Hyun bin and ha ji won relationship with god

Is Ha Ji Won dating Hyun Bin? What about Ji Chang who express his love for her?

hyun bin and ha ji won relationship with god

God, who ever knew that just plainly hugging can be so steamy? so it was also refreshing to watch the relationship between Joo-won and Ra-im develop on its Ha Ji-won was remarkable, and Hyun Bin being a f*cking bastard (excuse the. Affectionately referring to him as simply “Bin,” Ha Ji Won revealed, “[He] is my drinking buddy, and a very good friend. We have other friends we. but a problem popped out from their relationship i guess and they broke secret garden fans who ships Hyun Bin with Ha Ji Won (the actress in . him flirt with some chicks and have some fun. thank god its been 2 years.

Okay my yeobo, Take Care!! I love you more my yeobo and I cant wait to kiss you!!!

Ha Ji Won Dishes On What Kind Of Friend Hyun Bin Is To Her

After few hours of travel. Thank you my Amazing Woman. Chukahee my yeobo for a job well done on your book… I am so happy to hear all the news about it. Yeobo, I am afraid maybe you will make my 5th vertebrae to be 6th… Ha Ji Won: Come so near to me. Hyun Bin followed the command of his yeoja.

hyun bin and ha ji won relationship with god

Without hesitation Jiwon gave Bin a sweet and warm kiss. Bin directly closed the door of their apartment and continouosly responded all the kisses of his yeoja showered to him… They hugged each other so tight! Do you know how I long for this yeobo?? To see you, hug you and kiss you again???

I am always waiting for the day till I will see you my yeoja, to hug you so tightly and will not let you go and to kiss you everyday. The day we have been waiting for will come soon my yeobo… HB: Things will never be easy soon my yeobo coz we will face a lot of media and answer their questions. Dont worry my yeobo, I am here with you and we will face them together…I will be here to protect you and I love you… HJW: I hope we will surpass this my yeobo… I love you too.

Yeobo, last nightyou did a great job and you are so handsome in your white uniform, HB: Thank you so much my yeobo… Have you seen my Co-MC??? She have a hairstyle same like you. I also smile yeobo when I see your co-MC.

hyun bin and ha ji won relationship with god

She looks like me. Chukahee my yeobo… HB: Thank you my yeobo.

Shit Fans Say: Its Not A Secret

During your book press conference my co-soldiers are teasing me there… You are so sexy and beautiful my yeobo with your Alice in Wonderland theme outfit. Still Sega era my yeobo?? Ji-won, 40, is still not married. Over the years she has been linked with many of her co-stars.

Hyun Bin – These CRAZY shakes!!!

But she has never been explicit about her personal affairs. The rumor started when in an interview the actress revealed that Hyun Bin was the closest male actor in her life. Ha Ji-won and Hyun Bin Source: Pinterest This brought up some pretty huge waves for the fans because the chemistry of this duo was already much admired on screen.

hyun bin and ha ji won relationship with god

Though, no confirmation of their relationship is out yet. Ji-won Datings and Relationships: But none of them ever admitted being in an affair.

Ha Ji Won & Hyun Bin Love Story 3

For that matter, they have never been spotted dating or hanging out in public either. But then there is Ji Chang Wook. Ji Chang and Ji-won Source: I choose Ha Ji Won.

hyun bin and ha ji won relationship with god

And it's not even the first time he has complimented Ji Won. While he was filming "Empress Ki," he had revealed that they were both shy around strangers but that they quickly became comfortable with each other. I'm afraid of strangers but it seemed like she was too.

Hyun Bin & Ha Ji Won (Meetings Before Secret Garden)

After filming the first few scenes together they grew close. He got in the habit of helping her escape from public attention and often said that he really enjoyed working with her.

He said in the Empress Ki press conference: