Gray and erza relationship poems

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gray and erza relationship poems

"Lucy Gray" is a poem written by William Wordsworth in and published in his poems are uncertain about the age of Lucy and her actual relationship with . And if it costs Gray his health, Lucy her sanity, and Natsu his life and freedom and . Erza looks back on her relationship with Gray, wondering why things had to. NaLu and im sorry i think of Erza's and Gray's relationship as friendship.I don't ship Grayza, i think they have a love for fighting so they are fighting buddies not.

But when the orphanage finds her crying after her parent's murder, send her to a new location; Magnolia, she meets new people. Sparks of love fly, and more sadness surfaces. What else can happen?

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Slight angst, and involves Gray going a bit crazy. Side pairings may be included ex: Rating due to possible language and mature themes.

gray and erza relationship poems

The Girls and Their Babysitters by The Pokester reviews Every girl in the guild has been turned into a little kid, what are they going to do? The master plans out his devious match-making plans, the boys are in charge of taking care of the girls, how will this go? GrayZa fic for Valentines Day.

gray and erza relationship poems

T - English - Romance - Chapters: Especially because there was a certain ice mage involved in it too But when he found her that day, by the river, her brown eyes the color of melted chocolate, brimmed with tears he knew.

First Real Kiss by BloodSecrets reviews Gray and Erza have frequently gone out together, but one night it's different.

gray and erza relationship poems

Erza can't deny how she feels about Gray. Or can she deny how she feels when he's with Juvia. Can she tell him how she feels or will her Jealousy get in the way?

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But after their recent 'slacking off', their manager, Hilda, decides to send them to the most strict private school in the country for them to mend their ways for their biggest record deal yet. What awaits these young lads here at Magnolia High? If it's the last thing he does, he'll break her the same way she broke him.

This is NOT Gruvia.

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But when Fairy Tail starts to investigate, they realize that it's not just Fiore turning into an ice age, but the whole Earthland. Gray-centric Fairy Tail - Rated: T - English - Friendship - Chapters: When a mission goes wrong, Gray's quick thinking saves the day.

Erza is forced to confront her shortcomings and unexpected feelings for her best friend Can Gray help her get to the bottom of what's really going on?

Trap the leads in a cave and injure one of them.

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Hey, it worked for Suzanne Collins, right? Gray's solo mission becomes a job for two when Erza tags along. Being stuck on Mount Hakobe should give them plenty of time to get things figured out, right?

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It was supposed to be a day of happiness. They should have been celebrating, toasting each other and their future together.

But instead, that night found her sitting alone at the kitchen table, waiting up for someone who would never come. Angsty Grayza Fairy Tail - Rated: A thing given to someone as a gift. Cryptobiosis Fairy Tail - Rated: T - English - Angst - Chapters: Unfortunately this might have dire consequences. T - English - Fantasy - Chapters: Sometimes you find yourself stopping, a mildly confused frown in your face and the sense of a heaviness that is, most likely, imagined.

Yet, there it is. Erza has no idea what to do with her love-struck friend and his furious suitor, but if she thinks things are bad now, she only has to wait for the effects to wear off. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned Together, the three people all who have lost family, become something like a family, can they move forward from their dark pasts?

gray and erza relationship poems

This is a long multichaptered story of Gray Lyon and Ur's time together.