Kung fu panda 2 po and tigress relationship

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kung fu panda 2 po and tigress relationship

Kung Fu Panda 2. !Stripedpanda. Tigress hugging Po. At the start of the movie, Tigress is seen with the rest of the Five, watching Po stuff bean . I don't know what happened but some way, some how my and Po's relationship is growing intensely and I don't mind a single bit. Kung Fu. Even in the 1st movie they hinted to this relationship through a couple of points in the movie. here are the Also watching the Kung Fu panda legends of awsomeness. In a couple of other episodes both po and tigress interact quite a lot in a lot of different ways. . answered Apr 27 '16 at Thorongil82 GMAD.

kung fu panda 2 po and tigress relationship

The scene at the end where Po swims up to Tigress at the climax of the film after everyone is hit by Shen's cannon. He whispers her name, holds her hand, and even looks at Shen with a very angry tone. Then, when he pushes her out of harm's way, her hand is still out as if she still wants him to hold it.

Remember, Tigress said that she couldn't feel anything physically because of her Training from Hell she endures by punching ironwood trees for 20 years. To feel Po's paws just Just the fact that one of the film's producers, specifically, Guillermo del Torocame out and said that his own opinion was that Po and Tigress's moments are really meant to hint at romance and that he played a part in adding them. The scenes with baby Po.

Po starts off as a handful, but Mr. Ping's patience and love pays off and we see Po grow up to be, well, a goofball but a caring and good-hearted one. Boss Wolf refusing to fire on his own men. Unfortunately, he dies for it. A rather subtle one: In the beginning of the first film, Mr. Ping mentions how he'd always wanted to learn how to make tofu.

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In the sequel, we see that he has learned to make it and now serves it alongside his noodle soup. In short, Po's success has inspired him to pursue his own dream. At the end, Po suggests that he and Mr. Ping cook together, which was the subject of Ping's happy dream in the Holiday Special. Po offering Shen, the one who slaughtered his own people, a Last-Second Chance. Even though Shen doesn't take it, it still shows a great deal of compassion on Po's part to try and redeem the murderer who orphaned him.

The montage just after Po remembers the probable death of his mother, then to realize things worked out well enough with the love of Mr. Ping creating a home where he was not only loved, but it is in a place where he achieved his most cherished dreams and found his dearest friends, with the last scene of the montage being of Mr.

Ping and Baby Po together in his noodle shop. Your story may not have such a happy beginning, but that doesn't make you who you are. It's the rest of your story, who you choose to be. A small one, but Po kissing a bunny toddler on the forehead was quite cute. Po and Shifu at the end: At last, you have achieved inner peace I had a good teacher. Shifu's instinct to be Papa Wolf at the first sign of Po in trouble. It just shows that this man has a lot of love to give, since a literal army could not stop him from reaching his surrogate son.

kung fu panda 2 po and tigress relationship

From Episode "Master Ping" It should be noted that Legends of Awesomeness are considered a different canon from the story of the films. In "Chain Reaction", when Tigress is hungry, Po tries to get her an apple, which she thanks him for. Po respons with that she may be a great warrior, but that she stinks at friendship and "funship".

But during thier battle with the crocodiles she apologized to Po and they used thier abilities together. After the battle they smile at each other.

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Tigress also said that Po was the "right" Dragon Warrior. In Bad Po when Po's evil side is created, he constantly flirts with Tigress, much to her annoyance.

Po' s good side also is extremely nice to Tigress by commenting on how shiny her fur is to offering to clean up her room. In "Master Ping", Tigress is seen leaning on Po while sleeping, although she punches him in the face when he taps her to waken her.

kung fu panda 2 po and tigress relationship

Not too long after, she falls asleep against Po again. Tigress slightly said "yes" and stuttered.

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In " Maltese Mantis"While Po was having a pep talk with his action figures Po leaves out the Tigress figure who he makes continuously rant on how " awesome" he is until, not even seconds later Crane and Tigress appeared. Later in the episode, when Bian Zao asked for Po' s tigress action figure for a trade Po complained not wanting to give up his favorite action figure but, eventually gave in.

When Tigress read the note, it was signed 'Love Po'. The Po action figure was also the only one she picked up throughout this episode; especially the part where the two figures of Shifu and Po fell out of the bag the two most important people in her life no doubt she picked up the Po figure. When Po broke down the door to rescue her, she said with a smile 'If you ever change, I'll kill you' at which Po gives her a dreamy look.

In "The Midnight Stranger" Tigress falls in love with the mysterious warrior who is really Po in disguise. When Po meets Tigress in the village, he realises she is wearing perfume,while she is talking, Po gives her an "in-love" look, after she leaves Po says that he wants to tell her so bad, at the end when Tigress finds out Po was the Midnight Stranger, she leaves to throw up.

Also in the same scene she goes out of her way to try and save po from the boss wolfs hammer but fails.

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The boat scene tigress really comes out of her shell to talk to po one on one and she was about to say something before getting cut off. I have this feeling whatever she was going to say was going to bring them much closer together.

Tigress appears to always be in pos general area in almost every scene and she apears to always watch his back. In the jail she wants to know the truth to why po let shen go and when he didn't answer this angered her because she cares for him and she didn't want him to be killed.

So that is why she told him to stay in the jail. When po neglects tigress's commands she is worried for him and tries to get to him and fails as po is shot and she is shocked that it happened saying NOOOOO!!!!! When the five are chained up and monkey points out that po would want them to remain hardcore to the end and tries to confirm this with tigress who is Crying over po being dead ok we are talking about tigress a Iron lady ok she really dosen't just cry for everyone.

When po comes back to save the five she is the first to notice him saying PO?