How to get fayt and sophia ending a relationship

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how to get fayt and sophia ending a relationship

Private Actions are small side stories that you can find throughout the game. a superficial look at how each Private Action affects the relationships. Result: If you choose to give up, many people look at Fayt as a coward. This still leaves the issue of Fayt and Sophia being next door away, and they have made up for lost time and formed a relationship of incest. is one of the main characters of Star Ocean: Till the End of Time. An Earthling born Relationships Her father is a close friend and research partner of Fayt's parents and, as a result, the two families have spent a lot of time together. Sophia .

During the final battle of the war, a Vendeeni battleship interferes and opens fire on all parties. Cliff lets slip that they Vendeeni were actually after Fayt the entire time, and in a display of emotion and power, Fayt unleashes a strange blast that disintegrates the ship effortlessly. Fourth-Dimension War To tell the truth, I find it pretty hard to believe that you're the ultimate weapon that will save the galaxy.

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Fayt eventually discovers that his father experimented on him and embedded symbols into his genes. Fayt was given the power of Destruction. Upon the awakening of this power, Fayt destroyed this Vendeeni battleship, which was carrying soldiers attempting to abduct him. Fayt's power of Destruction also allows the party to harm the entities within 4D Space in the latter half of the game.

Character Relations

Profile This article or section is a stub. You can help the Star Ocean Wiki by expanding it. Till the End of Time Fayt standing victorious. His battle skills reflect his power of Destruction and become progressively more magical as he levels up.

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He also gains the ability to bestow symbological elements on his sword in the form of Blazing Sword, Ice Blade, and Lightning Blade. He then learns more powerful mid-range skills like Shotgun Blast and Air Raid.

His best level up skill, Dimension Door, has him release dark energy in a circle around him, paralyzing all enemies, and then teleporting for a final slash.

In the game, Albel is constantely pestering Fayt and this brings to though that Albel is actually trying to learn more about our Protagonist. Maybe romatically, maybe just to have a friend. Let the mind wander. I for one think Fayt is afraid of Albel Albel and Cliff may also happen. They do have the anger thing down in the manga, but in the game they don't really interact as much Cliff doesn't seem to have much respect for Albel, seeing he's pretty laid back and it seems like Albel just thinks he's a bluthering buffoon.

Also, another couple just to have yaoi in unless you really look into it. Right now I can't think of reasoning for this couple Maria and Fayt is a possible couple as well.

how to get fayt and sophia ending a relationship

They do seem to have undieing respect for each other. In the game Maria repeatedly tried to comfort Fayt, or just try to get him out of his emo side A.

I think this is a very possible relationship.

how to get fayt and sophia ending a relationship

Although they do need to get to know each other better. And although some people deny it, it is obvious the first canon couple you see in the game is Sophia and Fayt. There are more scenes with them together than any other persons.

Sophia is Fayt's friend from child hood and she seems to know more about him and respects him as someone older than her, although she does try to boss him around because she thinks he's into his video games too much and because she's just another normal girl who feels she is superior to a man I always think I'm superior than men.

They do look out for each other, but Fayt being the male is usually taking care of Sophia. It could just be "sibling" love like family ties so strong it's as if you're brother and sister but it could also be real plain love.

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Mirage and Cliff is also another couple to think about. Cliff and Mirage have probably known each other for a long time, seeing they went to the same dojo. They are also team members. Their ties can be stronger than the team mate bond as well, seeing they both understand each other a little too much.

how to get fayt and sophia ending a relationship

Mirage and Cliff show they respect each other at any moment they have, Cliff commenting on her power and Mirage just plain listening to him. They also both raised Maria, it might have been a good experience as a "Mother" and "Father". Also, in the manga Cliff gropes Mirage by the breasts, but she hits him. Although she took a while to react, seeing she had a bored and annoyed look on her face, maybe showing that he'd done it before ;D.

Alas, he does this to almost every woman. There is also the illustrious Clair and Nel couple. They are both childhood friends, and show that they have much care for each other in the game.

Clair being worried sick about Nel and Nel talking about her once in a while or probably thinking about her if you really thing about it. She does say "I did it Clair" when she either wins a battle or levels up. They might just be really best friends, or they might have a romantic relationship.

I do think there is a possible chance of their relationship, but I don't think they are really a couple just because they're best friends. Fayt x Roger sp? The age difference between the two characters and the lack of any development of a relationship I know, she was tacked on character makes this one hard to believe.

It would have been fine if they hadn't implied any romance like, if he had decided to go to her planet for a visit and get to know her betterbut I didn't like the ending as it was. I can't believe no one really objected to him being in the party after their past encounters with him, and I can't believe he could become a permanent member of your party.

I just don't see it. Maria was my favorite character in SO3, and her ending was the one I tried to get the first time I beat the game. Yet, I think her ending is the most confusing. We learn during the course of the game that the characters have something of a shared past due to Dr.

Leingod's research, and that Maria was interested in Fayt on a personal level. I could never really figure out whether she was just glad someone else shared her circumstances or if she had a genuine romantic interest in Fayt. I've watched the ending on Youtube, and while it seems romantic on Fayt's end, it seems sort of cold and calculated on hers. Maybe that is just the sort of girl Maria is?