Laharl and flonne relationship

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laharl and flonne relationship

Flonne has always been intended to be Laharl's love interest, maybe not Besides, NIS has pretty much given us a relationship "chart" of the. Now I can only imagine all of the Flonne x Laharl shippers tearing their hair Here's a quote that sort explains my opinion on their relationship. personal information, including your religious or political views, health, racial background, country of origin, sexual identity and/or personal relationships.

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In either case the two of them were arguing who would be more likely to be the mother of Laharl's children Though in the end the two settled on just insulting Laharl. Long story short if you like In this fic I took advantage of these sexual undercurrents and see where I would go with them. Laharl is in no way mature so his responses, his need for attention, and need to be kept busy with "games" were very much in character. While Etna of course is spunky, manipulative, and isn't past doing anything to get what she wants.

Now the way I wrote this it would seem that there isn't any romantic connection at all, and you would be right to think so as neither of them are at that maturity level to comprehend a romantic relationship. Add the fact that they're demons who grew up to either hate love or live without it, a romance for either of these two is pretty much a stretch.

But again that undercurrent is still there without their knowing, and I feel what I've written is a foundation of what could be a budding romance.

laharl and flonne relationship

Of course them being them you wouldn't expect to see any sort of results for a few centuries or so. My main goal of this fic is to open some minds and broaden some horizons. Of course, that only applies for a certain level of evil.

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Exposed to the Elements: Laharl is one of the least dressed characters NIS has ever created, yet he never makes any remarks about changing temperatures, despite adventuring to parched lakes of lava and frozen tundras.

They move ever so slightly along with his mood. Laharl's antennas changes shape according to his current emotion. For example, they will curl up in shape when Laharl is lightly surprised, sharpen if he is annoyed and be perfectly erect if he is angry. Like his antennas, his scarf will change shape in accordance with his mood. Laharl is a victim of this in the novels, where his aunt and uncle organize a resistance against his reign because he is half-human.

In the opening art of the game, Laharl can be seen sleeping in a loose fetal position floating in a void under the Red Moon, and in the Red Moon chapter, Laharl is figuratively reborn by rediscovering love. He wears these over his gold bracers in Disgaea D2.

Laharl's recurring attack Meteor Impact is always depicted this way. In Prinny 2, it is confirmed he loves snacks and he will even help the Prinnies out in exchange for sweets.

Freaky Fashion, Mild Mind: Laharl simply wears a scarf and short shortsmaking it look like he is confused about what season it is. Subverted when it turns out he's still not exactly mildbut in a completely different way than he exhibits through his appearance. When Laharl was asleep for two years, people just assumed that he was dead or simply forgot about him. No one cares beyond that, except Etna who wanted to use him for her own gain, and one of his vassals who expressed disappointment that she didn't get to use the grave she dug for him.

In A Brighter Darkness, the Celestia flowers blooming in the Netherworld have the side effect of turning him into a well-endowed woman. This only lasts a whole episode, and his Laharl's father does his best to invoke this trope, by working with Lamington to have Laharl become best friends with an angel of high expectations like himself and further the work to unite the Netherworld and Celestia that he started.

It is also mentioned that Laharl and King Krichevskoy are rather similar.

laharl and flonne relationship

Laharl probably inherited his big ego from his father. He desires to be respected and looked up to, and absolutely hates to be disrespected. Glowing Eyes of Doom: Laharl sports bright yellow eyes when extremely annoyed and glowing red eyes when agonized or enraged, Good Hurts Evil: Being horribly allergic to love and optimism makes Laharl Disgaea's prominent example of this, but any evil being can be hurt by Flonne's pendant, light or dark.

No one is touching his allowance, even if it is vassals late for their paychecks, and he has been called stingy by Etna several times. Deliberately styled to make himself look taller.

It would be easier to create a list of things that don't annoy him. Laharl may have been born with his current hairstyle if his baby picture from Takehito Harada is any indication. His mother is human, but most people still refer to him as a demon, if only for convenience's sake.

Oddly, his half-human status is never even mentioned in the games proper, though in the novels it's an important part of his Backstory. Possesses some severe abandonment issues thanks to the death of his mother.

It's never stated directly that he hates to be touched, but the few times someone has approached him closely, he has reacted negatively, especially if said person is well-endowed. Too young to fall in love, but he is absolutely devastated in the end because of Flonne's fate. How bad it turns out depends on the ending you get.

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In the intro to the first game, Laharl wakes up from a two-year nap, with Etna violently waking him up. Said nap was due to poison by Etna, but considering that he initially meant for it to be a ten-day nap, he's still playing the trope straight. She had tried to wake him up by attacking him with various deadly weapons, even when it took over a year to wake him up, and it did not seem to hurt him the slightest.

Sicily has the same hair antennae as him. Hidden Heart of Gold: He does genuinely care about Flonne and Etna, and later Sicily, even if he won't admit it.

laharl and flonne relationship

His Story Repeats Itself: Sacrifice seems to be very a common theme with Laharl. When he was inflicted with a deadly disease, his mother sacrificed her life to cure him, causing him to reject love altogether. At the end of the game, he watches Flonne sacrifice her life so that he and the rest will not suffer Lamington's punishment, causing him to lash out at the Seraph. Then, after defeating the Seraph, Laharl attempts to sacrifice his life to bring Flonne back, though whether or not he does so depends on the ending canonically, Flonne is revived thanks to Laharl sparing Lamington despite his anger.

In Disgaea D2, Sicily attempts to offer her life to Xenolith for the safety of the other angels, but Laharl refuses to let her do it. Laharl even notes that she's acting just like their mother. Sadly, if the player gets one of the bad endings, Sicily sacrifices her life to stabilize the Netherworld despite Laharl pleading to her not to.

The first fight with him in Disgaea 2; he's levelmaking him the strongest enemy encountered during the main story. Hostile Show Take Over: Attempts this in Disgaea 2, but by that point the cast is strong enough to defeat him. Comes along with his Card-Carrying Villain status; he's quick to anger, has a massive ego, and can often get hammy in his remarks. How Dare You Die on Me! Laharl's reaction to Flonne's death in the ending. I didn't give you permission! Is this what you call love?

If it is, then I'll never believe in love!


His dad was the demon Overlord and his mother was a human witch. Mostly invertedbut he has a unusual tendency to become embarrassed when praised: Quit complimenting me so much. One might not think this would apply to Laharl, but according to his description in Zettai Hero Projecthe is loved by his subjects. Averted in Disgaea 2: Cursed Memorieswhere almost all of his closest vassals have left him, including the servant Prinnies, during his feud with Etna. A Brighter Darkness apparently set in between the first and second games reveals that almost no one even knows he's the overlord, and his own father's vassals are conspiring against him for being an Inadequate Inheritor.

He gains their respect, but it requires saving the entire Netherworld. He never says it, but he obviously does. For a kid who likes to brag that he doesn't brush his teeth, his toothy grin As pictured above is quite clean.

I Was Just Passing Through: Laharl regularly insists that his less-than-evil actions are mostly for his own convenience. In the anime, the only time he's ever presented being in any danger of losing is due to his Weaksauce Weakness to Fanservice and optimistic talk, which is in a scene played humorously.

Every other fight, he's unstoppable. It should take you straight to the Village of Nightbane. The Portal swirled and crackled with power, a faint smell of ash and soot wafted from it. The sooner we do this, the sooner I can track the guy who did it and destroy him! Etna rolled her eyes and followed after, Flonne took a step forward and hesitated, a sudden feeling of foreboding washed over her body. She was just deciding whenever to enter or not when suddenly Laharl's hand appeared in the portal and pulled a shock Flonne in by the front of her red leotard.

In a whirl of colours and flashing lights, Flonne suddenly found herself clinging to Laharls bare chest in a burned down, smoking village. With a started gasp Flonne quickly jumped out of the Overlords arms and rushed forward towards Etna.

For almost a second Flonne was close to telling Laharl that she was pregnant, that she was carrying his baby.

Laharl Flonne

But nerves got the better of her. Maybe next time she'll tell him.

laharl and flonne relationship

The village was completely burned to the ground, everything was gone. Charred wooden foundations of destroyed homes and buildings pointed to the sky like jagged clawed fingers. All I can smell is ash and the smell of burning.

If the residents had perish, I'll be able to smell burning flesh. Etna sniffed the air. Maybe they ran away, escaped. Something moved in the corner of Flonne's eye. Laharl and Etna turned around and yelled in shock, Etna managed to jump out of the way just in the nick of time as the pillar of fire smashed into the ground.

This wasn't good at all. The fallen angel placed her hands over her stomach in a protective way. Laharl pulled out his sword and rushed over to where the attack came from, upon arriving he found a small ghost demon, but there was something wrong with it. Laharl noticed that it's eyes, which were normally white glowed red.

It look rabid and mindless. Just what the hell was wrong with this thing? Never the less it was dangerous, so with a quick slash, the demon lay sliced in two at Laharl's feet.