Kalinda and nick relationship goals

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kalinda and nick relationship goals

-tv-couple Kalinda and Lana on page 3. The unexplainable rift came later after the storyline with Nick bombed in season 4. .. We had a goal at the beginning of the year and we're at least sticking with that goal," Robert King tells us. "I have. The dark Season 4 plot involving Kalinda's ex-husband, Nick, was so into Kalinda's personal life again, that severely limited our relationship. “The intrusion of Nick, Kalinda's ex-husband and played by State of I don't buy their relationship or the predicament she finds herself in at all.

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When Nick pays her the sweetest compliment Isn't this what we all want to hear? When Jess stepped up Jess would do literally anything to make Nick happy and she proved that at his dad's funeral. If anyone needs an Elvis impersonator she's your gal.

kalinda and nick relationship goals

Thank you, thank you very much. When Nick looked after her Okay okay, he might have punched her by accident, but the important thing to take away from this scene is that Nick was there to nurse her better as well. Passionate moments like this one Nick and Jess' relationship could get pretty hot and heavy from time to time.

'The Good Wife': Backlash Over Kalinda And Nick Storyline Prompts Early Ending

Especially when he whipped out lines like this one. The best kiss ever I'm sorry but I am still not over this kiss. Best moment in TV history ever. Enjoy over titles, with new series added every month.

kalinda and nick relationship goals

Anyone up for a social media detox? We're taking a breather on Girls With Goals this week! Don't forget you can catch up on all episodes on Spotify now.

kalinda and nick relationship goals

The 'It Galz' join us for Girls With Goals this week, watch the full episode below Anyone up for a social media detox? Click below for more So, in my opinion, factually, you could state that Nick disappeared and never came back, but nothing further. That's the "big picture" here - he didn't come back. His possible death by the hands of Kalinda is merely a detail in some of the many scenarios of what might have happened to him - not the big picture you assume.

I remember that some fans of the show thought that he actually was intimidated by Kalinda's threat of calling the police and just left.

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A few fans thought that Kalinda threatened him to call Lemond Bishop about his drug business, meaning that she had business relations with Bishop beyond what was shown on the show until then. Or some fans thought that Nick finally left because his goal was to get her back and he realized that she wouldn't come with him; that it was never about the money, but about her love for him as his puppet.

Or, always my favourite interpretation, that Kalinda was indeed working undercover for an agency all the time during the show, hence her knowing-it-all-all-the-time, and that she got rid of him via her agency.

Nevertheless, my point is: The big flaw in your interpretation, and why I think your argumentation is contradictory, is calling "the implausibility of a small woman killing a stronger man" just "a sign of mediocre writing".

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Because - in my opinion - the writers didn't even know themselves how to solve this on their own, which is why they left it wide open. I don't think Kalinda would ever be able to kill someone, anyone, for any matter, but that might be a dangerous romantic notion fom me as a viewer that I'm three-quarterly aware of Did Kalinda kill her husband?

In my opinion, we as viewers don't know, because the writers never had the guts to give an answer to that question.