Kanshi ram and mayawati relationship poems

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kanshi ram and mayawati relationship poems

Kanshiram didn't choose her as successor,the truth is something else,something Long thing short, she refer her relation with him as brother but there was. Mayawati & Kanshi Ram's Love AffairKanshi Ram was Mayawati's They have always denied any kind of relationship between them but there. Large crowd of the Brahmins thronged the BSP office located on the Lal even as Brahmin leaders paid tribute to Ambedkar and Kanshi Ram. The bard Shivakant Bajpai reciting his poem told the Brahmins . Lifestyle · Sex & relationship · Fitness · Fashion & trends · Art & culture · Travel · Books · Brunch.

It was only when journalists managed sneak out of Mayawati's house did they realize why the gate had been shut. Out of the three expelled leaders, two of them-- RK Chowdhary who was once a senior minister in the Mayawati government and Barkhu Ram Varma, former speaker of the UP Assembly, were struggling to get inside Mayawati's house but her security guards would not let them in.

Recalling this incident recently, with a sense of amusement, one of Mayawati's most trusted aide told me. Dekho voh andar na a payen, Behanji told me that day shut the gates immediately.

kanshi ram and mayawati relationship poems

Ensure that they do not come inside. This is one of the innumerable incidents, which makes Mayawati so different from all the political leaders of our times.

They may be the tallest Dalit leaders of modern day India and someone who has burning ambition for becoming the Prime Minister one day; but leave aside her stature and ambitions what sets apart Mayawati Naina Kumari from other leaders is her sheer vindictiveness not only towards her political rivals but also towards her own party-men. On numerable occasions she has called MPs and MLAs no doubt they were involved in criminal cases to her house, called the police and got them arrested.

Leave apart her arch political rival Mulayam Singh Yadav, who is quite regular in making allegations on Mayawati, the BSP chief has not even spared her Rakhi bother Lalji Tandon who played a decisive role in forming a coalition government with Mayawati in Within 24 hours after Mayawati took charge of UP in May last year Tandon was asked to immediately vacate his government residence at Mal Avenue and within a week this bungalow was raised to the ground to make way for a BSP monument.

In a recent rally in Lucknow when Mayawati threw hints about her secret successor, she sent out a clear message that the Bahujan Samaj Party founded by Late Kanshi Ram in April has come a long way -- from a party which once believed in internal parliamentary democracy to a party which is being run on the whims and fancies of its self-styled 'dictator' Mayawati.

Mayawati is Brahmins' new saviour

While critics remember Kanshi Ram as someone who had full faith in parliamentary democracy and constitutional morality, Mayawati clearly lacks these traits of her mentor. Under Mayawati, BSP has evolved into a party wrapped up under utmost secrecy. As a senior BSP leader remarks: So what is it that makes BSP different and in a way interesting of all other political parties?

Does Mayawati believe in inner party democracy or not? CNN-IBN has tried to find out Mayawati's vision, her political ambitions, her philosophy and her style of running the party organization. Long off-the record conversations with several BSP leaders and even committed party workers have revealed several interesting features of the Maya Raj.

Mayawati is Brahmins' new saviour | india | Hindustan Times

Mayawati's views on women Herself a woman, Mayawati pays a lot of attention to the needs of BSP's women karyakartas.

Party insiders say Mayawati has never given women any significant post in her party organization. The reason for this is quite fascinating. Barring exceptions, therefore, BSP rallies normally start at 11 am and end before sunset.

When it comes to a woman's safety and security, Mayawati makes no compromises.

kanshi ram and mayawati relationship poems

There are very clear cut instructions to all party-men that any indulgence will not be tolerated. So while Mayawati's views on women might seem a bit conservative, unlike the Samajwadi Party, the BSP's supreme boss does not oppose the women reservation bill although her party wants the bill to be introduced with some modifications.

In the forth coming Lok Sabha elections she has given tickets to quite a few women candidates; although it is a different matter that most of these women candidates are just dummies of their husbands who are ministers or MPs with the BSP. There have been occasions when chief minister's office is has been opened at mid-night and fax sent to the district magistrates for immediate implantation of a Government order. So key party functionaries expect calls from her or her office any anytime.

The relationship was respected by the fond and indulgent Dalits who saw nothing objectionable in it. For them, Mayawati was their most respected behenji. She was by her mentor's side as he lay dying in hospital. She nursed him and his Dalit constituency with single-minded devotion and ambition.

kanshi ram and mayawati relationship poems

After his death, behenji took over the Bahujan Samaj Party's reins. As in the past, she continued being in and out of the UP chief minister's chair.

This bard wants Kanshi Ram loyalists to spread wings

She had untrammelled sway and power over the Dalit masses. She was blindly trusted and their votes went to her BSP's 'Elephant' symbol in each election with increasing solidarity. During the assembly elections they voted her to power with a thumping majority. Newsweek even declared her as one of the most powerful women in the world.

kanshi ram and mayawati relationship poems

With a record of four terms as UP chief minister, shouldn't behenji start dreaming and seriously aspiring for the prime minister's chair? The Dalits cheered her all along the way and pledged unflinching support to their beloved leader.

They identified themselves totally with her, and wished to see her installed as the first Dalit prime minister of India. This adulation and blind faith went to Mayawati's head. Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts completely.

She was no exception. Whereas the illiterate and trusting Dalit masses saw a future PM in their behenji, Mayawati saw a vote-bank in them. She also saw money in her Dalit vote bank.

Born into deprivation, she is insecure where money is concerned and wants to grab it all. She is street smart, and knows how to collect it on one pretext or the other. Celebrating her birthday and using it as a valid excuse to demand expensive gifts of cash, gold, diamonds and platinum does not embarrass her. In fact, she enjoys flaunting her blue diamond rings to inspire other deprived Dalits to emulate her 'success story'. Spotting a new niche, and sensing the financial potential, behenji thought of converting her limited financial assets into assets.

This bard wants Kanshi Ram loyalists to spread wings | lucknow | Hindustan Times

The Supreme Court and Central Bureau of Investigation may wonder how and why, but Mayawati thinks she can go on like this forever. The Congress is scheming to sting her shortly in the disproportionate assets case.

kanshi ram and mayawati relationship poems

Such assets were amassed possibly only when she apparently conceived and decided to auction her solid chunk of trusting Dalit votes to the most suitable bidder. Rather, than the most opportunist politician in exchange for her transferable Dalit vote bank during polls.

Behenji shrewdly commoditised those Dalit votes. Indeed, in their helplessness, the Dalits now also find themselves hapless. They had been imperceptibly transformed into Dalit vote bank cheques without their consent by the magician Mayawati. They had trusted their beloved behenji and would never go back.