Jonna and zach relationship

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jonna and zach relationship

This week we saw Jonna finally get some closure from her break up with Zach. The two were inseparable on Battle of the Seasons, Zach even admitting he was protecting team Cancun because of his relationship with Zach. Jonna admits that she still has lingering feelings for Zach, but. The Challenge Zach Jenna Relationship Okay, so everyone saw you living with Jonna before when you guys weren't together; now you're. Surprisingly, Zach and Jonna have since broken up, apparently because Zach is immature and not ready for a serious relationship. During the.

Jonna plans on starting her Challenge career by pushing boys to the side and focusing on the money. But things might get complicated when she discovers that her partner will be a hot-tempered, boy-crazy competitor.

Jonna's first outing in the Challenge might prove to be a rocky affair. Team Cancun enters Battle of the Seasons confident that they are the most unified team in the game, claiming that they've grown as close as a family.

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I can be a model, but I can be smart in my own ways. Rounding out the team are former Rivals Jonna and Jasmine, who have promised to squash their habitual bickering to unite as teammates. But with these two hot-tempered vixens, anything is possible. However, Jonna has little time for Jasmine when she cuddles up with a hunky player Zach Nichols on an opposing team, a move that could infuriate other competitors.

But opposing teams beware because, as Jasmine warns, "Anyone messes with my family, they're in for a rude awakening! Or will political backlash tear this team apart?

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The season will premiere on July 10, Nany and Jonna used to be close until Jonna's former beau Zach tore them apart during Battle of the Seasons. Jonna explains, "I should have stood up for Nany, but instead I chose a guy over a friend and that's the number one rule you don't break. Nany reveals, "Jonna has definitely realized she was wrong and now we have to come together and work as one if we really want to win.

Although she claims to be solely focused on the game, Jonna could ruin Nany's plans when she cozies up to a hot new boy-toy. Lavinand will premiere on Thursday, April 10,at MTV Describe her as: Reeling from a series of dramatic Challenge showmances, Jonna has one priority this season, herself. But this time around it's about me. Or will she once again become a Challenge casualty? This season will also be the first to feature cast members from a show not produced byBunim-Murray Productions: The two continued their romance after the show, when Zach relocated to Los Angeles to be with Jonna.

For years, Jonna and Zach tiptoed around a tattered past without ever speaking a word.

jonna and zach relationship

Cancun" and they actually struck up a romance on that season. Both Real Worlds San Diego and Cancun struck up an alliance with each other and Jonna also became good friends with Frank, who was also on Zach's season.

jonna and zach relationship

At the end of the season, all was good until Zach just abruptly stopped talking to Jonna when he and her were living in LA. Jonna was forced to live with Frank after basically being destitute with no money and nowhere to live. Not to mention, they were on two more seasons with each other "Rivals II" and "Free Agents" where they were living in the same house, but hadn't said a word to each other. It wasn't until "Battle of the Exes II" where they were forced to be partners that everything from their relationship began to spill out.

Zach could be seen belittling Jonna at almost every pass as she was often brought to tears because she became an emotional person and Zach would say often times mean and abusive things behind her back. One thing that he was caught saying was that Jonna could be compared to Lenny from "Of Mice and Men", who was the mentally challenged character in the famous book written by John Steinbeck. Not to mention, she also had to be his partner while Zach fawned over his next girlfriend Jenna from "Real World: So not only did she have to watch her ex boyfriend get friendly with another girl, she was also belittled by him at just about every pass.

Even in their elimination with Jordan and Sarah, Jonna actually competed well and it was Zach who held the team back despite claiming to be a mythical being.

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It has been almost three years since that season and we haven't seen Jonna on the challenge since. Which finally brings us to Jenna whom Zach only spent one challenge with, but actually became his girlfriend in real life. He even showed up to compete in a "cameo" elimination in "Bloodlines" and we saw Jenna spend a few minutes with her boyfriend then.

Then when we saw her on the reunion special, we found out that they were no longer together.

jonna and zach relationship

Apparently one day Jenna called Zach and said "guess who? Now we will all be watching this season of the challenge called "Invasion" where Jenna and Zach will be on separate teams and they will be forced to be civil in the "Oasis" in Thailand. Now here is the big question, "what is wrong with Zach? I think that because of his physique he knows that he is bigger and better than just about any guy in the world and considers himself to have "alpha" male status.