Homeland season 2 carrie and brody relationship quizzes

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homeland season 2 carrie and brody relationship quizzes

You've got Estes, Quinn, Saul and Carrie trying to figure out what Nazir has planned, and whether or not they can trust Brody. Even if Brody is. Had Brody detonated the bomb at the end of that episode, Homeland's first how the relationship between Carrie and Brody developed (the cabin episode in . Homeland (season 2) · List of Homeland episodes. "The Choice" is the twelfth and final episode of the second season of the American television Carrie ( Claire Danes) and Brody (Damian Lewis) spend another night at the cabin to continue their relationship, then it would be impossible for Carrie to remain with the CIA.

His daughter has discovered he converted to Islam while he was away and she phones him at the precise moment he is about to carry out his dreadful act of martyrdom. Hearing her voice has an immediate impact on his actions and he quietly aborts the mission, acting as if nothing has happened despite having a bomb strapped to his body.

She is without doubt one of the best operatives he has ever trained and in the past he has always believed in her vision, but like everyone else he knows she has damaged her credibility. He also knows that in trying to get close to Brody she had had a brief affair with him, resulting in her developing deep emotion feelings. Gone is the excited confidence, replaced by a shiftiness, fear and the dread of ever having to leave the security of this new place she has created for herself to be.

'Homeland' Recap, Season 2, Episode 9: Is 'Two Hats' The Best Episode Of The Season?

Brody meanwhile has been very busy, getting himself elected a State Senator and gaining the trust of the very same Vice President, whose life he was previously going to end. They urge him to accept. They are pleased with him diverting a US operation that was attemptin to assassinate Nazir. She certainly looks the part when she is asked to take part in arranging a big dinner to aid war veterans and have her handsome heroic husband speak to high ranking supporters.

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Carrie meanwhile is being co-opted to join Saul on a mission back to Beirut, based on intel received from a deep cover operative she had personally recruited years before.

Apprehensive, Carrie reluctantly agrees to go along with him, terrified about what being drawn back into the spy world will mean.

homeland season 2 carrie and brody relationship quizzes

She finds herself once again being drawn in, excited by the adrenalin rush of it all; being a spy is what she is cut out to be and the mission only confirms it for her. She has to cleverly elude capture in a crowded market place when on her way to meet Saul, which gives her a great buzz. Saul is cross because Carrie brings the first part of the operation about on her own, against all his instructions.

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When he and a small CIA team take Carrie to the agreed rendeavouz to pick up the agent they come under heavy fire and attack from the terrorists. Carrie risks her life, rushing back into the house under fire, because she knows any intel left behind in what turns into a hastily planned extraction may be damaging.

She manages to elude her would be captors and with the help of a colleague they all flee. They have to split up and leave Beirut separately and Carrie arrives back in America ahead of Saul. When he views a video it contains he is overwhelmed about what he discovers. He knows how dangerous it is and just how grateful he is that Carrie unknowingly risked her life to retrieve it, because it vindicates her first assumptions.

They find a USB hidden in the lining of his case and confiscate it. Saul however has anticipated their moves and uses the clever ruse to smuggle the real USB out of Iraq under the intense scrutiny of their invasive search.

He knows that all they have is a blank. Quinn says that the only reason to kill Brody now is for Estes' personal reasons, and that the collateral damage would be wrecking Carrie's life yet again, and so he refuses to do it and threatens Estes should anything happen to Brody.

Estes releases Saul Mandy Patinkin from detention, claiming that he decided Saul was right, and that Brody held up his end of the deal and shouldn't be killed.


He finds Dana Morgan Saylor to be the only one home. Dana reflects on the day that Carrie told her that Brody was going to carry out an attack at the Vice President's summit, remarking that it all "adds up", and that it's the only thing that makes sense.

Brody admits that he was "screwed up" at the time, and that he was planning to do it, but ultimately he didn't, and he never would do such a thing in the future. Saul finds Carrie and tells her that he's going to recommend her promotion to station chief. When Carrie is less than thrilled, and says she has to think about it, Saul sees that her problem is that she wants to be with Brody. The conversation gets heated as Saul admonishes Carrie for throwing away her career to be with a terrorist.

Carrie retorts that she doesn't want to be alone all her life like Saul.

homeland season 2 carrie and brody relationship quizzes

Saul leaves her with the words "You're the smartest and the dumbest fucking person I've ever known". Carrie and Brody attend Walden's memorial service at Langley. At the same time, the Navy holds a ceremony to bury Abu Nazir at sea, which Saul oversees.

homeland season 2 carrie and brody relationship quizzes

Carrie reveals to Brody that she's decided to forsake her career and be with him. Brody looks out of the window and is surprised to see that his car has been moved and is now parked right outside the building where the memorial service is being held. As Carrie processes what is happening, the car explodes, leveling a large portion of the building.

Carrie holds Brody at gunpoint, accusing him of orchestrating the attack. Brody is steadfast in his innocence, saying that he had no motive, and that they were all set up by Abu Nazir, who sacrificed Roya and her team on a decoy attack, and even sacrificed his own life, in order to let everyone's guard down, clearing the way for the bombing of Langley.

Carrie seems convinced but tells Brody that nobody else will believe him, and that they need to go on the run immediately. Saul surveys the damage at Langley and is distraught to learn that the death toll is near and rising, and that Carrie was present at the ceremony but is unaccounted for and presumed dead.