Lauren and bo relationship

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lauren and bo relationship

In Caged Fae, Bo asked Lauren to be with her in a committed relationship. Although her succubus feeding needs eventually made it difficult for her to continue to. Bo and Lauren's budding relationship continues to progress nicely until Bo encounters a Dark Fae on death row who fell in love with a human. The Ash directs. In 3×09, Dyson finally confessed to Bo that he loved her but would not interfere with her relationship with Lauren, and would wait for her.

An evolutionary branch that precedes humans called the Fae secretly rules the world, but Bo Dennis Silk has never heard of any Fae.

Bo (Lost Girl)

All she knows is that she keeps killing people she tries to sleep with. Or, at least, her power is greatly assisted by her bisexuality, but I prefer the former. Kenzi, Dyson, and Lauren. Although her love for Kenzi is platonic, the two have a bond that changes each of them forever. At the end of the prior episode, Dyson and Bo got their freak on, all under the pretense of helping Bo heal.

Bo and Kenzi investigate a disappearance at a college campus and things heat up between Dyson and Bo. After he heroically saves Bo from being killed by an underfae the ancient, inhuman cousins of the Faeshe decides to tell Dyson how she feels about him but finds him macking with another woman.

Dyson does so purposely to distance himself from Bo, and she gets the hint. The Ash is still interested in Bo, so he sends Lauren to seduce and distract her.

lauren and bo relationship

Bo realizes what Lauren has done and they fall out. But not before Lauren can set Bo on the right path to finding the killer, which is how we are introduced to one of my favorite characters, the bisexual Mesmer Vex! This really pisses Bo off and just might be the end of Bo and Dyson! Shockingly, it turns out there was Fae involvement in the murders. Bo saves and revives Dyson, but he ends up in bad shape.

She tries to get Bo on her side and they battle, leaving Bo injured.


She feeds on Dyson and heals. The surge powers up Bo and she defeats her mother. The Norn has played a trick on Dyson, though, and did not take his wolf, but rather his love for Bo.

lauren and bo relationship

Lauren and Bo get freaky yay Doccubus! Bo hooks up with a Dark Fae, Ryan. She then spends two episodes trying to break up with him a couple times before they have their minds erased, which, for some reason, leads to them deciding to get married. There is no divorce for Fae, so this is not a good situation. They get their memories back just in time and break it off for good. She returns it to Dyson, who pledges to follow Bo alongside Lauren and the others. He feels real sick and the wheel turns ever on.

Be forewarned, though, there is a problematic, and potentially triggering, negative trans trope in this episode. The Lich wants Bo to suck all the life out of Lauren for his own viewing enjoyment. The Lich eventually tells them that Nadia was cursed and not sick.

The recent turn of events leaves Lauren with very conflicted feelings; she is divided between her guilt and loyalty towards, and her likely continued love for Nadia, and her strong feelings towards Bo, whom she kisses while Nadia lies comatose beside them and whom she accidentally confesses to loving. Bo risks her own life in order to finally be able to remove the nail, and Nadia promptly comes awake.

When Bo returns to the compound, she sees Lauren and Nadia embracing in the room and quietly walks away in heartbreak. Later, we find out that Lauren is so grateful to The Ash for saving Nadia that she re-commits herself to him forever.

Bo is livid and confronts The Ash about the betrayal, who reveals to her that he used Lauren to test Bo, to see whether she would succumb to her rage. Lauren returns with Nadia from their road trip after a couple of episodes. Lauren quickly returns to work and assists Bo and Dyson on a case involving some students at a school.

Although Bo brushes it off graciously at first, when Lauren appears conflicted over keeping Nadia in the dark about the Fae and her history with Bo and obvious unresolved feelings towards herit is clear that Bo is not particularly pleased about the situation, either.

lauren and bo relationship

Just as Bo gallantly steps aside to allow Lauren and Nadia to reunite, a mysterious and fun-loving Dark Fae, Ryan, captures her attention. Meanwhile, Lauren and Nadia work on reconnecting with each other after five years; however, Nadia cannot help but sense that Lauren has changed.

lauren and bo relationship

Nadia appears guilty and claims that she is only checking out her competition and begs Bo not to inform Lauren. Bo complies, but remains suspicious of Nadia. Later at home, Nadia, appearing dazed, intentionally slices her hand and smells her own blood.

"Lost Girl" showcases the Lauren and Bo relationship for Season 2 - AfterEllen

A concerned Lauren begins running tests when Nadia starts to experience fevers and blackouts as well as behavioural changes. Meanwhile, Nadia slips into a state of rage. First she attempts to stab Lauren in the shower, then she heads to the clubhouse and is violent towards Kenzi. When Nadia returns home to Lauren, she has reverted to her old self.

She is horrified to learn what she did to Lauren and demands to know the truth of what is happening to her. Lauren relents and reveals the existence of the Fae what happened to Nadia over the past five years.

  • “Lost Girl” showcases the Lauren and Bo relationship for Season 2

Nadia vacillates between her normal self and her possessed state, at times wanting Lauren to protect her from Bo and other times physically threatening both Lauren and Bo.

Lauren cannot do it and instead tells Bo to do it, who cannot bear to do so, either.

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Eventually, in the midst of chaos and confusion, Bo stabs Nadia in the stomach with her knife when Nadia tries to once again attack Lauren. Lauren is heartbroken and kneels beside Nadia as she expires. However, Lauren quickly returns to work as the Garuda is quickly approaching.

lauren and bo relationship

A grieving Lauren eventually seeks Bo out for support by paying her a visit. Lauren is considering escaping while the Ash is preoccupied with the Garuda. Bo reassures Lauren that whatever she decides, they are in this together. Later, when Lauren is packing her bags, she receives a message from Lachlan beckoning her to his compound. She makes the decision to stay for the battle and collects the Naga venom from Lachlan.

Lachlan then perishes from a confrontation with the Garuda, leaving Bo distraught when she arrives at the scene. Lauren shows Bo the Naga venom to be used against the Garuda and reassures Bo that they are in this together.