Janeway and seven of nine relationship memes

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janeway and seven of nine relationship memes

Star Trek Voyager - Captain Janeway and Seven of Nine meme. out of my head." Oh Bones:) I love the love-hate relationship between him & Spock Leonard. Keep calm and have a special relationship LOL Janeway and Seven of Nine. Star Trek Voyager - Captain Kathryn Janeway and Seven of Nine meme. 7 denying that Janeway and Seven would ever have a romantic relationship. between her character, Seven of Nine, and Kate Mulgrew's Kathryn Janeway.

You know, as long as it's done tastefully. First, since she's emotionally immature, having her first significant relationship be a lesbian one could play into the stereotype that lesbianism isn't a mature adult orientation but rather more like a schoolgirl experimentation until the real thing [read: And since it's unlikely that Seven's lesbian relationship would be a long-term one, the temporariness of it would further add to the sense that it was just an immature experimentation.

janeway and seven of nine relationship memes

Second, since Seven is partly Borg, there's always the likelihood that lesbianism will seem yet again like this alien thing. Ultimately, the real challenge for Star Trek in portraying a positive gay character would be to make it seem like just this incredibly normal thing: I could definitely see her coming up with a thoughtful response like this.

Seven and the Captain! They're gonna get together! And there is a scene with the Captain where this romance idea comes up. I think it get's to be a joke after a while. It's not anything the writers ever intended to do with the characters. Well, it's kind of hard to comment on the scene she mentions because UPN affiliates cut it from the first-run airing!

Only some syndicated stations in Canada aired the entire episode! Is it that I have more faith in Jeri's acting abilities and Kate's than Jeri herself has?

But anything we do will be handled delicately so we can avoid the usual stereotypes and mishandling of gay characters on TV. And if we do go that route, I'm hopeful Kate and I would be able to portray such a relationship with enough honesty and sincerity to make it believable.

I admit I have been playing Seven as having complex feelings for Janeway -- which frankly makes sense given everything Janeway has done for Seven -- but I think Seven is still too emotionally underdeveloped for those feelings to be considered romantic love.

janeway and seven of nine relationship memes

It's not going to be an ongoing theme for Star Trek to come out and be gay. But Seven is the logical character for that to come up.

Because she has no pre-conceived sexuality.

Sex and relationship with Seven of Nine?

And she is exploring every aspect of humanity. So, it wouldn't surprise me if we had an episode or two.

janeway and seven of nine relationship memes

But not with Captain Janeway. It's not going to be Seven and the Captain. Without more of an explanation here, she makes it sound as though such a relationship would be totally ridiculous.

  • Mulgrew so awful to Jeri Ryan she had to date Braga for protection

I grant that it is unlikely, but I bristle at the suggestion that this is so far-fetched that it could never happen. If the producers of Voyager seriously are considering "touching on" the subject of homosexuality through Seven's evolving humanity, having Seven fall for Janeway would make Seven's lesbian exploration less ridiculous, more believable, and more poignant.

To offer a counterpoint, in the first-date episode Someone to Watch Over MeSeven arbitrarily chooses one "Lieutenant Chapman" for her date, selecting him from the crew manifest on the basis of "compatible interests" -- interests she didn't even know she had until the Doctor pointed them out!

As a result, all the dating episode really accomplishes from the standpoint of Seven's character is a little superficial experimentation with social norms; the bulk of the character development in this episode is really the Doctor's.

By contrast, a relationship with someone Seven clearly already cares for, like Janeway, would contribute to developing the character emotionally. Seven would be shown developing feelings of love and as a logical outgrowth of the personal interactions she already has with someone she knows, trusts, and respects. So if the producers really were considering a lesbian relationship for Seven, having her fall for Janeway would be the least contrived, most serious, most effective, and most logical way to handle it.

They may simply consider it too radical a departure for such central characters. This is the main reason gay concerns are so often marginalized in the mainstream media.

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One could think of this hypothetical response as Jeri's payback for all those "I'm thinking of leaving the show" interviews that Kate gave earlier in the year, in which she kept talking about her "loyalty" to her "original crew" and at least once implied that Jeri was "a bad apple. Kate has said that keeping Janeway single keeps her "noble.

Doesn't Kate know that portraying women as asexual is a tired old stereotype? Voyager could have used this! That is, of course, what this meme is joking about. He essentially played the Data role, as he was artificial life that became more human as time went on. And that meant spending a lot of time among the crew. What this silly meme draws our attention to is the outlandishness of the premise. If the EMH is a computer program, and Voyager has limited power and space, where is he finding the room to store what is effectively a growing lifetime of memories and experiences?

At the same time, though, holodeck episodes were often the worst, as the writers struggled to make the recreational tech into a life and death situation.


This meme mixes our malicious holograms together. It presupposes that the EMH, as both a master of holograms and a student of human emotions, might be running an ongoing experiment with our favorite characters and that they might all be on a holodeck and not know it.

Take it up with Picard, who was briefly trapped in the same way! You know the one: While most people laughed at how outlandish he was both in his appearance and his claimsthis meme shows what Trek fans were thinking for a while. It also plays with the idea that to everyone in the Delta Quadrant, the humans are the weird, outside invaders.

Humans may be the driving force behind alien conspiracy theories all across the quadrant! The Rock better known nowadays as Dwayne Johnson is everywhere now. In one episode, this meant Seven of Nine wrestling with an alien played by Dwayne Johnson himself!