Luke hemmings and aleisha mcdonald relationship quizzes

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luke hemmings and aleisha mcdonald relationship quizzes

With his ex-girlfriend Aleisha McDonald long forgotten, the 5SOS of couple Halloween dress up ideas on the market, Arzaylea and Luke. Hemmings split with his former girlfriend Aleisha McDonald in the summer of Take our quotes quiz to find out if Luke Hemmings, Calum Hood, Michael Clifford or Love and relationship quizzes - 5 Seconds of Summer / 5SOS. pinterest || ☽ @kellylovesosa ☾ 5sos Girlfriends, Bffs, Relationship Goals, . 20 October Luke Hemmings and Aleisha McDonald photos, news and gossip. .. ( Quiz) You're loyal, sweet, and you put everyone else's needs ahead of yours.

Luke Hemming started the band 5SOS. Fluke gained his super powers from untested hair gel, which somehow bonded with his brain! Good Charlotte are the reason Luke started playing guitar.

He is the tallest member of the band. He floods the actual entire bathroom every time he showers! The tour bus driver saw Luke Hemmings fully naked within an hour of meeting him.

luke hemmings and aleisha mcdonald relationship quizzes

Compared to the band members, Luke gets the most nervous before going on stage. His celebrity Crush is Mila Kunis. He has never seen the film, Titanic. According to his mother, he is the master at loosing things. Ashton said Luke would be the first to die in a zombie apocalypse! Yes, this song is about boobs.

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Luke is pure Australian. Luke said in a Ustream, a while ago, that he wanted to get a piercing on his eyebrow. Ashton says Luke gives the best hugs in the band. Luke says chocolates from fans taste better than stuff he buys himself. Luke and Calum go to the gym.

The first time Luke has been over seas is when the boys went to London. Luke said him and Calum would probably die first if zombies came because Michael is the ultimate gamer and would know what to do.

He said the youngest age he would date is 13 His favorite color is blue. He lost his iPhone in Melbourne after the tour, and all of the boys were teasing him about his old Nokia.

Luke said he would date a fan about 2 years younger than he is. Luke started school early. I hate the Internet on Luke!

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luke hemmings and aleisha mcdonald relationship quizzes

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luke hemmings and aleisha mcdonald relationship quizzes

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