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Results 1 - of Review | Published on 28 Jun .. Beta-Adrenergic Blockade Therapy for Autonomic Dysfunction is Less . Relationship Between Urinary Concentrations of Nine Kenichiro Shide, Yuka Takada, Asuka Nakashima, Hidemi Tsuji, Keiko Wada, Akiko Kuwabara, Kiyoshi Tanaka and Nobuya Inagaki. Joined Jun 9, , id: , Profile Updated: Jan 23 .. Follows: 20 - Updated: Sep 17 - Published: Jul 18, - [Lili R., Steve F.] [Hwoarang, Asuka K.]. British Nationals who may require legal advice and assistance in Areas of Expertise: Criminal Law, Family Law, Adoptions, Child Custody, Parental Child Abduction, Child Protection, Marriage/Divorce, Hayabusa Asuka Law Office Practising lawyers: Attorney at Law Jun Ueno and Attorney at Law.

Then out of nowhere the day goes from good to bad to worse as she is kidnapped by a vengeful gang only to be saved by the Blood Talon. Of course everyone knows that it's Tekken's favorite redheaded biker. Other ships will be decided later.

Rated T may be changed to M later. The Tale of two Brothers by The Secret Judge reviews The life of an unlucky soul, caught in the crossfire of the Mishima Family may have more to do with them than he may have originally thought. With the one person who made his existence meaningful gone, his so called brother falling down the same path of his father and father before him, and carrying a burden no one would wish on their worst enemy; how will he survive? An Asuka and Hwo story.

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So for you guys who's waiting for the sequel It's Here! What happens when Subaru wants her all to himself? Join Yui in trying to figure out how to handle this sort of situation while falling for a vampire with a dark past.

Will she change Subaru's ways or will he stay as a cruel, lonely vampire? Jin swiftly tilted her face up and gave her a quick peck on the lips. She looked absolutely delighted. What the fuck did I just witness? So when another thing had begun to inch its way into his mind, Jin was a little more than surprised. As days goes by, she uses this opportunity to learn more about these families. Based on the song "Lovers in Japan" by Coldplay. And fall into depression when their loved ones disappear.

I feel like I can see reminiscence and similarity on these species to Jin and Xiao relationship. So I give it a go. Xiaoyu - Complete Blind Date by tekkenlover17 reviews Jin is set up on a blind date by his roommate Hwoarang and his date is a girl named Ling Xiaoyu. How will the date go and will they take the relationship one step ahead? But trouble occurs when they find out that some creature is after Yui, so now the gods will have to protect her from a bloodthirsty beast, make sure she has a good time AND keep the human males away from her.

So, how will Yui survive the summer? Just bring Loki and she'll be fine! Jun has assembled a motley crew of characters. The most important of them is Xiaoyu. She is the key to Jin's heart. Join her and the gang in a quest for true love and redemption.

Read and review, thanks. Xiaoyu School Days by tekkenlover17 reviews So basically this is a story about their high school days. Asuka Kazama is a first time competitor but she isn't afraid of a little competition- but having to make friends while secretly swooning over a certain spiky-haired red-head are a few battles in which she'll have to accept defeat. AsukaxHwoarang Tekken - Rated: However an unexpected guest enters back into her life and changes it forever.

Xiaoyu, Devil Jin] Sort: It's all about the money reviews Lili, Steve, Hwoarang and Asuka These four people are going to meet because they will have something in common Full summary inside Tekken - Rated: Xiaoyu] - Complete Butterflies and Hurricanes reviews Two years after Azazel's destruction, Zafina fears of another turmoil approaching.

Wanting to save her people, she's determent to use her powers in order to protect them. Will she succeed or other people are going to meddle with her plans? Is someone on her side or is she going to face this all alone? It might turn into M rated in the future Tekken - Rated: Invited fighters are hoping to deal with their frustrations and fulfill their goals. Let's see how many of them are going to succeed in dealing with them and in which way.

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By the way, is there someone, who is honestly interested in the tournament? Love is reviews Being next to Lars from the time she met him, Alisa witnessed feelings that made her question the human nature. Her diary was waiting for more but Lars couldn't help her this time, however he had an idea about how she could find out… Pairings: The Cause Of a Rivalry reviews Being uncomfortable with the city of Seoul causes Jin and Xiaoyu to get lost inside the place no one would want to be…and especially to the lair of the very well-known Blood Talon A random one-shot about how the rivalry between these two guys started…with a slight hint of Xiaoyin Tekken - Rated: Alexis and her friends correct Syrus that the letter was sent to Jaden, even though it was a fake letter in the first place.

Alexis decides to use the situation to test Jaden's Dueling skills by holding Syrus captive unless he agreed to Duel her.

She also threatens to expel both of them for crossing into the female dorm if they lost. She puts up a good fight, but in the end Jaden wins but Alexis reveals in her thoughts that she never would have had them expelled anyways if she did win, because she felt the school year would be much more interesting with them, much to Jasmine 's dismay. Alexis enters the dorm by herself but gets kidnapped by Crowler's hired mercenary, Titan.

In the dub, he claims he sent her to the Shadow Realm. Jaden wins and frees Alexis. He also offers her his help in finding Atticus, but he leaves before she replies. After this event, Crowler threatens to expel Jaden and Syrus for visiting the abandoned dorm unless they can beat two extremely difficult Duel opponents the Paradox Brothers in a Tag Duel. Alexis offers to take Syrus' place because she was there too and Syrus has little confidence in his Dueling skills, but it is refused.

She still aids Jaden in preparing Syrus for the Tag Duel and trying to help him believe in himself. Alexis soon begins to become good friends with Jaden and Syrus after they win the Tag Duel. She begins to accompany them on occasion during their adventures, showing more signs of interest in Jaden.

She is also there watching along side Jaden's friends cheering him on during his duels. However, she still continues spending much of her time searching for clues regarding Atticus' disappearance, with the help of Zane. While the seven begin defending their keys against the Shadow RidersJaden becomes involved in a Duel with a figure known as Nightshroud. Nightshroud turns out to be Atticus brainwashed after Jaden defeats him, but his memories are gone. Alexis thus searches for a way to recover them and is offered a chance to Duel Titan in return for Atticus' memories being restored.

During the duel, she starts to give in to the fact that she may never get Atticus back to normal again, though with Atticus' strong words of courage, she ultimately wins and restores them.

After this, she meets her old "friend" Pierre, who decides to duel him in order to get back her mother's scarf. He was able to gain the upper hand due to his monsters effects, which involved flipping a coin.

Alexis realized that if it wasn't for his Second Coin Tosshe would've lost everytime, and then was able to win thanks to Cyber Prima 's effect. Pierre revealed that the whole reason why he did this was because he loved Alexis.

As a consequence, she is sent to an alternate dimension along with the others who lost where she remains unconscious. Jaden manages to free them by finally defeating Amnael, returning them to Earth. Alexis in Chazz's imagining of their marriage Chazz comes out about his infatuation with Alexis after Jaden defeats Amnael. Atticus helps Chazz with his crush and he steals all seven spirit keys in order to force Alexis to Duel with him. Although Chazz plays suggestive cards such as " Hidden Wish " and " Love Letter " to show her how much he cares, Alexis wins in the end, stating that she cannot return his feelings, because she's "in love with Dueling".

Chazz's crush on Alexis continues throughout the series, although after having his free will sapped by Sartoriushis interest fades, until he is rescued by Jaden and returned to his former self. Crowler begins constantly pressuring her into becoming a pop star Duelist with Atticus.

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So Atticus challenges her to a duel, where if she loses, she and Atticus will become a pop singing group named "Bro-bro and Sissy", if she wins, they will stop pressuring her to become a pop star. She wins, and show cases all of her "Cyber Angels" series.

After she tells Atticus to "let go of his dream". This soon changes when Chazz becomes brainwashed into the Society of Light by Sartorius. Chazz begins Dueling Obelisk Blues to brainwash them into following Sartorius as well, and succeeds by using his powerful " White Veil " card that Sartorius gave him. Thus, Alexis feels it's her responsibility as an Obelisk Blue to Duel Chazz and win against him so she could restore him as well as the other Obelisk Blues back to normal, despite Atticus' warnings.

During the duel, she starts doubting her dueling skills because Chazz is outsmarting all of her moves and guesses, thus meeting the same fate as her fellow elites.

Alexis as member of the Society of Light.

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Although she remains brainwashed by Sartorius for the majority of season two, she finally begins to show some resistance by refusing to play the " White Veil " card given to her by Sartorius during her Duel against Maitre' D in the Genex Tournament. During that Duel, Chazz, Syrus and Jaden who are watching also point out that she is standing up for Obelisk Blues despite that she was now under Sartorious' control in the Society of Light, perhaps suggesting she was trying to break free.

Additionally, she vaguely begins to remember the times when she and Jaden were friends when Sartorius orders her to Duel Jaden for his satellite key. However, Sartorius notices this and thus strips Alexis of her mind completely, rendering her a lifeless and empty puppet. During her Duel with Jaden to get the key for Sartorius, Jaden tries to break Sartorius' control on her and remind her of their friendship by playing cards that Atticus and Chazz would often use " Swing of Memories " and " Ojama Black ", respectively.

However, she does not listen to anything Jaden tries convincing her of because her mind was completely stripped by Sartorius, thus she had no memories either. Jaden still manages to win which restores her mind back to normal. Upon being returned, she has no memory of ever entering the Society of Light or being brainwashed but notices that she and Jaden were in a Duel. She asks Jaden who won and Jaden lies saying she did, most likely because Jaden felt bad for her after all she had been through.

Alexis spent the rest of the Genex Tournament recovering from her brainwashing and later witnessed Chazz win the tournament and defeating the rest of the Society of Light: She soon witnessed Blair Flannigan return and challenge Chazz for the last Genex medal she had here, it was most evident her brainwashing had taken its toll on her as she tried to remind Chazz who Blair was, forgetting that Blair came to Duel Academy long after Chazz left.

Chazz soon beat Blair, though Alexis commented on how close she was to winning and how much she had improved. When Viper finally collects enough energy to transport Duel Academy to a different dimension, she aids Jaden, Axel, Bastion, Blair, Jim, Jesse and Hassleberry in fending off the rest of the school, who have been transformed by Yubel into Duel Ghouls. Yubel is eventually driven from Marcel and the school returned to Duel Academy island but Jesse was left behind.

Alexis joins Atticus, Jaden, Chazz, Bastion, Jim, Axel, Hassleberry and Syrus in finding him by going through a dimensional warp, but are transported to a different dimension than before this time. Jaden desperately searches for Jesse after arriving, regardless of the village elder whom they meet's warning not to search at night but to wait for day, as night is when the evil Duel Monster Spirits strike. The others feel it is their responsibility as a team to follow him as well. However, Jaden becomes so obsessed with finding Jesse that he doesn't notice when Alexis, Atticus, Chazz and Hassleberry all fall behind.

The four begin to think that Jaden doesn't care about them anymore and decide not to follow. Before Alexis is sacrificed, she sadly says while her emotions are amplified by the spell on her "I thought we were friends. It's sad to know that Jaden would still be able to rescue them if he defeats Yubel in a Duel. Jaden instead decides to make up for all the wrongs he did, to Yubel and his friends, by fusing his spirit with Yubel's so they could be together again.

This consequently restored the dimensions' balance to normal, releasing his friends. Darkness During the fourth season, Alexis finds Jaden's new and serious personality to be abrasive and sullen, especially when he tried interrogating Atticus despite her brother's troubled state in the hospital, and claims Jaden had changed.

She especially gets mad when Jaden coerces her injured brother into a Duel using the Nightshroud mask, until she discovers it was Atticus' idea.

In general, Alexis and Jaden's friendship seems to have become strained in season four. Alexis once tries to make amends with him, saying they are still friends despite what occurred in the alternate dimension, also inviting him to the Duel Academy party.