the sticky mess they made was irritating him. Nam Soon shot up off the blanket, stuck his hand out, and yanked Heung Soo to his feet. Heung Soo pulled Nam Soon against his chest and kissed him senseless. They stumbled off to the bathroom, trading kisses and touches. Both were excited to know that they could be together forever just like they had always wanted. Well, how was it? I had to cut it off there at the end, or I would have written so much more.

Besides, it felt like a good place to stop.