Harmon rabb and sarah mackenzie relationship marketing

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harmon rabb and sarah mackenzie relationship marketing

Explore Sarah MacKenzie's board "A.J. Chegwidden" on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Cocktails, Fruit shakes and Smoothie. Commander Harmon 'Harm' Rabb Jr. was in the process of unlocking Sarah ' Mac' Mackenzie had just got done throwing her ruined "Well now I know she's off the market and I thought the performance by "I want you two to act like you are in a relationship and answer any questions the press has. Explore Sarah MacKenzie's board "Harmon Rabb Jr" on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Jr, David james elliott and Duck billed platypus.

She wanted to know more about flying jets, but the line started to fill up so he had to leave. He went and found a seat that had a good view of the ramp and flightline.

He was too keyed up to read, so he just watched the planes come and go. After all the years he spent flying, airplanes still intrigued him. It went back to his childhood. Whenever he had trouble sleeping his mom and dad would take him out to the flightline at Miramar NAS to watch the jets takeoff and land.

After fifteen or twenty minutes he would doze off. One of the gate agents made her first boarding call at L for anyone who needed assistance while boarding. The other agent, the one he had talked to, came over to Harm and gave him another boarding pass. This one had him seated in the first-class section on the upper deck.

She told him that there was an empty seat in first-class and he was re-assigned to that section because he was a pilot. She explained to Harm that it was a combination of professional courtesy and a safety consideration. Harm was very pleased and thanked the young lady. Then the other agent called for the First Class passengers to begin boarding. Harm made his way to the gate. He handed his pass to the agent who ran it through the scanner.

She returned it to Harm, and then he walked through the Jetway and boarded the plane. He walked up the spiral staircase to the First Class Cabin where he was escorted to seat 2A.

He thought to himself, "This is awesome, nice big seat and lots of legroom for the twelve-hour flight to Rome. They were going to serve two meals on the twelve-hour flight. One about an hour after takeoff and breakfast about two hours before landing. About five minutes had passed when the stewardess came back with the drinks.

She handed Harm two small bottles of Johnny Walker Black scotch, a real glass filled with ice, and a bottle of mineral water. He really didn't want two scotches, but he figured he might drink it later.

Harm and Mac: Scene from Season Eight Premiere.

He settled back opened one of the little bottles of the amber liquid, poured it over the ice, and added an equal amount of water. Harm brought it up to his lips, savored the aroma and took the first sip, which is always the sweetest. Just shortly after midnight, local time, the plane began backing out of the gate. The plane proceeded to Runway 21L. There was one plane just turning on to the runway; flight was next in line.

At Z or 11 minutes into the new day the Thai Airways lifted into the air. The plane climbed straight out to an altitude of feet and then banked to the right and continued climbing until reaching a cruising altitude of 32, feet for the first hour. After they burned off some fuel, they would climb to 38, feet.

Their course would take them over the Indian Ocean skirting the southern tip of India, across the Arabian Sea, then traversing northwest through Saudi Arabia over the Mediterranean Sea, and then to Rome.

The first part of the trip went by quickly. The meal service began about an hour and a half after takeoff. It consisted of curry prawns with bamboo served over rice noodles, ripened papaya salad with crushed peanuts, and fresh bib lettuce. Dessert was a rice coconut pineapple pudding.

Harm drank only mineral water with his meal since he didn't want to get dehydrated. Long flights along with alcohol can cause moderate dehydration, which worsens the effects of jetlag. Harm settled back and watched an in-flight movie; each seat had its own screen.

After watching Clear and Present Danger for the umpteenth time, he pushed his seat back and fell asleep. Flight had been in the air for five hours.

At Z Harm and rest of the people were awakened by a loud bang that shook the plane fore to aft. The plane banked hard to the left as he cleared his eyes and looked around as the plane continued to shake and shudder. Looking out his window, he could see that the inboard port engine was on fire. He alerted the stewardess who had a concerned look on her face, but no sign of panic.

She looked out of the rear window and then ran to the cockpit and knocked on the door. Again, she knocked but there was no response. Finally, she gained entry to the cockpit. In just a few seconds, she came out of the cockpit and asked Harm to follow her. Harm got to the cockpit and was shocked at what he saw. All three members of the flight crew were slumped over in their seats.

The stewardess had kept the door closed so the other passengers couldn't see was going on. First, he pulled the throttle on the inboard port engine to the off position; then he switched the fuel shutoff to that engine to the off position, and finally he activated the fire-suppression system. Then he looked out his port window and confirmed that the engine fire was extinguished. He unbuckled the pilot and picked him up and placed him in an unoccupied seat.

After that, he jumped into the pilot's seat and began to study the switches and gauges. The autopilot was flying the plane, and now that the bad engine was shut down, the plane settled back to a smooth flight condition. As he reviewed the situation, he saw that the plane had lost some altitude and airspeed.

They were at 36, feet and flying at mph indicated, which was feet below their approved altitude and 45 mph below their normal cruise speed. Since they had lost one engine, he figured the plane would have trouble getting back the lost altitude and airspeed, so he reset the autopilot to the new settings. Then, he made contact with the air control center and advised them of their situation. Center told Harm he was cleared to maintain his current altitude and speed. One of the engine's compressor blades must have broken and caused the catastrophic failure.

If that were the only damage the plane had sustained, then he reasoned they could continue to Rome. It would take about an hour longer to get there, but he was going to need some help in the cockpit. He said to the stewardess, "Miss, are the pilots alive? I am going to see if there is a doctor on board. I could use some help up here. He talked to the flight manager on duty and told him what had happened. Harm told him that he was qualified to fly Fs, Cs, and C-9s.

Further Harm told him that he had landed a once before in a similar situation, so he was capable of continuing on to Rome or divert to another airport.

They concurred that the Autopilot and the Inertial Navigation System would get him to the point of touch down at the runway of Rome's Fiumicino Airport. The flight manager told him he was concerned mainly about the plane's left wing.

First, the stewardess came in with another pilot.

Sarah MacKenzie

Rabb, this is Joe Kanell. Tell me a little about yourself and your flying experience. I graduated from Purdue University with a degree in Industrial Engineering.

harmon rabb and sarah mackenzie relationship marketing

I went to Air Force Undergraduate Pilot Training, but washed out after three months because of an inner ear problem. Afterwards, I got my private pilot's license, and I average about twenty hours each year in light single engine aircraft. This plane practically flies itself. Why don't you sit in the right seat and get familiar with the controls? Do you want to look at this first? I need to talk to flight ops and figure out if we are going to land in Rome or divert to another airport.

By the way, do you think the engine failure caused any other structural damage to the airframe? I was in the window seat next to the left wing, so I saw the whole incident. I don't think the wing sustained any damage. The fire was out in a minute or so. So you think we should continue on to Rome? If we try to land now, we are going to be heavy or we are going to have to dump fuel. Once they arrived in Tel Aviv, there were maintenance people to check out the airplane and flight crewmembers that could continue the flight on to Rome and the sick crewmembers could get proper medical attention.

But he also told him that if there was even the slightest hiccup, he needed to be prepared to land at the nearest airport. He advised Harm that the onboard computer and the INS would constantly update and display the nearest airport and its heading.

Harm was given instructions to plug in the new waypoints for the INS.

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It took Harm about ten minutes to familiarize himself with the system and to reprogram it. Harm had Joe watch the controls while he went to check on the sick crewmembers. There were two doctors seated in the first class cabin who were attending to the sick pilots. They were alive, but still not conscious. After talking to the doctors, he realized that getting these sick pilots to a hospital was the best course of action.

Harm returned to the cockpit to get prepared for the landing in Tel Aviv. They were about an hour out. He and Joe went through the landing checklist and continued to familiarize themselves with the all of the dials, switches, gauges, and flight controls.

Harm was confident he could land the enormous plane. The biggest difference between the and other planes he had flown was how high the cockpit was from the landing gear. Joe would have to watch the radar altimeter and call out the altitude in feet to Harm so he would know when to flare. Harm decided to disengage the autopilot in order to get the feel of the aircraft. He made a standard rate left turn followed by a standard rate right turn, which brought the plane back to its original heading.

He pulled back on the yoke and gained ' in altitude, and then he pushed on the yoke and brought the plane back down to its original altitude. He and Joe concluded that the flight controls were working properly. He let Joe take the controls for a few minutes so he could get a feel for the huge plane.

After Joe had finished, Harm engaged the autopilot. Just as Harm and Joe had completed their second dry run through the landing checklist, the autopilot started to slow the plane and dip the nose. They were about thirty minutes from touch down. Harm contacted the flight center for any additional information.

harmon rabb and sarah mackenzie relationship marketing

He was given winds and altimeter settings for Tel Aviv and was told to contact the tower when he was fifteen miles from the outer marker. He and Joe went through the checklist one last time before landing. When they were fifteen miles out, Harm contacted the tower for instructions. The instructions were pretty routine: When they were twelve miles out and Harm had the runway in sight, he disengaged the autopilot and took control of the plane. Bring the flaps back to the neutral position.

I'll work the throttles until we touch down and then hit the retarders. You engage the speed brakes as soon as you feel the wheels hit the ground, and then help me with the brakes, okay? At the threshold Joe called out, "20 feet, 15 feet, 10 feet" while Harm began to pull back on the yoke, and the plane touched down hard.

Harm kept the nose up as long as he could to create as much aerodynamic braking as possible while he retarded the three engines. Joe had the speed brakes deployed immediately, and they both leaned on the brakes.

They landed 15 knots faster than recommended along with being heavier than they should have been because of the extra fuel; it was going to be difficult to stop. They had to get off the brakes a little or they might catch on fire. So they started pumping the brakes, but that just used up more of the available runway. Finally, they just stood on the brakes because there was a ravine at the end of the runway. They went passed the end of the runway and into the overrun area.

There was only ' of concrete left before they hit the grass. And then they were in the grass, and there was another ' before they got to the edge of the ravine. Luckily, the high grass and soft earth slowed the huge to a halt about ' short of the ravine. Harm and Joe looked at each other, and they both cracked a little smile. They had safely landed at Tel Aviv. Harm and Joe began shutting down the engines while the stewardesses opened the cabin doors. The Thai station chief came aboard first and checked on the sick pilots.

Next medical personnel came in with stretchers and loaded the three pilots for the trip to the hospital. Then a Thai Airways pilot came into the cockpit and congratulated Harm and Joe on the great job they had done. Harm got out of his seat and let the Thai pilot take over.

A fire truck came and kept an eye on the tires and especially the brakes. Then a tug came and pulled the back onto the concrete overrun, then to the taxiway, and finally to the gate.

Rabb, I know you want a scotch. What do you want, Mr. They weather was good, the flight was smooth, and the plane arrived right on time. Mac had managed to catch a couple of hours of sleep, and so she felt good. She could hardly wait to see Harm. She had dreamt of him while she napped on the plane. She knew they would finally work things out between them. She got up from her seat and grabbed her carry-on bag and followed the rest of the passengers off the plane.

When see got to the gate area, she looked for Harm. There weren't many people there except for the ones deplaning. She walked around and around looking for Harm, but he was not there. She waited until everyone from her flight had gone and then she went to find the Thai Airways gate. The Thai gate was just three gates down the concourse. When she got there, she went up to the gate agent and asked, "Did the flight from Bangkok arrive?

I believe my husband is on that flight. The two gate agents started conversing in Thai for what seemed like an eternity. This frustrated Mac to no end. Then she said, "Mrs. Rabb, thanks to your husband everyone is safe. The plane lost an engine; all three pilots were stricken with a debilitating illness. You're already trying to get that kid to be a pilot and he's only a year and a half. Harriet would love that.

You know I really have to find another toy store to shop at. Come on flyboy we need to go get that little guy an outfit. After searching the entire area and not finding anything they can agree on Harm suggest that they just by him a pair of pants and a shirt. That's when Mac spotted a cute pair of bib overalls and a cute shirt to go with them.

Harm laid the purchches on the counter and pulled out his wallet. The cashier who looked no older that 20 saw the picture of AJ that Harm kept in his wallet and just went off. He looks just like you sir. Harm gave her his credit card and quickly swiped it and gave it back to him along with the bag with the jet and outfit. Harm ran to catch up with Mac who was walking away with a smile on her face.

It's just that she was way to perky and was getting on my nerves. Not to mention that anybody could tell that she just wanted to sink her teeth into you by the way she was looking at you. Look here we are. Can we get these gift wrapped?

Roberts Residence Rossyln, Va. Harm pulled up right behind Mac and together they walked together up to Bud and Harriet's apartment. When Bud answered the door he was shocked to see both of them there at once since they hadn't been on that great of terms since Commander Rabb learned of Col.

Mackenzie's engagement to Mic. Dinner will be ready in a few minutes. When were out of the office call us Harm and Mac. We got him a little something. Bud handed AJ over to Harm who took him over to the couch to give him his gifts.

It's our job as godparents. You honestly can't say that you didn't expect AJ to be showered in gifts when you chose two single people to be his godparents. AJ tore into the paper and let out a squeal when he couldn't get the box open. Harm helped him then handed it to Harriet so she could see what it was.

When AJ saw the outside box his eyes light up. You want to play with the plane? AJ clapped his hands together and Harm opened the box and started to set the plane up. You really didn't have to. Harm and I wanted to. Is there anything I can do to help? If you'll just call the boys and see if they'll stop playing. What they do is go around to local businesses and offices trying to get them to sing up to do a singing contest.

Each business or office has to have at least three male performers, three female performers, two groups of two people to do a duet and a group of males and then a group of females. I'm trying to get people from JAG to join up so we can go. Would you guys like to participate? If that office or business wins the contest the singer will donate 5, dollars to that charity plus the thousand that they all give before hand. JAG is supposed to do country music. How are we supposed to sing that? They listen to anything.

Actually I already have to song that you and the Col. They are the solo male performers. They are the solo female performers.

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The female group will include Commander Imes, Lt. They'll sing Lucky 4 You by SheDaisy. The male group will be Gunny, Tiner, the Admiral, and you sir, if you want.

How about you ma'am? Excuse me sir, ma'am. I've got court in the morning. Thanks for dinner Harriet. Here's your lyrics and tomorrow is the first meeting at McMurphy's after work.

See you tomorrow Harriet. I'll see you tomorrow. I hope you read over them cause today we're going to come up with ideas for costumes and scenery. Several of the other staff members at JAG have volunteered to draw and paint the scenery. Here's everybody a copy so you can start giving me ideas. On the top she wrote Used Heart for Sale by Gunny. That would give the impression that he's tough and had a lot of women. If we could get a dance team together the female dancers could dance on stage while Gunny sings and each time he talks about a girl a dancer dance up to Gunny and dance around him and then when it talks about she left the dancer could dance off.

Then when it talks about Cindy, we could have her dance around Gunny then have another male dancer come by and him and Cindy dance off stage. While Gunny just stands there and sings. I could see if maybe she and her team could help us. It's said visual aids could belong to another place like a high school set design crew, so I don't see why dancers shouldn't be allowed. He could like get his diploma then have him set at a desk with books that clearly show stuff about college.

He could sing while sitting there. When they were finished they were sure that they would be the best. Bud had just informed her that Commander Rabb hadn't shown up either.

Mic and I got stuck on the side of the road and if it wasn't for Harm and Renee coming by we'd still be stuck. Harriet hung up the bag and rushed Mac outside. We can go sit and watch the guys first. Just thought you'd like to know that. Next to her Renee Peterson sat in her fake fur collared shirt and leopard print skirt with knee-high boots.

Harriet almost laughed out loud those were what Bud called hooker boots. Harm sat beside her in a black suit with a blue shirt and tie that brought out his eyes. Mac sat beside him in bright red thin strapped floor length dress and beside her sat Mic in a black suit with white shirt and gray tie. Behind them sat other JAG members and their families.

Tonight you will hear music from the local Wal-Mart managers who will give you a blast from the past with old time rock'n'roll.

Surprisingly enough you will feel like your at the movies when the congressmen's aides get up and perform music from soundtracks and when the Navy's Judge Advocate General core gets up here you'll want to push those chair aside and do the two step when as they bring you the sounds of today's hottest country music. He starred in the A-team and Quantum Leap. He's known as one of Hollywood's pretty boys. She played along side James Brolin in Pensacola: Wings of Gold, Sandra Hess.

If you loved her in Tremors you should hear her sing, Ms. She's pop's number one diva, Diana Ross. He's a member of one of today's hottest bands, Justin Timberlake. He once was a bumb on the beach, but now he's a man with a house on the beach, Brain Wilson from the Beach Boys.

We also want to thank our sponsors who have already donated a thousand dollars and will donate an extra five thousand if their team wins, Mr. Please give a round of applause to these fine people and let's get the show on the road. The first category will be the male solo performance. Finally after what seemed like forever he moved to the side of the stage and waited for the judges to give him is score.

Scott Bacquala gave him a 5 for sound, a 8 for costume, and 2 for scenery. Tom Cruise gave him a 6 for sound, 4 for costume, and 4 for scenery. Sandra Hess turned around and gave him a 4 for all categories. Helen Hunt was just as harsh giving him a 3 for sound, 4 for costume, and 1 for scenery. When all the judges had finally voted his total came to an average of 4.

When they found the average of that for his final score it was a total of 3.