Joan baez and steve jobs relationship with employees

Joan Baez The Legendary Queen of Folk and Activist –

joan baez and steve jobs relationship with employees

Now, as she prepares for her farewell tour, Joan Baez has got a new ex-lovers Bob Dylan ('paranoid') and Steve Jobs ('complex and . Her relationship with Dylan lasted from to .. Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club premiere introduces nine hot single firecracker employees as she demands: 'I. The Week Staff. Steve Jobs once dated Joan Baez and Diane Keaton? Jobs was adopted, and his biological father, Abdulfattah Jandali, was a Syrian man who went on to become a The two had an immediate connection. Learn more about her relationship with Bob Dylan, Rev. She was Bob's Queen of Folk and the Apple of Steve's Eye. In , Joan Baez stood in the fields alongside Cesar Chavez and migrant farm workers striking for fair.

The two were married in Yosemite National Park in a ceremony presided over by a Japanese Buddhist monk, and they subsequently had three children, Reed, now 20, Erin, 16, and Eve, All were rarely photographed with Jobs in public. His father took a job as a machinist, and Steve inherited an early interest in electronics, fuelled by a neighbour who worked as an engineer at Hewlett Packard.

That hobby turned into an passion when he became friends with Steve Wozniak.

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InJobs headed back to California and found a job with Atari, the video-game manufacturer. But imbued with the post-hippy spirit of the West Coast, he left again to travel with a friend to India.

He also experimented with LSD, an experience that he said was pivotal to his life. A few months later he returned to Silicon Valley and started his business partnership with Wozniak.

While his friend was the computer-engineer genius, it was the youthful Jobs who spotted the profit in pioneering personal computing, even as he made clear his loathing for the stuffiness of the traditional corporate world. For them, he was the face of products they loved.

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Other former Apple employees gave their old boss a less favourable rating. He was an entrepreneur, an artist, creative, successful and original. And he was a self-made man — and Americans love nothing more than a self-made man. Two projects had failed, and his youthful arrogance was increasingly alienating those around him. He licked his wounds, pursuing other technology ventures that had middling results. Jobs was brought back into Apple in with the company on the verge of going bust.

The turnaround was remarkable. I think Steve realised he was going to have to make the most of it, and I am surprised how much he learned while he was out in the wilderness. Only Steve probably could have saved them, whipped them into shape. Indeed, as far back asshortly after Apple moved into its first offices in Cupertino, he went to the Christmas party dressed as Jesus Christ.

Even as the professional eulogies poured in last week for his undisputed role as an inspired innovator and entrepreneur, there were also memories of his take-no-prisoners approach to running Apple.

His secrecy, brusqueness and preoccupation with message control reflected not only his disdain for sharing information — despite his role in the communications business — but also his policy of maintaining the Apple mystique for the roll-out of yet another product or modification.

In control to the end, he micro-managed his farewells in his final weeks. Word had spread in recent months among friends that this time there would be no miraculous survival story; that he was dying.

It was a weekend thing, they always had a main speaker and it was Dr. He was talking about the things I knew about from writing and thinking but he was talking about them, that they were actually happening. Many people were walking, some of them barefoot, to avoid getting on the buses. The bus boycott was going on at that very moment. I was so moved I just started crying. I cried through the entire speech.

He called me to fill in as far as getting the press there. I would do that sort of thing. He would send out members of his staff to the Institute for Non-Violence to freshen up, encourage them.

What most people never got to see was his sense of humor. He joked constantly with all of his pals. He was funny, sweet, none of the things that people got to enjoy unless you were sort of in the wings. How does that make you feel?

joan baez and steve jobs relationship with employees

I think the feeling that is strongest is I appreciate what she was. Most recently several publications reported that you once dated Steve Jobs. What was your relationship like? It was an interesting one because he is a left-brain tech-head.

joan baez and steve jobs relationship with employees

And I have no left brain. So when we would get in these arguments, we would have to laugh because we were coming from such completely different places. He would tell me that he could create music on the computer that would be better than Beethoven laughs and I would argue about the soul. I mean, I knew him when he was a kid, basically is what it amounts to. I knew him before anybody at his memorial service knew him including all of his family.

Because it was perfect, it was a way to say goodbye. A woman was singing this song and I adapted it from her.

What do you think of the movie and would you like to see it available to the general public? And the fun part of it is when we were having fun.

Joan Baez The Legendary Queen of Folk and Activist

The music is magnificent. Speaking of Dylan, no one to this day could harmonize with him the way you could. How were you able to do that while others failed? And he would change the rhythm of song totally all of a sudden. So I had to be able to go along with that. Joan Baez in concert When: Calvin Theatre, Northampton Cost: Call or www. You also played Woodstock.

Tell me a bit about when you first looked out at the crowd, were you nervous? What are your favorite Woodstock memories? I can pick one. I was joking with somebody about this the other day.