Legolas and thranduil relationship memes

15 Inappropriate LOTR Memes That You'll Feel Terrible For Laughing At

legolas and thranduil relationship memes

Finally, we graded the memes on how enlightening and amusing we We're then introduced to some of them, namely Thranduil, Legolas. Funny Clean, Bagginshield, Nerd Herd, Life Images, Fresh Memes, Funny Aragorn, Legolas, Tolkien, Lord Of The Rings, Fandoms, Marvel, One Ring, Sissi, Gilmore Girls Long Distance Relationship: QUOTATION - Image: As the quote says Legolas And Thranduil, Dwarf, Wizards, Middle Earth, Lord Of The Rings. So it struck me the other day that Legolas' father Thranduil, the Elvenking, doesn't seem to get as much credit and respect as Elrond and.

A novel that has never exceeded four hundred pages, was the inspiration for not one, but three movies. The thing that makes him so remarkable in the films is how incredibly adept he is at taking the lives of villainous creatures and characters alike.

In fact, there is very little we enjoy more than seeing him kill his enemies with a precisely fired arrow. It's especially unrealistic considering that, in various scenes, we see there is a limited amount of arrows on his back. A trio prone to arguing with one another, yet motivated by their instincts, they seem to see every living creature as a potential meal.

These massive beings are far from coordinated, as we come to find out during their main scene. Despite all of that, we are supposed to believe that they are able to steal two ponies that stand nearby without the dwarves or Bilbo noticing at the time. We even see one of them carrying the ponies while making loads of noise as he travels, which makes no sense at all. In a scene that results in the creation of the fellowship, Elrond is surprised to learn this high-level meeting is being observed by three hobbits.

However, we have no idea how that comes to be, considering elves have such strong senses and Elrond is so immensely powerful. Yet, this statement does underline one of the main things the characters in the movie do an awful lot: Frodo, Gollum, and Sam, the group that travels by far the greatest distance aside from resting and stopping to eat, spend their days walking.

legolas and thranduil relationship memes

On top of that, it is abundantly clear that they have meager food rations. As a result, we do see their bodies suffer, but somehow Sam never seems to drop a pound, which is extremely unlikely - as this meme points out. On top of that, Boromir has also perished, which leaves Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli to wonder how best to fight the forces of evil.

Sadly, if Aragorn and Legolas really wanted to ensure they could save their little companions, the biggest impediment to them catching up would be the very slow Gimli.

Also able to appear at various other points, their most notable moment comes when they grasp Sam and Frodo in their clutches after the One ring has been destroyed. Almost all these moments have been turned into memes. The ones filled with innuendo and subjects that are definitely not appropriate for the wholesome world of Middle Earth, where violence is normal but everyone is basically asexual.

We've compiled a list of our 15 favorite LOTR memes that might make you turn a shade of red. In movies, male friendships are always hard to figure out. Hollywood almost never has a gay couple do anything centric or important unless it's a movie that's just about a gay couple. If a movie stars a gay couple, you're probably going to find yourself watching a film that surrounds issues about gay rights or something to that effect.

While it's great that we've gotten to the point where gay and lesbian characters are being portrayed on-screen more and more, it still seems as if they aren't completely normalized. A really close friendship like the one between Frodo and Sam? For sure that's two gay guys. Clearly, people aren't yet completely comfortable with how sexuality is portrayed in films.

We aren't comfortable with ambiguity, on screen and off. But it's a little bit blasphemous, isn't it? At least, if you're at all religious.

legolas and thranduil relationship memes

It's definitely true that it kind of resembles a Jesus-like figure. Maybe she's losing her eyesight. It's not exactly HD quality either. The robes and the teal detail on the front of the figure, that sure looks like something someone might pray to. We can't fault the old lady.

Was Legolas' father Thranduil less powerful than Elrond and Galadriel? : lotr

We wonder how she finally figured out the truth. Did she have grandkids? Was this the longest prank of their lives?

legolas and thranduil relationship memes

Did they finally kind of start to feel bad? We would have let her go on being happy praying to the darn thing!

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Arguably one of the best comedic duos out there. The movie is super inappropriate on a variety of levels, but it's also hilarious if you're into that kind of humor. They even reference Lord of the Rings!

In such a perfect way! The film was pulled from theaters before its release because of threats from supposed hackers who threatened attacks on any cinema that decided to show the film. The film portrays North Korea in a definitively negative light and it was thought that North Korea had something to do with the hacks. The film still managed to be successful, so guess that didn't work! The perfect combination for hilarity to ensue. Although, we're pretty sure there are plenty of mushrooms in the shire to go around.

There's no way those hungry little hobbits don't snack on other goodies after second breakfast. We think their big pantries have other treats hidden away, it just makes sense.

You're telling us that they aren't the greatest gardeners ever?

legolas and thranduil relationship memes

Look how green their lawns are!