Karunanidhi and mgr relationship memes

A Bohemian Rhapsody – The MGR-Karunanidhi Story

karunanidhi and mgr relationship memes

Jayalalithaa wanted to make her relationship with MGR, who was married and In fact, he called upon her to take on his arch rival M Karunanidhi. ALSO READ : Jayalalithaa on Simi Garewal show: 15 quotes that show her. DMK leader M Karunanidhi who is Jayalalithaa's biggest opponent, was a well- known writer in Tamil Cinema before turning to politics. But MGR himself continued to address Karunanidhi as 'Andavanae', . The relationship had grown so much that Kalaignar's children called.

karunanidhi and mgr relationship memes

Inthe roles reversed. Importantly, he graciously noted that it was Karunanidhi who had made this possible for Chief Ministers. But that was exactly what was happening behind the scenes. Just days prior to being sworn in, MGR had sought a merger; talks began though an emissary. Karunanidhi was interned for 40 days. The relationship between the two leaders was unfathomable after a point.

Sharp moves Two no-confidence motions that were moved by the DMK in and a censure motion in tore into the MGR administration as being corrupt and inept. It was obvious who it was meant for. Yet on September 13,the two reached an agreement on a merger only for MGR to renege on it the next day. MGR replied that he would resign if there was proof that he had personally taken a bribe.

Then inKarunandhi, just to unseat MGR, did the unthinkable. He came to an electoral understanding with Indira Gandhi, whose Emergency had caused much pain to him party and his family. Parasakthi epitomized the perfection he had achieved in this regard, when he managed to get whole audiences to believe in his retelling of history through the magic of his language. During British rule in India, the foreign rulers had based their whole local administration on making the Hindu caste system much more rigid — as was how they succeeded across the globe with their now-famous Divide and Rule methodology.

The Dravidian Movement was originally aimed at achieving a society where backward castes would enjoy equal human rights and it encouraged backward castes to have self-respect in the context of a caste-based society that considered them to be the lower end of the hierarchy — which was how the British had understood and enforced it.

karunanidhi and mgr relationship memes

The Dravidian Movement was founded in by E. Ramasamy — more popularly known as Thanthai Periyar. The movement was extremely influential not just in Tamil Nadu — where Periyar conceptualized it — but also overseas in countries with large Tamil populations, such as Malaysia and Singapore.

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The witty lyricism of his scripts and the populist catchphrases of which he was a seemingly endless fount won him the adoration of the masses in a manner that the cerebral intellects of Periyar and Annadurai had never been able to. AT that time, the British, in their efforts to normalize language across the nation, were trying to implement Hindi education in the South of India — which was Tamil speaking.

A year-old Karunanidhi participated in the anti-Hindi agitations, and shortly after founded an organization for the local youth of his locality. He circulated a handwritten newspaper called Manavar Nesan to its members. MuKa galvanized the student community into participating in social work and social endeavours. He started a newspaper for the members of his Mandram clubtoday known as Murasoli.

He came into fame during the Kallakudi agitations in the town of Dalmiapuram. The town had been a village called Kallakudi, but the Dalmia family had built a massive cement plant there and had named the town they had built Dalmiapuram, which eventually absorbed Kallakudi. In protest, MuKa and his companions removed the name Dalmiapuram from the railway station sign and lay down on the tracks — preventing the progress of the trains.

Two people died in that protest and Karunanidhi was arrested. Marudhur Gopalan Ramachandran Shortly thereafter — in — a young and already massively popular M. The Dravidar Kazhagam was, as we have discussed, the party led by Thanthai Periyar, which had originally been the Justice Party established inby T.

Thyagaraya Chetty, which had been intended to represent non-Brahmins in general. The Justice Party had ruled Madras Presidency from tobut when they lost inthey never seemed to recover from it ever.

Byhe had complete control, having got rid of most of the old guard, and he renamed the Justice Party as the Dravidar Kazhagam — the Association of Dravidians. The real reason for the split was because Periyar advocated a separate independent Dravidian or Tamil state while Annadurai compromised with the Delhi government in the hope of getting to rule Tamil Nadu — or Madras State, as it was known until Periyar appointed his much younger wife, Maniammai as his successor to lead the party, superseding E.

Annadurai, in a stunning example of his Machiavellian abilities, manoeuvred himself into the leadership of the newly formed DMK party on 17 September — the most stunning example of his brilliance lying in the fact that E. Now back to MGR. He became a vocal Tamil and Dravidian nationalist and prominent member of the party, adding glamour to the Dravidian movement, which was sweeping Madras State. The DMK entered the electoral fray rather unsuccessfully in All their members had to stand as independents and everyone lost every seat they contested.

Everyone, that is, except a year-old and now seasoned MuKa. However, its popularity was limited to the areas surrounding the city of Madras and the North and South Arcot districts. However, it had won three city elections of the five largest cities — Madras, Madurai, Tiruchirappalli, Salem, and Coimbatore — in Madras State in alliance with the Communist Party of India in It had done so by capitalizing on its powerful urban base.

We do not object to being a part of the nation of India, we only object to North Indian Domination of our politics and the extraordinary powers held by the central government over the Dravidian people.

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We do not seek to secede from India, but only to amend this injustice through constitutional methods. There had for a while been a growing dissatisfaction with Annadurai within the ranks of his party.

With this statement, an infuriated E. This time out, the DMK won 50 seats in the assembly and emerged at the leaders of the opposition. It also marks the last time a non-Dravidian party won the elections in Tamil Nadu. During their first years together in the party, both of them openly admitted to having genuine love and respect for the other. To be honest, they had maintained this until the very end.

It must be said very clearly that no matter how acrimonious the politics between MGR and Karunanidhi became down the road, their love and respect for each other never waned visibly. The Ground Game Karunanidhi was an orator par excellence, and whether one agreed with his views or not, his ability to manipulate the usages of words on the fly enabled him to convince a lot of people that they, in fact, agreed with him.

The thorny relationship of M Karunanidhi and Jayalalithaa

Towards the end ofwith 2 months to go for the assembly elections ofthe DMK was still not confident of victory in the elections of The stranglehold that the INC had on India was still immense, and though there had been much violence and bitterness during the anti-Hindi agitations in the years preceding, the honest truth was the — aside from party cadre — the Dravidian ideology had still not gripped the popular Tamil psyche.

Come back with your smiling face to see us! We have no permission to see you! It does not matter; it is enough if you get well and come to see us! In that sense if needed I too will pray; amidst the differences to carry out warm conversations wish you a speedy recovery! Like the fog that disperses with the rays of the sun, let your illness disperse! Ever your friend Mu. The two had met on the sets of Rajakumari Princess, However, the movement was in its early stages and its future remained uncertain in an ubiquitous Congress era.

He would not have guessed that he would one day become its torchbearer and a leader. The man who should be credited for converting him is Kalaignar Karunanidhi, only 22 years old, seven years younger than him. A friendship grew between the gifted scriptwriter yet to be Kalaignar, and the dashingly handsome hero MGR. At one point, MGR and Kalaignar would live under the same roof sharing the twelve rupee rent.

My contact and friendship with MGR, a Gandhi devotee, who wore homespun [cloth] and a necklace made of lotus seeds began then. We would frequently engage in debates. The result was that he became part of the Kazhagam. In his missive, the DMK patriarch recalled their more than four-decade-long friendship, them sharing a small flat in Coimbatore, their horse-cart ride around the town for two annas, and how they ate and hung out together.

karunanidhi and mgr relationship memes

The potent and sentimental missive said the last fifteen years of discord could not erase their earlier friendship of twenty-seven years.

In five years, the friendship grew so thick that Kalaignar Karunanidhi, as he came to be known fromwould insist on MGR as the hero in Mandhirikumari and MGR would repay this debt, demanding that the barely year-old Karunanidhi be hired as the scriptwriter for Marudha Naatu Ilavarasi.

The brothers found this brave, unique and generous on the part of Kalaignar. However, they would be associated with other films which would bring them success and fame together. The DMK was a large family with the party head leading the siblings. MGR would stand by Kalaignar. Kalaignar would become Chief Minister and later the party head. The relationship was still strong enough for MGR to openly exhort MK Stalin to give up his dalliance with the stage he had staged the play Murase Muzhangu 40 times as part of the election campaign.