Lancel lannister and cersei relationship quizzes

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lancel lannister and cersei relationship quizzes

Lancel Lannister was the eldest son of Kevan Lannister and a nephew of Tywin by Robb Stark, Lancel enters into a sexual relationship with his cousin Cersei. Jaime Cersei Lannister Game of Thrones Season 6 One of the big secrets at the heart of the Lannister family is the incestuous relationship between Cersei and her twin brother Jaime. .. After admitting an affair with Lancel, she is allowed to return to the . The Most Entertaining Quiz Site In The World. QuizzesVideosAnimalsCelebrity · Gift Guide 1. That time when Cersei tells Joffrey that they're the only people who matter. . Number of fucks given: 2, if only because she hates it when other people know about her sex life. Episode: Season 2, Episode 9Why it's badass: Lancel thinks.

lancel lannister and cersei relationship quizzes

Question 12 "Explain to me why it is more noble to kill ten thousand men in battle than a dozen at dinner. Martin has no problems with killing off popular characters or characters that are central to the story. Supposedly, he was influenced by the comic Wonder Man who was introduced and killed in his first story. He says, "He's a brand-new character, he's introduced, and he dies. It was very heart-wrenching. He was a tragic, doomed character.

I guess I've responded to tragic doomed characters ever since. That's also why there are such large gaps between seasons with this one between Season 6 and Season 7 being the longest of them all.

Question 14 "Everyone who isn't us is an enemy. The words most often associated with the Lannisters is "The Lannisters always pay their debts.

It basically just means they don't go back on their word.

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But what they also use it to promise that they'll pay back their blood debts - that they'll get revenge for wrongs perpetrated against them. Question 15 "People have been swinging at me for years, they always seem to miss.

Or, at least, have members with characteristics and personality traits similar to your own. While there are many negatives associated with the Lannisters, they're also loyal, protective of their own, fiercely ambitious, proud, cunning and powerful. Does that mean the Starks are Gryffindor? Question 16 "You can't talk to me like that! The king can do as he likes.

lancel lannister and cersei relationship quizzes

One of the houses sworn to the Lannisters - House Reyne - refused to pay a debt they owed oops, big mistake so Tywin Lannister, who was a teenager at the time, decided to teach them a lesson. He took some armed forces to the Reyne castle and rerouted their water supply so that it drowned everyone in the castle.

This story is where the Rains of Castamere song comes from. Question 17 "The King shits, and the Hand wipes.

lancel lannister and cersei relationship quizzes

Cersei was queen at 18, Tywin was the youngest Hand of the King in Westeros history and Jaime, at 15 years old, was the youngest knight appointed to the Kingsguard. Tyrion, the Lannister treated with the least respect and affection by Tywin, is widely considered one of the smartest men in the kingdom.

They can be cruel, but no one can accuse them of being lazy. Question 18 "The only way to keep your people loyal is to make certain they fear you more than they do the enemy.


He was also Tywin's father. Unlike most of the Lannisters, he was kind hearted and looked for the good in everyone he encountered.

While this made him a decent person, it also made him a weak-willed king who people laughed at and constantly took advantage of. Tywin spent a lot of his time trying to restore the fear that the Lannister name inspired prior to his father's time as head of the family. Question 19 "I think it passing odd that I am loved by one for a kindness I never did, and reviled by so many for my finest act.

When his father died, he went back to Casterly Rock and forced his father's mistress to walk the Lannisport streets naked while confessing all her sins. That walk in the streets of King's Landing that Cersei had to endure after losing her beautiful, long golden hair will forever alter the way we use the word 'shame. And they're not the only ones: Question 21 "My life has left me uniquely unfit for constraint.

They founded House Clegane.

Game of Thrones season 6: Cersei and Jaime Lannister’s relationship is ‘f**king dark’

Tytos Lannister once came upon a lioness and her prey and tried to come between the two. He lost a leg and some of his dogs in the fight but in return for saving his life, Tytos gave the kennel master lands and a tower house then took his son on as a squire.

This created House Clegane. Martin 15 years to write the first five books in A Song of Ice and Fire. He's not the healthiest man in the world either so there has been some justified concern from fans that he won't finish the books.

In an effort to make sure that the show finishes with the ending George R. Which Lannister will survive? Will they ALL survive? Question 23 "Everywhere in the world, they hurt little girls.

He was completely devoted to Tywin, who charged him with collecting all debts owed to the Lannisters. Hostages were taken in place of money if a house couldn't afford to pay.

You know his son quite well since he's Cersei's cousin-turned-religious-fanatic, Lancel. Naturally, Cersei had an affair with him - probably because he was the closest thing to her brother in King's Landing.

Question 24 " I'll give him a Red smile, from ear to ear. Naturally, being related to him doesn't stop Cersei from having an affair with him.

After their sordid incestuous relationship, Lancel finds religion so that he can repent for his sins. He goes from a spoiled, entitled and ambitious Lannister brat to a zealous Faith Militant under the High Sparrow. Provided you can go back in time and learn the exact method needed to make Damascus steel - a type of steel made in the Middle East and India that was prized for its super sharpness, strength, and for its rippled blade texture.

No one knows how to make it anymore, but if you could figure it out, you'd be one step closer to becoming a Knight like Jaime. Question 26 "The more people you love, the weaker you are. The reason why Tywin and his daughter despised Tyrion so much aside from his appearance is that Tyrion's mother died while giving birth to him - taking a wife from Tywin and a mother from Cersei.

Cersei and Lancel Lannister love

Neither one of them have ever forgiven him and they treat him as such, but he does have a good relationship with Jaime. In the show, Shae attempts to stab Tyrion when he visits her one last time, but in the books, she swears that she loves him, but Tyrion to strangles her in cold blood.

He seems like the perfect gentleman, but in the books his views of women are far from polite.

lancel lannister and cersei relationship quizzes

This means hanging on to the Iron Throne for dear life - they are not a family accustomed to being anywhere other than at the top of the food chain. The Iron Throne on the show looks very uncomfortable who'd want to sit on that?!

Sometimes a Lannister is killing one of your favorites toosoon Ned Stark or ordering the deaths of many of your favorites neverforget redwedding. He was so excited about the project, and talked it up to Headey to such an extent that she approached creators David Benioff and Dan Weiss about the role of Cersei.

Dinklage himself was thrilled to see her play his sister even if the two characters hate each other! Their friendship must have made for some interesting moments behind the scenes — having to play siblings who despised each other before reverting to their off-screen friendship in between takes!

Now that Daenerys is headed to Westeros to re-claim the Iron Throne, these two powerful women are going to come to blows sooner or later.

Headey played the part in Terminator: Emilia Clarke, meanwhile, portrayed the Terminator icon more recently, in the feature film Terminator: Perhaps the two will team up again for another huge franchise soon, if Headey lands a part in one of the many upcoming Star Wars films, as Clarke has just been announced as appearing in the Han Solo movie.

Game Of Thrones: 10 Most Awkward Sex Scenes

There are all kinds of tricks to hide a pregnancy on screen — and Lena Headey used most of them during the filming of season one of Game of Thrones. The actress was pregnant with her son, Wylie, who was born in March of The pregnancy meant that Lena initially thought that she may not get the part of Cersei, as they knew she would be heavily pregnant during filming, and might not want to work around it.

However, the creators loved her for the part so much that they agreed to make it work.

lancel lannister and cersei relationship quizzes

For much of the season, therefore, Headey is shot from careful angles, and in thick, voluminous clothing in order to hide her condition as Cersei is obviously not pregnant during the events of season one.

The wardrobe was actually very helpful in this case, as the female characters usually wear long and flowing dresses of thick material, which works perfectly for hiding a baby bump — if Cersei was spending her time in Mereen, where the women are more scantily clad, it would be a much bigger issue! Flynn plays Bronn on the hit series, the sellsword and sometimes bodyguard to Jamie Lannister, and with the two characters filming in the same fictional locations, meetings would be difficult to avoid.

It was reported, however, that crew members were asked to keep them apart, as the two had previously been an item and their relationship did not end on good terms. Although things might be frosty behind the scenes, both actors are consummate professionals, and we have no doubt that any future scenes together will be performed with admirable civility.

While working, she is careful to cover them, with makeup where needed, but usually with costuming — this is another area where the medieval dresses come in quite handy.