Kiritsugu and maiya relationship advice

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kiritsugu and maiya relationship advice

"How did you find out about my marriage to Irisviel? . And then when it came time for Kiritsugu and Maiya to withdraw to Being careful not to wake her, he reached over and very lightly brushed her silver hair with the tips of. Furthermore, nine years is a long time to maintain a relationship with a human. . She and Saber meet with Kiritsugu and Maiya a limited number of times to an abandoned school and used a room to establish Einzbern Consultation Room. A Fate/ anime and manga subreddit. So in an early ep Kiritsugu and maiya kiss and that made me really mad bc he was cheating on irisviel. now maiya has just died and I’m very confused bc irisviel was married to Kiritsugu and they had a kid so why is she so chill about?.

It's like switching a different persona from cheerful and playful mother to serious and formal lady. A puzzle seems to be completed when he remembered that in his time line Illya always do something like this to fool him and Fuji-nee to do her biddings.

Now he knows where Illya inherited that trait. After a few hours passed he finish his cooking although the foods are all western dishes he then processed to the room where his family are waiting for him. With two food carts, one for saber and one for his family. He knows how saber can eat three servings for people it almost in-danger his food allowance because of that two weeks war He entered the room with both of the food carts.

He then served them to his family and then he got into his sit. There he saw some kind of lighting in the background and when he saw his mother and sister faces there were like in heaven. He then look at the other two stoic faces of his father and Saber. His only indication for the both of them is his father had his eyes widen then going back to his stoic feature and saber's ahoge give her away with it swaying left and right.

While seeing all this he give himself a pat on back. To think my son can cook delicious foods like this I will personally give him the head chief title. He can only smile at them. With the dinner done. He played with Illya a little while longer and having a family bonding with his family to give Illya an irreplaceable family memory. Glancing at his father with Illya's sleeping in his father's shoulder while thinking that this is one step closer to achieve his sister wish.

Kiritsugu then tuck Illya in her bed and said good night to the white angel. He and his son then go to the room where his wife and his servant are waiting. Then Shirou will need project a copy of Avalon and give it to Saber it will strengthen her parameters and will protect you even better Iri. While Maiya and I will be your back up.

Just have faith on my plan and both of our servant while the other one is our son and his son to be lover If a golden servant with red eyes will appear in a fight. I will have to go all out with him most likely he will be the most powerful opponent we have to face.

That's the only swords I can't copy due to its alien composition and it was not made in this Earth. Given his attitude he will never likely use it on me due to his pride. Do you know the other servants that will mostly likely appear in this war Shirou? But if I can get glance at their noble phantasm I can trace its true name and it history and the one who wields it.

To think it can be so useful in this war. I hope you won't kill any innocent master right master and Shirou? Killing the master is only the last option for me. I will kill them innocent or not because I'm fighting to save my family. Now I know your will master. It is best that we need to prepare for the challenge awaits us. I had to tell something before we end this matter.

No matter what we do or done to the enemy know this we only done it for our Family to be save Saber. In this time and era we no longer use the chivalry code you use in your era. There is nothing but endless despair and death in every war we fought.

In it there can only be to choices to kill or be killed. It will take long for you to understand but please help me make my sister wish come true and in return I will save you for that hill of despair. Just stop glancing at me like that It's kinda makes me uncomfortable.

With the planning finish they rest for the night. Then Morning come and with saying good bye with a hug to Illya by the three of them. Illya give Shirou a red wrist band and whisper to him in his ear. Both their parents and Saber can only look at them with a smile full of happiness due to the sibling's familial love. You're the best little sister that an idiot onii-chan like me can never deserve. You're the best onii-chan Illya can ever have.

Protect both mom and dad don't let harm come to them okay onii-chan. A few days later A certain noble white haired lady is descending on from the air-stairs. While curious to what Saber is feeling right now in this era.

I only travel in plane when the next mission was in another country. We servants are given knowledge of the era that we're summoned too. I was curious if you were feeling excited or uncomfortable riding a plane for the first time since coming to this era. I just remember dreams or the memories of Shirou. To think that fire will really happen to this beautiful city if we didn't know that the Grail was corrupted.

I'm sure of it. With the knowledge of the future and both of our strengths. It will surely change Irisviel. We will have meet the three maids waiting for our luggage inside the airport.

Kiritsugu Emiya

They we're the key to summoned the servant that was corrupting the Grail. Meeting with the three homunculus maids inside the airport. She ordered the three maids to go first and prepare the castle before they arrived. With a bow the three maids accepted the order given to them by their mistress and left them. Being out of the castle was a new experience for Iri.

To see the outside world and new things like she saw in the books Kiritsugu give her. She was like a child who entered in an amusement park for the first time. Her son and Saber saw this and asked. Is just that it's my first time out of the castle.

Even Illya from my timeline said that. I guess we are really have the same thought process. It's very boring in the castle surrounded with stone and snow. But I'm very happy because of that boring castle I meet your father and have a beautiful daughter with him and have a very handsome and talented son. Thanks to that castle I can have my family. My life is already full of joy and happiness because you three we're with me. Sensing what idea forming in her mind. We can just pick it up in the hotel when we finish the tour in the city.

What could go wrong in first day we arrived? Without any reasonable argument that can win with both them Iri can only smile happy with their decision. I always wanted to go to the sea to play and feel sea water and air. She was just like Illya urging him to take her to the sea with the others with her. They went to the town walking around and stopping to the beach at night to give Iri a good memory. It's not that he was against the idea but he wasn't there to provide them some back up in case if there was a master and servant appear before them.

He knock at the door in front of him. Because of this she sense something was off with Kiritsugu. Right I forgot to tell you about that. There was an accident that happened in summoning the servant instead of one we summoned two saber class servant in the war and one of them is my son from the future who became a heroic spirit.

To think this man's son became a legendary heroic spirit in the future. So in extension he fulfilled the long cherish dream of his father. The artifact that we are fighting for is corrupted and it can only grant the winner's wish through destruction. We are planning to kill the servant that is corrupting the grail and end this pointless bloodbath. Any news about the other master and servants?

He told me that Kirie is evil and must be deal with as soon as possible. We don't know what it is that his after me for. Kiritsugu glancing at the case knowing what contained in it opened it. It was his mystic code Origin Bullets and a gun a modified Thompson Contender to fire them.

The gun's true use lies in the specialized firing pin and additional magical modifications for firing the Origin Bullets. Origin Bullets, containing part of his soul, actualize his Origin of "Severing and Binding" upon contact with the target, which can cripple living creatures that are fired upon. There are no wounds or bleeding upon the bullet making contact, but the targeted area or body part appears to be suffering from necrosis. While it seems to have healed properly on the surface, the nerves and capillaries will never regenerate properly and the original function will be forever lost.

As a Conceptual Weapon, the bullet poses an even graver threat to magi in particular. Out of the sixty-six Bullets, thirty-seven bullets have been used, and not a single one was wasted after completely destroying thirty-seven magi. With his mystic code part of the plan to win the war and with an undying resolve to save his family. With a flick of the wrist he then reload the empty gun he was faster or even better than before due to his son training with partial reinforcement in the body.

By reinforcing the cells structure of his skin, muscles, fibers, and bones he can move faster and better than before with just a few more training and practice with his son he can surpass is his own limits.

I can move faster and better than before with just this use of reinforcement I can protect my family a lot better in the future. At the seashore As the moon is in the sky is up. A young noble lady is admiring its view with the winds softly caressing her beautiful face. Her son and Saber only watch at her with a smile think that it was good that they both press Irisviel in the matter walking around town and the last going to the sea.

It's fun to walk around in a new town, accompanied by two gentlemen.

kiritsugu and maiya relationship advice

You both were a wonderful knights today. Shirou can only scratch the back of his head while seemingly embarrass of what he has done the two ladies saw this and tease Shirou.

kiritsugu and maiya relationship advice

It was a very memorable moment for illya and a lot of bruises for me It was good times This only sparks up the curiosity of both women. Who wanted to know the whole details of the event of the said sea party happened here in the beach in his past.

Then three of them sensed an enemy servant. It's like looking for a challenge to any nearby servants. I'm getting excited to collect more Noble Phantasm at my arsenal. Look at me now I became a hero because of your training Saber.

The man appearance is a gigantic man standing over two meters in height. He has large muscles that give the impression of being able to kill a bear with his bare hands. He has sternly chiseled features with eyes that give off a dazzling glow, able to overtake young man's soul in an instant with their sharpness, and burning red hair and beard. He wears bronze armor with cuffs and greaves with fringes that leaves his arms and thighs unprotected.

He wears a thick mantle, with fringes like his cuffs, dyed in a similar red to his hair. It is luxuriously decorated, and looks like a curtain wrapping the stage of a theater. There is no doubt this man was a servant. While the young man was nineteen years old. Although he was a bit shorter than an average person. His body tended to be frail, because he had done nothing but study in his childhood, and had little time to forge his body, but he didn't think it was a weakness.

Rather, he had pride in polishing up his intellect. While his servant just drink some wine and ask him. This is the perfect vantage point. No take me back down! I-I can't handle any more like this Waiting is a part of war. I wanna go back to England. Things have finally begun to unfold. With a hearty laugh of excitement and anticipation his servant donned a bearish smile on his face. Before one knows, his eyes start to hold the sharp gleam of a beast as he gave a threatening laugh. He was yet only a spectator, but the soul of the Heroic Spirit Alexander was already on the battlefield.

The young man's or Waver's heart, unable to move on the steel frame, Waver's misery was winning over the sense of reliability he should have from Rider. At the docks The west bank of the seaside park is prolonged by a row of boring storehouses.

The block, which contains harbor facilities, also plays the role of a wall that separates the eastern industrial area from Shinto. At night, the pedestrian traffic ceases, and the street lights shine uselessly on the asphalt, but it makes the scenery even more empty.

Indeed, this is a suitable place for Servants who must confront hidden from public view. Saber, Shirou and Irisviel walked up, magnificently as duelists going to the place of agreement, on the four lane road for the large vehicles that are meant to drive on it. The enemy as well was already showing himself, without running or hiding.

The tall shadow standing in the middle of the empty street emits an extraordinary amount of prana even more outrageous than his odd outfit, clearly showing that he was much more than human.

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The Servants stop, facing each other from about 10 meters apart. Finally, they met the first Servant. Saber and Shirou carefully observed the enemy they will be battling to death with.

kiritsugu and maiya relationship advice

He was a handsome man, with quirky long hair combed roughly backward. He charmed the eyes pretty well on the first glance. His main pole, over two meters and taller than himself, is obviously his weapon. Undoubtedly, he is the Servant Lancer. The strange thing is that he does not have just that one long spear.

Along with the spear Lancer was holding loose in his right hand, the head resting on his shoulder, he was also carrying in his left hand a shorter spear that was one third the length of the right one. To handle a spear with ease, the obvious stance is of course to hold one with both hands.

Whatever you can do with swords, one can't imagine that holding two spears is common. The two spears are tightly wrapped from the handle to the tip with a cloth that looks like an amulet, hiding the shaft. This is probably a counter-measure to avoid revealing the true name of the Noble Phantasm. All of those who were parading around today in the town have only cowered away.

You are the only two of valor who answered my invitation. Am I correct in thinking you are both Saber? Surely you must be Lancer? That was a pleasure that is not obligatory. How did you know my name? Let's just say as a blacksmith I know every bladed weapon in existence. With your Noble Phantasm Gae Buidhe and Gae Dearg it will put us in a great disadvantage just getting hit by does spears.

The two women witnessing the power of Shirou was stuck awe every swords on the air are all noble phantasm by their appearance alone. As for the Lancer he was an in shock and fear at the appearance the noble phantasm in the air every one of those are noble phantasm that is pointing on his vitals. Asking how a monster can be summon as saber? Sword barrel full open Lancer block, parried and evaded some of the blade shooting towards him.

With his four limbs skewered with sword he can only thank his luck and speed of his class that he survive that ordeal. Your really are skillful as your legend said you are. Given the wounds that you give me you just want maim me right? But you call me Shirou if you will. Everyone was flabbergasted of the appearance of the big servant. Shirou eyes widen hearing that name. Saber protecting Irisviel was also shock in the recent development of the fight Shirou's ability to copy and fire Noble Phantasms.

Almost killed Lancer during their first fight and this big servant appeared out of nowhere and declared his name. Lancer can only look at him at sheer surprise.

While Irisviel forgot to close her mouth. As for Waver he is scared and looking at his servant with questioning look as to why did he revealed his true name to the other servant. Then Rider turned towards to the servant glancing at them. But first, I wish to make a proposition. What think you of yielding the grail to me, and joining my army? You will be treated as allies. And together, we shall share in the joy of world conquest! Lancer shook his head sideways. I must give the Grail to but one man my new avowed lord.

As knight, who holds the codes of chivalry this is an insult. I could never lower myself to a mere retainer, even in service to a mighty king. I'd hardly expected a little girl can be a king of her own country.

Shirou mood worsen at the insult or brutal words spoken by rider to saber. King of Conquerors" While Shirou ready to project thousands of noble phantasm to rain on Rider. Then Rider glance at Shirou with excited look on his face. You will be worthy addition to my army and with your weapons world conquest will be easy. I have already a King I swore an oath and my blades are only for protecting my family and my king not for conquests and endless wars.

Kiritsugu only sigh at the troubles Rider's master went through. Maiya on the other end of the line of the radio can only grunted in response. Waver was angry at his servant punching arms and pulling his coat. As Shirou and the others except lancer though the owner the voice was prideful and egotistical magi. I never imagined that you yourself planned to enter the Holy Grail war How mages really kill one another I'll teach you all about the pain and involved.

You should be honored. Then Waver felt a pat on his back looking at his servant. So you were supposed to be my master instead of this boy?

Only one brave enough to ride in the battlefield at my side could ever be my master. The Mage clearly Insulted at what rider said. Out there, sulking in the darkness like assassins! Shirou already caught the presence and smell of the servants that entered the area battlefield he telepathically messages his parents and saber about the other servants. Shirou and Lancer only stared at Rider. Heroic spirit born again through the Holy Grail, gather here and now!

All the Servants and masters look at the newly appeared servant who was wearing a golden armor with red eyes. I am Iskandar, the legendary Kings of Conquerors. I am the one true king.

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All others are just pretenders. The two servant and two masters was in shock while the Shirou and Saber already know what to do. He then trace the weapon in front of him copying every detail of it the sword name was Durandal and the spear was Gugnir. Shirou then talk to the golden servant as if to mock and sneer at his presence.

He was the first hero ever recorded in history he had the all the treasures in the world in including the unnamed noble phantasms. How can you beat a monster like that?

At least one of you discern my identity mongrels and what's with that tune and look you lowly blacksmith. You're still addressing to a King. I hope your death will relieve me of my boredom. Then Shirou quickly trace the two familiar married Chinese swords in his hands Kanshou and Bakuya and knocking away the incoming weapons that was aimed at his head and heart travelling at speed no one can dodge or retreat.

As a result an explosion and smoke occurred at batted noble phantasms and his white kimono is flying away from his shoulders to the side where his mother and partner was standing. All the masters and Servants was in shock the ability that they witness from the red haired saber. If it is what kind of monster is he, when he hold his blades. It's like having a combination of caster and saber class.

That saber there just call upon a twin bladed weapons and use it to deflect the attack the king of heroes shoot at him at a cost of his blades. Blacksmith to think you are also skilled with the swords. But it seems that your precious swords are already broken in the hands of my Noble Phantasms.

No servants can create another noble phantasm not the noble phantasm that was broken a while ago! As I said before is he a combination of caster and saber class? As he said to himself he was a Nameless Blacksmith I found it hard to be true that an unknown blacksmith was put in the throne of heroes. With that grievance to me as your king I shall punish you with death!

kiritsugu and maiya relationship advice

Shirou just copied all of them and trace them like a mirror with smirk on his face. Firing the two swords at the street lamp just to anger the prideful king. Swords with swords, axe with axe, daggers with daggers, spear with spear every single one of them where broken or exploded meeting each other. As the other servants were watching the grand battle of epic legends in their eyes like they were drawn like moths on the flame.

Voice suddenly interrupted the servant's stupor it was the voice of Lancer's master. Defeat Saber now while he preoccupied with Archer! This your chance to kill him! Then a voice stop the magi that wanted to use his command seal to make Lancer kill the Red Saber.

I and the Blue saber will find and kill you. This fight is really fascinating and wonderful but it seems Red Saber gaining the upper hand with Archer. We still don't know what our golden friend is up to his sleeves. It seems that our Red saber can copy every Noble Phantasm and fire them like the other Archer.

It was a Humanoid Servant with black mist encroaching and forming from its body. Irisviel stay by my side with three servant enemy in front of us I can't protect you well and Shirou is still dealing with Archer. I'm not going to attack you in this hopeless situation and not an every heroic thing to do anyway. Anything can happen in the battlefield friends can become an enemy she learned this the hard way. The black knight just took one of the swords that was littered everywhere and use it as his weapon encroaching it with his black mist.

The sword that was pick up by the black knight was Shirou's traced sword. As he use structural analysis on the sword his widen. Name of the new wielder is Lancelot. Shirou momentarily forget to trace due to Arondight getting restless in his inner world. A sword almost killed him it only hit his side grazing him.

As things goes he can only call forth his world dragging everyone with him. He has to make Gilgamesh retreat before he can help saber dealing with the other servants. He look upon his world searching for a noble phantasm he has to turn this situation to his favor. A noble phantasm that can send the King of Heroes Flying.

Maiya Hisau

Then he found the perfect Noble phantasm for his need. He already has his target the unsuspecting face of Gilgamesh for him to able to do it he had to get close and personal with the King of Heroes. Tracing his favorite pair of blades he then run in front while firing the copied Noble Phantasm and knocking the other Noble Phantasm away. With the black knight hot in his tails almost 5 more meters in front of Gilgamesh.

The golden servant summoned a few shields to protect himself. Then Shirou dematerialize his favorite blades he trace a very large board sword and digging it to the ground shoveled the shields away. As he gotten close and personal with Gilgamesh he then quickly tracing Thor's gauntlets clenching his fists targeting the unguarded face of Gilgamesh.

With a refreshing look in his face Shirou dematerialize the Noble Phantasm in his hands while feeling the burn of his magic circuits he had to go back to his mother and saber side to help them. All the other servants was dumbstruck even Berserker has stop pursuing him. Rider wore a grim look in his face not expecting that the young man can even use the copied Noble Phantasms. While Lancer had sweat forming in his forehead.

To think he was that kind of monster, he even punch the King of Heroes in the face. Nameless blacksmith hero that title fit him very much no wonder he is nameless with all those Noble Phantasm at his arsenal nothing can beat that guy.

We can never know what he will pull out in his arsenal. Tracing Kanshou and Bakuya in both hand he then standing beside saber and protecting his mother. While his partner Maiya looking Berserker's master while being wary about the Assassin servant watching the fight.

Before I reach the vantage point. Shirou already trace every Noble Phantasms that Gilgamesh just showed him before his eyes. With the power of the command seal I order you. King of Heroes quell your anger and retreat. To let a King retreat we will have words when I get back! See that you live at the end of this war faker!

I have a score to settle with you. You all shall not touch him he is mine to kill! Suddenly Berserker looking at rest of the servant no He then started to vibrate with an indistinguishable shout while a six metallic cords erupted from his back. Picking up the sliced pole and using it as unusual weapon running towards Saber with intent of attacking her.

Berserker then with a huge fast swing coming from both of them from the side, while Saber was able to dodge Shirou was unfortunately can't. He can only parry the incoming attack he can't evade it time. Saber then jump in front of him redirecting the attack aimed at his head. Saber with a struggle due to Berserker's unusual weapon of choice Saber fights Berserker with Excalibur clad in invisible air.

Saber slash Berserker with Excalibur. Due to her secluded and isolated upbringing, she is fascinated with Fuyuki City and openly explores the city with Saber as her escort during her first day. Incidentally, the fact that Saber, who could not dematerialize her spiritual body, disguised herself as a man at that time was mainly due to Irisviel's tastes, proof of how her carefree nature extended itself to her relationship with Saber.

The two got along well and became close enough friends for Saber to be willing to tell the story of her past to Irisviel. Like the Einzbern Masters of the past, Irisviel is skilled in Magecraft but is not suited for combat, making her generally left to be an observer whenever Saber entered in battle. At the same time, she also relays information to Kiritsugu through technological methods, such as tracking devices and mobile phones, which remained undetected by other Masters.

She and Saber meet with Kiritsugu and Maiya a limited number of times during the war to decide which Masters and Servants to focus their attacks on, but rarely worked together. After Assassin, Caster and Lancer are defeated, she agrees to a ceasefire proposed by Tokiomi Tohsaka under the stipulations of "offering information about Rider and Waver Velvet 's hideout" and " Kirei Kotomine 's deportation overseas". Irisviel returning Avalon to Kiritsugu. As the vessel of the Holy Grail, Irisviel grew increasingly weaker as the Heaven's Feel progressed since as the Servants were being defeated, her functions as a human being had to be suppressed so that her body could act as a Holy Grail.

Nonetheless, even Avalon's protection had its limitations and eventually she became physically incapacitated and was unable to do anything but lie inside a magic circle and talk.

When Kiritsugu came to say goodbye before she became incapable of remaining conscious, she entrusted Avalon to him. During the final days of the war, Kiritsugu and Saber searched for the remaining Servants and Masters while Maiya was left to protect Irisviel. They are confronted by Berserkerin the guise of Riderwho abducted Irisviel and mortally wounded Maiya.

Following her abduction, she is taken to Kirei Kotominewho asked her what Kiritsugu's wish for the Holy Grail was due his personal interest in the man. Displeased with her answer that Kiritsugu wanted to create a world without conflict and that Kotomine would never understand her husband, she was killed by Kotomine by strangling her and breaking her neck in the anime; she is rendered unconscious in the light novel.