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If this news is anything to go by, then it will be very safe to say that, Nigerian born pop singer, KaySwitch (D'banj's younger brother) and. I always say it on Dbanj/ Don Jazzy topics that this guy is not broke. . He also has relationships with top american artistes like kanye west, Jay Z, beyonce, .. Abeg how I go take invite Dbanj and Kayswitch for my party?. His brother dbanj understands that a good relationship needs to be maintained with donjazzy for him to succeed, so kayswitch be careful.

He also got a Honda CRV jeep for his sister as a wedding gift. What a generous man. So dbanj doesn't need jazzy to make good music as he can simply employ the services of any good producer but jazzy needs dbanj to be business oriented. No wonder dbanj has achieved much more business wise after the Mohits break up.

But all jazzy has been doing is just making music that majority of the income goes to marketers like obaino music, Tjoe records and Ahbu ventures the three kings that run alaba international.

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The biggest ever endorsement deal by any african musician. For a software giant like apple and perhaps the most innovative infotech company in the world notable for unique products like ipods, ipads, macintosh OS, apple MAC laptops, iphones, apple watch etc to chose dbanj out of the multiple artistes making hits in africa is quite awesome.

Indeed this man is highly favoured. D'banj is the founder of Koko Foundation for Youth and Peace Development and has been involved in many humanitarian and charitable programs both locally and abroad. This act has opened doors for him globally and with his great sense of humour he keeps endearing himself to top executives locally and on the african continent. Dbanj has met with the who is who in the world through the ONE campaign and other platforms.

Bill gates, Mo Ibrahim, Aliko dangote, mike adenuga, femi otedola, goodluck jonathan, issa hayatou, sepp blatter etc. He also has relationships with top american artistes like kanye west, Jay Z, beyonce, Snoop, 2chains, Big sean to mention a few.

Dbanj is the ONE campaign ambassador in support of agriculture investments. Following the foot steps of foreign artistes before him that have diversified into other profitable ventures; knowing fully well that you cant keep churning out hit songs for life.

Koko concert and D'kings men concert. This two events enjoyed massive sponsorship from multinationals, banks and top nigerian companies.

The two concerts game him a combined income of over Nmillion from ticket sales alone and others from sponsorships. Mavin records till date is yet to organise any notable music concert.

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Dbanj also has over 35 awards to his name which includes: The words "its don jazzy again" became a popular slogan during the Mohits era. Yeah you read it clearly!!!. Astonishingly, it took three mutts just eight weeks to master the basics in wooden carts Kidnappers used to make ransom notes with letters cut out of magazines. Now, notes simply pop up on your computer screen, except the hostage is your PC. Then he talked about his father's legacy. We dont want to justify the right or wrong of having sex in a work place, but what gets on our nerves is what the man did, was it right?.

Was it right to put someone on sexual video tape without their consent or knowledge? Click on photo to read more on how it happened. The good news is that he was quick to admit that he was by no means a natural, and that this is an instance where practice most certainly makes perfect.

Ojy, one of six children was born on Nigeria's East Coast to diplomatic parents. As a result she spent much of her childhood travelling her home country. Click her picture to read more!

Kanye West destroyed D’banj’s music career, and it was all for nothing

It didn't degenerate into a Twitter free-for-all, but both celebs let the world know how they felt about each other.

Click picture to read more! These are professionals who had seen better days in their careers. Wenger once dragged a team to the Champions League Final and had a squad that was unbeaten. But the most important comparisons between them both lies in the players they tried and failed to recruit into their clubs or record labels. Or the players that they had, that left them. Wande chose Don Jazzy, and just like Van Persie, he pulled off some moves for the record label, before departing and chasing independence.

One of the longest running football jokes is the amount of top talent that Wenger identified, tried to sign and lost out. But we do know he has had his fair share of recruitment problems. Do you know he missed out on a chance to sign Olamide in and Davido in ?

KaySwitch romances Meenakshi Monica

The duo agreed a deal and contracts were drawn. From Lagos to Atlanta, they travelled together, gave themselves nicknames, and flirted openly on social media. But somehow, that deal fell through.