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He made up for his behavior by groveling and winning back Gabrielle. He was also a smokin' hot Dom AND he wasn't a manwhore at all. In fact, he had only slept with TWO women his whole life. His deceased wife and Gabrielle. My heart broke for her at the beginning of this book and for all she went through the months they were apart.

Away From Me

I like that she didn't immediately fall right back into Cal's arms though the book is short so she didn't hold out too long. I like that she was moving on and standing on her own two feet. She was pining for Cal but was making plans to move on. She was a strong heroine. I loved Cody though.

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I would love to see him get a book of his own. I also loved the tiny little Liam cameo that we got! There are some hot sex scenes in this one. The frequency felt right for the length of the story. This one is fairly angsty but all that angst comes from the couple themselves. There isn't anything or anyone outside of their relationship that causes issues. There is no OW drama or OM drama.

As I mentioned Cal has only been with two women his entire life and he was celibate for the ten months, they were apart. Gabi wasn't a virgin, and she was also celibate during their separation. Like I said this is one of my all time favorites by this author. Well written and paced.

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