In the flesh kieran and rick relationship quizzes

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in the flesh kieran and rick relationship quizzes

Kieren Walker | in the flesh by galwaylion In The Flesh, Movies, Films, . In the Flesh | Kieren and Rick's relationship is just so weird and interesting. This. “So we left Roarton in the last series where Rick, the friend Kieren loved There's a very strong connection between Kieren and his dad, but it's. series, In the Flesh, stands out above the rest as distinctly aware and radically critical .. Secondly, Kieren faces homophobia from Bill Macy, Rick's father.

Simon wants to break the rabid PDS sufferers out and medicate them himself, while Kieren doesn't want to be involved and believes the treatment center is the best place for them to go.

in the flesh kieran and rick relationship quizzes

Simon angrily leaves, telling Kieren that he was wrong about him. Later that night, Gary calls the Walker house looking for Jem, wanting to tell her that Freddie Preston had gone rabid and he needs help dealing with him. Immediately, Kieren rushes to find Freddie. He calms Freddie down enough for Kieren to medicate him, and he then bound and carried to Gary's truck to be taken back to Norfolk for treatment.

Gary threatens Kieren by saying that he could get away with doing anything to PDS sufferers. An exhausted Kieren walks away from the scene, realizing the injustice that partially deceased syndrome sufferers face.

He then breaks into a run. We see him arrive at Amy's bungalow. He gets greeted at the door by Simon, who is concerned by Kieren's current disheveled state. Kieren opens his mouth to speak, but instead he kisses Simon. Simon is surprised, but kisses him back.

in the flesh kieran and rick relationship quizzes

He talks to Simon and voices his distrust of 'brainwashing' other people, saying won't allow Simon to do it to him, which he is then told this is not the case. Kieren tells Simon that he could be better if he acted more like a normal person. Simon tells him he would do anything to convince Kieren that he's serious about him, which leads to his agreement to join his family for lunch.

With Simon having covered himself in mousse and put in his contacts he leaves with Kieren, who kisses him in the street before heading to his house, not knowing that Amy was watching. They at the house and settles down with Simon awkwardly as they try making conversation with each other.

This angers Kieren and prompts him to angrily tell his own story of when he rose, revealing details of him rising at midnight where no others had risen yet. He storms out of the house with Simon following shortly behind. At the bungalow he sits in Simon's room, taking out his contacts before beginning to wipe away his mousse. He then walks over and does the same to Simon.

Episode 5 Edit A now "au naturel" Kieren is accused of breaking into the hospital and releasing the untreated PDS sufferers from their cage, and defacing the walls of the hospital with ULA graffiti with Simon.

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It was shown to be two of Simon's followers trying to impress him, but the townspeople believe Kieren was the one who is guilty. He is given a tape recorder and told to confess his crimes. After being pressured to confess to crimes he didn't commit, he slams the tape recorder onto the floor after yelling that he didn't do it.

He's told that he will be put under house arrest until he can be transported back to the Norfolk treatment center because of his "noncompliance". Episode 6 Edit Kieren, under house arrest, is put under even more restraint by his father, Steve. Steve locks Kieren in his room from the outside before he and Sue leave for the Fete with Jem. Kieren uses a wire to push the key left in the door out of the keyhole, using a piece of paper to retrieve it.

However as soon as he opens the door, he is surprised by Gary. Kieren is quickly overpowered by him and gets restrained.

Kieren Walker

Gary tries to get Kieren to confess to the criminal activities affiliated with Simon, who he also demands the location of. After Kieren says he doesn't know where Simon is, Gary begins ransacking the room which leads to him finding a bottle of Blue Oblivion.

Kieren had hidden it away after taking it from Amy and Simon's bungalow earlier. Gary is convinced Kieren is a part of the Blue Oblivion attacks and was going to use it at the Fete. He forces Kieren into his truck and takes him to a nearby field, administering the Blue Oblivion into the hole in his back before cutting him loose.

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While desperately running away, Kieren is unaware that Simon has returned to Roarton and witnessed his abduction. Simon had been following him to complete the Undead Prophet's mission of initiating the Second Rising by sacrificing the First Risen, who Kieren was believed to be.

After stumbling to the graveyard, Kieren attempts to secure himself to a metal grate over Vicar Oddie 's grave, but isn't fast enough before the Blue Oblivion takes effect. Steve approaches Kieren and attempts to bring him out of his rabid state. Kieren is shown fighting the effects of the Blue Oblivion. The two get even closer, scaring the townspeople.

Pearl Pinder shoots at Kieren. Simon, who had been watching from a distance, jumped in between her and Kieren, saving him but getting shot in the back as a result. Shortly after, Kieren successfully fights off the last of the Blue Oblivion and returns to his normal self. Afterwards, Kieren and Simon are shown in the waiting room of the hospital. They have a heartfelt conversation, and before Simon can tell Kieren why he was in the city, Phillip rushes in carrying Amy's body.

After she passes away in the hospital, Kieren reads her will and puts together her funeral. Once the funeral is over, Kieren and Simon decide to stay in Roarton together because Kieren says he's finally able to live comfortably as his true self.

in the flesh kieran and rick relationship quizzes

Over series two, Kieren gradually grows more confident both in his sexuality and in his status as a PDS sufferer, and starts a romantic relationship with Simon Monroe. She meets and befriends Kieren and tries to convince him that their condition is a blessing. She is unaffected by her actions when she was rabid and believes that most people spend their lives waiting to die. In the second series she gradually becomes living again for reasons yet to be revealed, only to be murdered by Maxine Martin, who received intelligence to suggest Amy was the first individual to come back to life during the Rising "the First Risen".

She has trouble accepting Kieren's return but still seems to care for her brother. She was especially troubled by Kieren's death as they were extremely close. After being disowned by his father, having killed his own mother in a rabid state, Simon finds a sense of community in the group of radicalised undead who adhere to the teachings of the Undead Prophet, which eventually comes to form the ULA. When he arrives in Roarton in search of the so-called "First Risen", he appears to be in a relationship with Amy, but later it becomes clear he is not interested in Amy and has merely allowed her to assume they are together.

Over the course of series two, his attraction to Kieren grows into a strong romantic attachment, enough for him to place Kieren's wellbeing ahead of the wishes of the Undead Prophet, to whom he had long been devoted. Stephen Thompson as councillor Philip Wilson who later gets into trouble when he announces his romantic affection for certain PDS sufferers and, as a consequence, greatly diminishes his chances of climbing the political ladder.

He later reveals his feelings for Amy Dyer at the village bus stop and they subsequently begin a relationship. Like members of her party, she does not consider PDS sufferers to be real people, and takes great delight in implementing aggressive new government policies which treat PDS sufferers as second class citizens.

in the flesh kieran and rick relationship quizzes

Secretly, she has been studying the mythology of the Undead Prophet and has bought into its idea of a Second Rising. Having heard the prophecies of the ULA, she hunts for the First Risen, in the hope to slay him or her and trigger a Second Rising which will restore to life her brother, who died as a young child.

After attempting to induce Kieren to an untreated state, in the unsuccessful hope that a rabid Kieren will be executed by Jem, Jem terminates their relationship.

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His failure to keep this concealed eventually leads to her death at the hands of Bill Macy. At the start of the second series he has moved to the city, only to be killed in a ULA attack on a train. Kenneth Cranham as the widowed Vicar Oddie who runs the parish church and known well across the parish itself.

In the Flesh (TV series)

He dies in the second episode of series two when he suffers a heart attack. He is Rick's father and husband of Janet. Bill learned of his son's romantic relationship with Kieren and forced him to enlist in the army to separate them.