Luke skywalker and princess leia relationship

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luke skywalker and princess leia relationship

Luke Skywalker has had a number of love interests in the Star Wars Expanded Princess Leia was Luke's only love interest in the Star Wars films. Soon after she and Luke initiated a romantic relationship, however, he shot. Poor Luke Skywalker had to deal with the shocking revelation that the yet still endearing relationship between Han Solo and Princess Leia. The relationships of Luke Skywalker from the Star Wars universe. Padmé believed that Luke, along with Leia, could save their father Anakin and redeem him.

luke skywalker and princess leia relationship

Part of this comes along with the whole "Lucas had everything planned on from the beginning! For instance, we've already addressed in an old Movie Legends Revealed about whether Lucas intended for Darth Vader to be Luke's father originally, but Lucas himself has been rather mum on his intent with Vader, even though it seems pretty clear by now that he did not intend the two to be father and son. His silence allows the "Lucas planned everything years ago!

Anyhow, as I featured in the aforementioned legend about whether Darth Vader was Luke's father, screenwriter Brackett's original draft of the script for The Empire Strikes Back included a scene where Luke is visited by the spirit of his father, Anakin Skywalker. Here is their initial exchange: I'm proud of you. Luke, not knowing what to say, says nothing Did your uncle ever speak to you about your sister?

I have a sister? But why didn't Uncle Owen When I saw the Empire closing in, I sent you both away for your own safety, far apart from each other.

Were Luke and Leia Supposed to Be Siblings When They Kissed in Empire Strikes Back?

LUKE Where is she? Will you take, from me, the oath of a Jedi knight? Slowly, proudly, Luke draws his light saber and activates it, bringing it to the salute. Skywalker does the same. Brackett's screenplay was based on a story treatment by Lucas, so clearly, Luke DOES have a twin sister in this movie. However, it is clear that it is NOT Leia, as Brackett initially names the sister, Nellith, but then she crosses the name out.

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Even after Lucas revised Brackett's screenplay to introduce the Darth Vader as Luke's father bit, he also kept in a sequence where Luke and Leia discuss their feelings for each other, with Luke telling her she is better off with Han.

Around the time of Empire, Lucas spoke of the trilogy of films that would follow the end of the original trilogy: At one point there were going to be twelve Star Wars films. I cut that number down to nine because the other three were tangential to the saga. Part of the reason that Leia chose a career in politics, rather than become a Jedi, was because of her mother's work in the Senate. Having Darth Vader for a father certainly could do damage to their reputation, especially since they had become the heroes of the galaxy and had helped save their world from the evil Empire, under Vader's leadership.

This was a secret that the twins held very dearly, but in the novel Bloodline, that secret gets out. A Senator comes across the truth about Luke and Leia's parentage and makes it public. This puts Leia at a disadvantage in the Senate and destroys her reputation, in spite of her previous work to save the galaxy.

This happens in the comic book Star Wars: Crait was once a Rebel outpost, mentioned in previous Star Wars novels, with white sands and red soil. That Rebel outpost was initially set up by Leia's adoptive father, Bail Organa. Lucas' initial plan for the Star Wars franchise was to have Luke pass away at the end of Episode 9. This would have happened after Luke trained Leia.

Granted, the general consensus is that the Skywalker story will come to an end with Episode 9, which goes along with Lucas' original plans. There is one scene that showed that Leia was as sensitive to the Force as her brother.

luke skywalker and princess leia relationship

In Return of the Jedi, Luke asks Leia about their real mother and if she remembered her. Although many thought she was referring to her adoptive mother, that is likely not the case. Instead, Leia referred to Padme Amidala, her birth mother. This means that Leia knew that she was adopted, a detail later confirmed in the novel Bloodline. Many fans argued that Leia could not do this and that she didn't know how to use the Force in a way that would make this possible. Looking at all the material that Disney considers as canon, that scene was just additional proof that Leia knew how to use the Force.

The Force is part of her very being. Fans can continue to argue about that scene being unrealistic, but given all the evidence to the contrary, it's as believable as anything Luke ever did with the Force.

The reveal that Luke was merely projecting himself to Crait to give the Resistance time to flee the First Order left many fans with their jaws dropped, shaking their heads. Then Luke appears to Leia one final time. But here's something that The Last Jedi novelization makes clear: Leia knew that Luke was a projection all along.

There is knowledge in her eyes about precisely what's going on. That message plays as a hologram, or a projection, that asks for help, beginning Luke's story in the franchise. Because of that hologram, Luke's life changes forever: So it makes sense that Luke's story would end in a similar fashion.

luke skywalker and princess leia relationship

It is Luke's projection that helps Leia and her team.