Huey freeman and jazmine dubois relationship

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huey freeman and jazmine dubois relationship

Two weeks into the middle school relationship and Jazmine saw Huey standing on a crate in front of their school with a sandwich sign laid over. Huey Freeman is one of the main protagonists and hero in The Boondocks syndicated comic . Although Jazmine DuBois and Huey see each other outside sometimes, Huey often treats Jazmine poorly In spite of this, Wuncler retains a friendly relationship with the Freeman family, despite Huey seeing through his friendly. Oh gosh I ship Huey Freeman and Jazmine DuBois so much Relationship Drawings, Relationship Goals, Relationships, Couple Drawings, Art Drawings.

She tapped his thigh repeatedly to let her up but he held her there for a moment. After a couple more seconds he let her up. Riley's eyebrow arched, still holding her hair Riley bought her face to his, "Next time you spit, I'll make you lick it up like the bitch you are. He lifted her on his lap. The blunt still held steadily between his fingers, he inhaled, and this time when he exhaled he would kiss her. His smoke rose from her nose, getting her giddy.

This girl was a lightweight and was already on a level Riley was trying to achieve. She kissed his neck sloppily, giggling every now and then.

He rolled his eyes again, setting lazily into the couch "shut up and suck. Girls were always eager to please Reezy.

They wanted him as much as he didn't want them. Huey Huey sat across from Shirah. She wore a thin grey hoodie and black shorts. Her sleeves were rolled up showing off her many tattoos. Huey never cared for the idea of tattoos but on Shirah they made so much sense. Huey took her in, he couldn't deny his attraction to the girl but he was with Jazmine and she was probably with someone as well.

Huey and Shirah's relationship was intellectual and friendly. They clicked well but not too well. He was reading the summary while subtly checking her out. I mean I haven't even met her yet. Shirah frowned, standing up and looking down at Huey. Leaving Huey at the table alone. Huey frowned, getting up and leaving the books at the table, he followed Shirah out the library onto the sidewalk.

Huey never found it necessary to yell at people other than his brother. Shirah turned around her hands planted on her hips, "What?

You have a girlfriend that loves you. You should be with her. The author would like to thank you for your continued support.

His hard shell and interior was no match for her. She knew the real him, and that scared Huey a lot. What made matters worse for Huey Jazmine had blossomed into a very beautiful girl.

She had gorgeous caramel skin and strawberry blonde hair.

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Long legs and curvy hips. Her breast size grew a long way from when they were kids. She now stood at 5'3 and every boy tried to talk to her, but she only wanted one boy. Jazmine came back from her thoughts.

huey freeman and jazmine dubois relationship

What if he rejects me? What if he doesn't feel the same? Our friendship would be done for. He was a tall mocha colored boy with maroon eyes he stood at 6'3 not including his huge afro that he's been growing for years.

He had chiseled features his arms and legs were toned and he had a dimple on his right cheek. No one really got to see that except for Jazmine. What are you doing here? I was just talking to Cindy" "Talking to Cindy? Huey knew Jazmine hated coming into tattoo parlors. The needles made her queasy and nauseous. I'm thinking about getting a tattoo.

Just then Riley came to ring up Huey for his tattoo. They've been friends since Riley started playing for the Woodcrest "Mighty Deer's". Well maybe after Riley got done calling Cindy's mom a hoe.

huey freeman and jazmine dubois relationship

After all these years Riley was still the same. Riley rung up his brother and clocked in for the day. Boy was he tired, and he was getting too hyped for tonight. He wanted to get some sleep in so he'd have lots of energy later on. Cindy still hadn't told Jazmine about her and Riley. I'll cya" Cindy watched as her best friend left the shop with Huey.

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How was she going to tell her? V I glanced as Jazmine changed the stations to the radio. Gosh she was amazing, but I could never tell her that. It would only complicate things between us, and I happen to like the way things were.

Her beauty never went unnoticed by me. I think I love her. Oratorically gifted, he has shown the ability to seize and hold the attention of entire crowds of people when he wants to do so. He uses this gift during individual interactions, during which he can gain a desired effect depending on his intention. Huey is depicted as owning a large collection of books, and other reading material.

He reads the newspaper, watches the news often, and otherwise makes a point to keep up with current events. Huey seems to show some fondness for Star Wars, and quotes the series often. On at least one occasion, he demonstrated an aptitude for writing fiction in the form of a script he wrote a play entitled The Adv entures of Black Jesus in The Boondocks episode "A Huey Freeman Christmas". He has also written poignant letters and emails to public figures imploring them to support various political causes.

He has started petitions, made and handed out flyers, and created and edited his own newspaper, The Free Huey World Rhatis racist even if he's not religious. Being extremely pessimistic, Huey is rarely seen smiling in the episodes.

He is either in a neutral expression or is seen frowning or shrugging. In season one, episode " Let's Nab Oprah " frames In the second season, he is seen smiling in two episodes. Once was in episode " Home Alone " at The rest are in episode " Ballin' " at He is also seen barely smiling at Of any of these few instances, the smile is only a very small grin.

Other than those few instances, Huey has never been caught smiling. This is not to say that Huey lacks a softer side, as he will take steps to help and protect those he considers friends or family ex. Tom, Jazmine, Riley, etc.

Huey is also seen to be a practioner of vegetarianism. Huey is shown to admire several historical figures. In "The Return of the King", he is the only person who still respects Martin Luther King after he is misconstrued as a terrorist. As mentioned before, Huey is named after Huey P. Newton, the co-founder of the Black Panthers. Two figures he has quoted before are Langston Hughes and Karl Marx. While Huey is always portayed as being a left-wing radical, his specific political ideologies are never portrayed in detail.

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On several occasions, such as The Block is Hot, he has demonstrated a following of Revolutionary Socialism. This is also backed up due to the fact that Huey has posters of revolutionary socialists in his room. A belief in Anarchism is also possible, as several of his statements have paid respect to it. In "Or Die Trying However, a moderate belief in Black Nationalism is common, since a desire for a greater Huey playing Kickball.

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Huey has also quoted Karl Marx, suggesting an understanding of Communism.