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Ice and Fire is an Alternate Universe Code Geass Fan Fic by AlSmash. and has no complications in comparison to Lelouch and Kallen's relationship. . Meddling Parents: Lelouch's opinion on how his father is giving him advice on his love. I was surprised to find so few reactions to the end of Code Geass in this Lelouch has relationships with three main women (excluding his obvious love for . His relationships with Kallen and C.C. can be perceived as plantonic, but with . with the Tianzi, the person he called for was Shirley and he listened to her advice. Lelouch/Kallen isn't a very hated pairing, at least not as much as ships like For one, they're not a canon romantic relationship, and theofore not 'a couple.

And of course, why would I love this? Because Kallen proves here that her position in the world has nothing to do with whoever she has a crush on something that later is reiterated in R2. She was intrigued by Lelouch until he said what he said, and yes, he wanted to mislead her, no doubt, but it shows her integrity regarding the stance she takes before the whole world.

He saw her wildest, reckless side, the passionate warrior she was deep down, and he knew to fuel her fire as both Lelouch and Zero. Kallen was determined, strong, and her mind was set.

That Lelouch spoke as he did only strengthened her resolve and brought her to believe more in Zero. It fascinates me, really. Her conflictive relationship with Lelouch and admiration for Zero in season 1 are so much fun for me… Of course, tying up with the matter regarding Black King and Queen, and Q-1, comes the moment where Zero appoints her as his official bodyguard.

No one had ever seen smiling that way before xD it was such a wonderful thing. And then the bodyguard responsibilities drive her to protect him even in the wildest circumstances, leading to the whole mess at Kaminejima, how they escaped on the Gawain… just gotta love how he took charge while she was freaking out over how this KMF could FLY!

Though one of the best scenes about them has to be the one from Shirley at Gunpoint. Lelouch asks questions, she answers. She proves her loyalty again, but more importantly, she encourages him.

Her belief in him revamps his own belief in their cause. Lelouch seriously needed her at that moment, even if he might not have known it all along. What she said really set him back on the right path, the path he had set his mind on. And this aspect of their relationship comes back later on too, in a different form, of course… But anyways, look at them smile because of each other! Was he always the man with twenty plans, the genius, the one determined to fight Britannia… or was everything just a game to him?

Her conflict in that situation comes from something pretty simple: The feigned complacent Britannian attitude, the apparent disinterest in anything but himself, were somewhat cemented in her mind by the fact that he just abandoned his troops for no apparent reason. Why did he leave? Does Zero actually not care at all? Does Lelouch actually care a bit?

Are Lelouch and Zero really one and the same, or was one of his personas fake? Season 1 no doubt gave us a great dynamic between these two, because they both trusted and distrusted each other in many ways. While knowing both Kallen Stadtfeld and Kallen Kozuki, Lelouch never dared come clean to her even if he could have.

Not knowing who he was, Kallen hated one side of Lelouch and loved the other. And through it all, they kept inspiring each other, believing in one another, and wanting to fight side by side for the future they wanted to create. R2 takes this dynamic into a whole different direction, though.

Mind if I continue under the cut? When we start with R2, nothing seems to make sense. So, as so much is nonsensical at first, it almost feels like an alternate story rather than a sequel. And then she goes all out to fight, fanservice-y as heck, but it was good. Again, she motivates him to make a move, but this time it not only serves to get the story going, but to show Kallen that Lelouch is in fact the Zero she believed in.

He taunts her, embarrasses her, they end up in ridiculously close quarters together too damn often for their own good, and he even makes a move on her that she rejects so very harshly… But the core of their relationship remains unchanged for R2, I believe.

Yet somehow these realizations only strengthen their bond. The fact that she decided to stay loyal to him, come hell or high water, affected Lelouch deeply. While indeed, he teased her about her revealing outfit, he offered her the jacket. Sweet little gesture of him. What a jerk xD I love how he smirks while saying that.

And of course he takes advantage of that fact. Heartbreak central right there. What does the Black Queen do when her King crumbles? How does the game continue if the King has fallen? When Kallen picks up the mask, C. But still, she needs to keep going, whether Lelouch will continue or not. The only memory of the spinning shard where Lelouch himself showed up was the one with Kallen.

But more importantly, when Lelouch steps up again, he calls Kallen. He takes a moment to call her codename, specifically. And this is what I can relate to Shirley at Gunpoint: Lelouch had to regain his motivation just as he had lost it back in season 1, and this time Kallen made him start to come back to his senses.

He knew he owed it to her to come back, and to keep fighting no matter what. Again, she inspired him to pick up that mask again and become Zero once more, just as she did in the first season. In his moment of weakness, where his resolve faltered, she encouraged him once more. And indeed, he wins the fight and Suzaku fails and everyone is happy! And he wanted Kallen to be part of it too. He never asked anyone else as far as I remember, never showed an interest to share part of his future with someone else in this way.

Kallen has a Geass, which allows her to be a Master of Illusion. Tamaki is one hell of a secret agent. Lelouch is a lot more muscular than he is in canon. To an extent with regards to Charles and Marianne.

The Ragnarok Connection is still their endgame, but it's implied to be something that one can chose not to be a part of. They also plan to have Lelouch basically become the ruler of the human race after they take the willing and the corrupt elements away. In Chapter 18, Nunnally could very easily have been killed by assassins gunning for Lelouch, a fact that haunts her big brother.

A Father to His Men: Lelouch to a T. So much so that he spends time donating blood and talking with his men and women like he was one of them. Crossing over with Alternate Continuitythe timeline and events of Ice and Fire differ from Canon from the prologue. This story takes place in a rather different version of the Code Geass universe.

It seems the only thing preventing V. Cat's out of the bag. With Kallen's identity as Zero exposed in the aftermath of the Kawaguchi incident, Caedron was forced to cough up information on the Geass Order and the Noppera-Bo and now Lelouch has a name for his mother's killer. Mixed in with O. Stand-ina number of minor characters from the anime and other sources of Code Geass get to play a bigger role in Ice the story. The First Princess of Britannia, Guinevere su Britannia, is probably the best example of this, having been described in canon as little more than the " Marie Antoinette of Britannia", while here she gets major characterization and one of Lelouch's foremost enemies.

Kallen was nearly raped by a bunch of Britannian soldiers after her parents and brother were killed. Thankfully, Caedron managed to save her. One prominent example being that Caedron used to be one of the Four Horsemen for Charles, and is secretly dying of cancer.

As both armies are well trained, well equipped and are led by brilliant leaders. Lelouch and Kallen have this going for them big time, and it seems to increase with each passing chapter as the two get closer to each other. Kallen is even implied to have an Erotic Dream in regards to Lelouch in chapter Lelouch unsurprisingly has one when it comes to anyone harming Nunnally.

Beauty Is Never Tarnished: Kallen gets roughed up pretty badly when the JLF takes her captive, to the point of suffering a broken nose. Bigger Is Better in Bed: According to Euphemia, Suzaku is "quite well-endowed". Anti-material rifles, IED, artillery pieces, mobile surface-to-air missile platforms, even using Chaos Mines as actual mines. All of these systems have been proven to be effective and have taken Britannians by surprise. A Zig-Zagged example with Rai. It is hinted at times that Rai is this when he is at Ashford Academy studying, where he seems to spend more time resting than doing anything productive.

Though he subverts this when he is doing his duties for Zero. As the story goes on, it becomes clear to the readers that while Kallen is a successful leader and brilliant Knightmare pilot, she is also carrying a lot of mental trauma that stems from losing her family at age ten. This became prominent in Chapter 12, where she had a panic attack when Nunnally asked her about her family. She has a massive attack of PTSD when confronted by Marcus Renfield, the commanding officer who killed her family and nearly raped her, when he introduces himself under a cover identity provided by V.

Though it is subverted overall. Cannot Spit It Out: Partial example with Lelouch and Kallen. As while Lelouch has somewhat confessed to how he feels about Kallen to her face, she has yet to admit her deepening feelings for him. At first Lelouch is a straight example of this, when he first meets Kallen, but this gets subverted as they get to know each other better, which results in them getting closer.

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Zero and the group The Noppera-Bo has some of this in their attacks against the purist faction in Area While in canon, Clovis isn't what you's call competent, here his administration goes beyond incompetency and right into corruption. After his death, Lelouch does a complete audit of the entire structure and can only be disgusted at how far things have fallen apart. The colony, on top of increased terrorist activity in spite of being a part of Britannia for eight years, was in billion pounds sterling in debt.

Not even Schneizel, the Prime Minister, was aware of this, and Lelouch notes how this only serves to show the depth of the corruption of Clovis's administration, and by proxy, Britannia's, to able to hide such an outrageous figure from even the Emperor's eyes. When Cornelia threatens to cut off Suzaku's "miniscule manhood", she informs her older sister that Suzaku is "quite well-endowed". Turns out, the Witch of Britannia was wrong in assuming that her younger sister was still a virgin. Partial example, with the use and mentioning of some characters from Code Geass spin-off series Code Geass: Akito the Exiled and Code Geass: Oz the Reflection and characters from Code Geass: Lost Colors and Code Geass: Damsel out of Distress: Kallen manages to free herself from the JLF's captivity.

Though Lelouch isn't aware of it until chapter After that, Kallen doesn't know that he knows. A few characters have one, the most obvious example being Kallen to Lelouch in regards to her role as Zero. Caedron has way too many of these. Aside from being War of the Four Horsemen, he also was involved in the cover up of Empress Marianne's murder.

The purpose of which he was unaware of at the time and only found out the reason for after, and something he considers one of his biggest regrets. C is a paragon of this trope, and Kallen is quickly reaching her level.

Caedron is an example, having once been a britannian soldier as well as an assassin for Charles. Clovis is a victim of this trope, only this time he meets his end not at his brother's hand, but at the hands of the immortal whom he experimented on. As the story advances, and Lelouch and Kallen get closer. Zero is regarded as this by Britannia, due to the number of successful attacks that Zero has carried out on them. Likewise Lelouch when considered by any of his enemies.

Cornelia does this when she finds out that Euphie and Suzaku know each other in a biblical sense. Eating the Eye Candy: Kallen shamelessly ogles Lelouch after she accidentally walks in on him in the shower.

The Noppera-Bo have a few of these to aid them in their attacks against Britannia. Mostly in the Tokyo area, where their main activities are. Britannia and the Noppera-Bo join forces in order to stave off a Chinese invasion.

How permanent this alliance will be has yet to be made clear. In Chapter 27, Kallen has one about Lelouch. Even the Girls Want Her: Kallen has a lot of admirers among Ashford's students, both male and female. Everyone Can See It: Every named character that has been around Lelouch and Kallen knows the two have a thing going on between them.

Exiled to the Couch: Sayoko threatens Jeremiah with this on at least one occasion. Caedron is a borderline example, in that while he still holds moral standards, he has become more and more ruthless in his actions against Britannia. Though this is understandable due to the fact that he is dying. Every chapter begins with an example of this, with the topics of them ranging from people commentating on events of the chapter in question, to reflections of how the future has turned out.

In relation to the above, we know that Kallen and Lelouch will be a couple, that Kallen's identity as Zero will be revealed in the near future, and that they are the rulers of future Britannia. As well as that they have the grandkids that Marianne wants. It also becomes blatantly obvious that Caedron will not live out the fic, and is outright confirmed when he reveals that he's dying. For Want of a Nail: Two examples, first one in being Lelouch this time stands up to his father when confronting him.


The other involves Kallen losing her family in the prologue, leading her to become Zero instead of Lelouch. Cornelia threatens to cut off Suzaku's manhood and make him eat it if he takes Euphemia's virginity. This prompts Euphie to reveal that she's too late. Kewell is a good example, every battle that he commands his troops in leads to him making mistakes, creating a lot of casualties that would have easily been prevented had he not been so incompetent, along with eventually resulting in him getting burnt badly by Zero, resulting in his disgrace and eventual trial, as informed by Jeremiah as he is recovering.

This comes back to bite him in the ass later on. Good People Have Good Sex: It's abundantly clear that Suzaku and Euphemia engage in very fulfilling and satisfying lovemaking. Caedron has quite the chip on his shoulders in regards to guilt. According to Caedron, Kallen could sleep through an artillery strike. Apparently, Lelouch's singing sounds like a cat being strangled. Caedron was one of the few major business leaders in Area 11 who refused to discriminate against the Japanese.

And Kallen is following in his footsteps. In comparison to canon, Lelouch is far less arrogant, most likely result of having been on the battlefield commanding troops for most of his life. I Can Still Fight! Caedron, even with death staring him in the face with his cancer, epitomizes this trope.

Subtle example in Chapter 11, when Caedron is talking to Lelouch, he tells him of how he used to be in the Rangers and reminds Lelouch of how zealous they are when it comes to one of their own. Quite a few characters in the fic fit this description, with Lelouch, Kallen, Euphemia being the most prominent examples. Kallen also has an experienced advisor aiding her in her campaign against Britannia. In Spite of a Nail: Despite the changes mentioned in What If?

Subverted this time with Lelouch, who in comparison to his canon self is humble and never flaunts his intellect around others. Jeremiah says that comparing Lelouch's singing to a cat being strangled would offend strangled cats.

Lelouch gives Suzaku a phone call while he's having sex with Euphemia. Needless to say, neither the Honorary Britannian nor the Third Princess are happy. It Is Beyond Saving: Both Lelouch and Zero feel this way about how Britannia currently is, though they both differ in how to go about fixing it.

I Want Grand Kids: