Ikki and ringo relationship test

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ikki and ringo relationship test

Well this relationship between Ringo and Ikki is a bit strange to say the least as Ikki was taken in by Ringo family so he has always been like a brother to Ringo. Ringo Noyamano is the female lead of the manga and anime series Air Gear and the main love interest of Itsuki "Ikki" Minami. Ringo is a kind, studious girl who wears thick glasses, always there to support Ikki since they were young. 'Crazy Apple' was eventually fully brought out. air gear is an awesome anime Quiz. trivia quiz from promovare-site.info %.. yawn. only thign is its akito that likes ikki with ringo.. aagito is all.

His training mostly consisted of perverted games such as counting panties while running on his hands. As silly as they seemed they were actually to help Ikki's body become more suitable for the Wind Regalia, Bagram. Sora even taught Ikki how to project the wind and how to control it as a potent weapon. The results of training were shown when Ikki fought Ringo. When Ikki fought her with the new Bagram cores, his power was boosted so high he actually broke the cores Which later turned out to be incorrect prototypes, made by Hako and switched out with Kururu's prototype.

After the battle with Ringo which is considered a drawIkki and Agito leave the Noyamano house, and find themselves invited to stay inside the Tool Toul To headquarters where they meet Rune, 2nd in Command of Tool Toul To. During their stay there, Hako, who had stolen Kururu's Bagram prototype, visits Ikki and offers to be his tuner. Shortly after she is rejected, Rune takes back the True Bagram cores, which Hako stole and replaced with her own version.

As soon as he takes it, he has his hand cut off by a stranger, who breaks through the fortified glass of the headquarters window. The stranger easily handles Rune and Agito, before running off with both the wind regalia core a Ikki using the 2nd forme, wings extended nd Hako.

After this, Ine and Rune reveal that Trophaeum Tower is actually inside the Tool Toul To base, and they take an elevator inside the Tower, despite hesitation on Agito's part.

The Trophaeum Tower is actually not a tower at all, but a large geothermal mine shaft with the "top" of the tower actually being the bottom of the shaft. The entrance is hidden by the large clock tower that Tool Toul To uses as their base. Once inside Ikki is set up against the Sleeping Forest team, being revealed to be all Gravity Children denoted by the cross-shaped marks on their pupils.

Ikki learns the reason behind Sleeping Forest's control of the AT world is that they feel the regalia are too destructive to be let loose on the world.

Meanwhile, Nike who had stolen the rebuilt cores, del Ikki and Agito in the Trophaeum Tower ivers them to Sora who installs them on his newly acquired bionetic legs. Sora's power and control with the cores is enough to allow him to destroy a helicopter. Sano and Spitfire attempt to stop the two twins until Sora teams up with Nike. The two then promptly kill Sano and Spitfire, igniting a betrayal that would shake the AT world.

The news of Sora's betrayal hits Ikki hard and he decides to quit AT. Kururu Sumeragi tries to comfort him but even she can't mend his shredded heart. Feeling as if he'll never "fly" again Ikki accidentally rode a bike off the road while racing with Kururu only to be saved by Kazu who had been training with Spitfire's regalia since Sora's betrayal.

ikki and ringo relationship test

He saves Ikki and reveals that Spitfire had left a message to everyone before he died. Ikki hurt by Sora's betrayal During the video, Spitfire calls Ikki out, asking him if his wings are broken, and then explains to him the way that Genesis had been running up until the Behemoth match. Spitfire explains that over time, Simca, and himself became disillusioned by Sora's "dream" and forgot why they had even started riding. When Ikki rode Agito's fang to jump start the Wing Road, he was able to bring back the feeling that had been missing.

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It was then that Spitfire began going behind the Sora Brother's backs when it came to matters concerning his involvement with Genesis. In response, Ikki asks everyone he's faced over the start of his A-T career, minus the Skull Saders, who were all in attendance, to give him a wake up call.

Spitfire's message concludes by asking Ikki if his wings are truly broken. Ikki fearing that she was taken by Sora went berserk and destroyed the car in which Kururu was, when he was about to punch the driver Kururu stops Ikki and tells him that that man is her father. After apologizing for destroying the car Ikki and friends find that Kururu's father is the leader of White Wolf Clan and that the team was created in order to save a company from bankruptcy.

Kururu then meets the old man, which states 'What Kogarasumaru needs is a meaningful defeat, thus making Kururu help her father's team, White Wolf Clanto make Kogarasumaru not overconfident.

Ringo Noyamano

Kogarasumaru battled against White Wolf Clan. They changed their strategy from trying to score points to trying to inflict as much damage as possible to the White Wolf Clan, which was all a hoax by Kogarasumaru. Instead, they switched to continuous waves of teamwork, and were making a huge comeback against the White Wolf Clan, but Kururu and members of Tool Toul To arrived to help. After this the White Wolf Clan won and Kogarasumaru understood the meaning of the battle.

In the fight againist Sleipnir, he is partnered up with Buccha to stop Loki, who has a battle level of which far exceeds even with the two added battle levels of Ikki and Buccha.

In the fight, he used a new trick which created a wind graveyard, or Null Wind. When Freya is affected by Onigiri's attack, Loki went out of his way to save her giving the victory to Kogasumaru. Ikki and Kogarasamaru arrive to challenge Genesis He had already asked Sano to get them supersonic planes so that they can go to rescue Rika as soon as they complete their fight with Sleipnir.

As soon as they reach the ship they are confronted by the Thunder King Nue. Kogarasumaru almost fell for Nue's bait as he confronted them in the form of Nike, however, Agito launched a fang to stop Ikki and others so that they wouldn't get entangled in Nue's wires. Nue then gives them Rika's location and Ikki asks him to join them but Nue declines and launches into his attack.

He soon finds out that he has been in Nue's illusion and that Nue is right behind him with his transformed Regalia. After, Nue starts to tell Ikki that his tricks are ripoffs of Sora's techniques and that the only reason that he became a king so quickly was due to Sora teaching him tricks.

With support of Aikawa Taeko he tells Nue that if a ripoff is better than the real thing then it becomes the original and they resume their fight. The complete Kogarasumaru Protection Net arrive to back up Ikki As their battle continues Ikki becomes incredibly tired and wounded by the Thunder King.

Later on in the fight he notices that a plane has arrived on the ship, and it turned out to be some of his friends and comrades ready to back him up. Ikki quickly accepts everyones help and Nue becomes enraged and unleashes his full power of the Rising Road. He continues to fight Nue despite his A-Ts slowly dying. He later talks to Sano on his phone getting an update of everything thats happened.

Ikki fully aware that his Storm Regalia is broken, speaks to all of his friends on the ship through a speaker trying to comfort Ringo to stop sobbing.

Ikki voices his confidence telling everyone that there are various Regalia parts scattered throughout the ship used by Genesis Kings, which is more than enough to repair his damaged regalia. He then proudly tells everyone to let the regalia hunt begin. Ikki and Nue race The battle with Nue continues, with Nue telling Ikki that he hadn't done anything except depend on others, with Ikki proclaiming that his friends are his strength. After Black Burn's appearance, and knowing of Nue's circumstances, Ikki forcefully proposes to change the battle to a "Run" type, having Nue installing his powered up Regalia core.

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During the battle, Ikki was able to escape Nue's wire death trap with a trick that Falko had proclaimed only Sora and Kilik could do. Upon his victory, Nue hands the Thunder Regalia's core to Ikki, and instructs him to tune it.

Ikki later shows up carrying a weakened onigiri near the end of kazu fight with Nike. He incourages Kazu to finish his fight with nike and afterwards congratulates kazu for winning his battle. Ikki also talks to simca briefly handing her his jacket due to the fact that she was naked Simca thanks him and acknowledges ikki for teaching kazu and onigiri how to fly. Ikki says it was no problem and then takes kazu and onigiri weakened body away from the battle field.

The president in Emily's body then appears before Ikki and guides him to the Pledge Queen's location in order for the Storm Regalia to finally be made. When Ikki arrives to see Kururu, it is revealed that she over exhausted herself and acted as "Yddragssill" for the real computer was damaged during Kogarasumaru's battle with Genesis.

Ikki then asks Ringo to be his link tuner and reveales to her that she is the one that has always been closest to him. Ikki than walks up to a 3D projected image of Kururu after she regained consciousness and had a brief conversation on how they respect one another. Kururu tells Ikki the more she began to know him the more she wanted to help him and his team accomplish their goals.

ikki and ringo relationship test

She continues her conversation with Ikki saying "I didnt want to be a part. It didnt matter if our paths didnt cross. I just want to continue overtaking this person and being overtaken by this person, Threading our own medlody. Kururu then smiles at ikki and reveales she wanted to show him how strong she has become.

Kururu decides not to tune for Ikki but instead guide all the roads together to create a whole new one. She also tells an enraged Hako that if she performs the tuning, she wont be able to create the regalia.

She continues on saying she wants to see herself what awaits everyone in the future and that everyone risked their lives to gather the power and energy for the Storm regalia. Kururu states that she also wants to risk her life creating the Storm Regalia. Kururu then turns to Ringo and encourages her to listen to Kururu creating a new road. Ikki faces Ringo, holds out his hand, and tells her to come.

Ringo hugs Ikki and confesses her love for him. She then tells Ikki she wants to be the one closest to him which Ikki replys back saying "Sure.

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Ikki and Ringo walk inside a tower for the creation of the Storm regalia. They both gaze upon each other and began to deeply kiss, as well as remembering all the past memories they have shared together. Kururu then speaks, saying she can see a "new road" that no one has ever seen before, and thanks to the assistance of Toul Tool To, Kururu completes the creation of the Storm Regalia. Ikki and Ringo later show up infront of the Trophaeum Tower with hundreds of hand made paper airplanes tossed across the sky.

He and Ringo begin flying across the paper planes, and Ikki questions sora if he can see him outside the tower. He shouts out to Sora telling him if he wants to run now would be the time, but ikki states he wont give him the chance to run away. Ikki and Ringo then enter the tower to fight against Sora.

Ikki points his finger to Sora and mocks him for trying to be a god, he then questions where Rika is moments before she attacks him. Ikki then calls out to Plugman and asks him to make an announcement to all the remaining teams in the GS tournament. He tells them all to forfeit and promises that he will challenge them all later. Ringo's confession to Ikki: You really see how important she was to him when he starts viciously kicking himself for inadvertently hurting her for so many years.

Mikan stating that she sees Rika as her own mother, and that she would do anything to make her happy. And then Ikki tells her that he will go save her because nobody else can. Near the climax of Ikki's fight with Utgarda-Loki of Sleipnir, Utgarda who is Desperately Looking for a Purpose in Life tells Ikki to take him to a place far from where they are now, Ikki's monologued response is this: Not my problem, dick.

ikki and ringo relationship test

In fact, I need to get back. I've lost a lotta things that are so important to me As this was said in the wake of her confession, it's like Ikki regrets not answering her in kind, and getting back to her so that he can do so is now one of his primary motivations for fighting. Arthur and Shalott's relationship. First off, Shalott gets most of his organs kicked out of his body by Nike because he was trying to protect Arthur, who was falling behind in Nike's training. Ringo has always let Ikki do things as he liked, turning an eye away during his gangster era as the leader of Eastside 'Undefeatable Babyface'.

She is a pushover, her friends Emily and Yayoi easily manipulating her to doing things for them, and the teachers always picking on her rather than Ikki and gang.

Itsuki Minami

However, as a Storm Rider she is more strong-willed as a person, and punishes the Skull Saders, who attacked Ikki, with the other members of the Noyamano household, for misusing ATs. Ringo, encumbered by her duty as the leader of the Sleeping Forest, is put in a difficult position, due to the power struggle between Sleeping Forest, who seeks to protect the Sky Regalia, and Genesis, who seeks to take the Sky Regalia.

She was put in a dilemma when Ikki was given reign over Genesis; since that directly made him her enemy. Ikki taking over Genesis caused Sleeping Forest to respond in kind, attacking and paralyzing Simca, who had recruited Ikki, waistdown. Ringo led the attack as the true successor of the Sleeping Forest, 'Crazy Apple'.

After realizing that Ikki had reached a level of riding where he was a serious threat to Sleeping Forest, she put herself in battle with a serious Ikki, and decided to crush him and remove him forcibly from the world of ATs, so that he would not die by getting caught in between. The Ringo when she is 'Crazy Apple' seems to be an entirely different person, taunting, cold, and ferocious in her attacks.