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inter community and international relationship jobs is a job board for international, ngo, non-profit, government, and development Open Society Foundations, Dec 22, New York, New York . Visiting Assistant Professor/Instructor – International Relations and Security Studies Chief, Intergovernmental, Inter-agency & Policy Dialogue Branch ( IIPDB),D International Relations jobs available on Apply to Program Officer, International Relations, Foreign Affairs Officer and more! Intelligence Analyst. Secure Community Network. Chicago, IL. The study and practice of international relations is interdisciplinary in nature, As our global society evolves and expands, international relations will evolve and .

Examining the Theories of International Relations The study of international relations involves theoretical approaches based on solid evidence.

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Theories of international relations are essentially a set of ideas aimed at explaining how the international system works. The two, major theories of international relations are realism and liberalism: Realism Realism focuses on the notion that states work to increase their own power relative to other states.

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The theory of realism states that the only certainty in the world is power; therefore, a powerful state—via military power the most important and reliable form of power —will always be able to outlast its weaker competitors. Self-preservation is a major theme in realism, as states must always seek power to protect themselves.

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In realism, the international system drives states to use military force. Although leaders may be moral, they must not let morality guide their foreign policy. Furthermore, realism recognizes that international organizations and law have no power and force, and that their existence relies solely on being recognized and accepted by select states.

What Can I Become If I Study International Relations?

Liberalism Idealism Liberalism recognizes that states share broad ties, thus making it difficult to define singular independent national interests.

The theory of liberalism in international relations therefore involves the decreased use of military power. Intelligence Specialist - Gathering state-critical information As an intelligence specialist, you can work in the military, the navy, security departments, or almost any state department of one of the national government agencies. Your main duties will include: Collect and analyse operational intelligence data; Conduct mission reports, using data, maps and charts; Evaluate results and prepare reports, statistics and graphics; Maintain intelligence databases, libraries, and files.

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Your tasks will be to: Inform about and interpret various political developments; Analyse laws, public policies, and government decisions; Advise government officials, political parties, or the media; Forecast political trends and election results; Put events into historical context. Lobbyist - Promoting ideas to those who can make them a reality Lobbyists are usually hired by an association, corporation, or non-profit organisation to convince government members to make a decision that would benefit the organisation or company they are representing.

inter community and international relationship jobs

As a lobbyist you will perform tasks like: Monitor, research and analyse legislation; Attend congressional hearings; Reach out to government policymakers; Use communication tools to promote ideas to the public. Communications Specialist in a non-profit - Working for a better society A degree in International Relations can halo you non-profit organisations that operate on an international level. Non-profit agencies like World Vision and Red Cross provide such global service, but there are many other options, too.

Your main duties will be: Creating effective communication strategies; Handling internal communications; Writing content for media and social networks.

inter community and international relationship jobs