Lux and ez real relationship twitter

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lux and ez real relationship twitter

For League of Legends on the PC, a GameFAQs message board topic titled " Ezreal and Lux are officially, canonically, in a relationship" - Page. See more. ezreal and lux - Google Search Star Guardian Lux, Lol Jinx, League Gaming, .. Ezreal and Lux · ぽてゃん on Twitter: "怖い映画を観たあとトイレ Ezreal and Lux · Fast painting, but It's so cuuuuuuuutttee Love this couple!! Hope you. For League of Legends on the PC, a GameFAQs message board topic titled " Ezreal and Lux are officially, canonically, in a relationship".

What was the inventor to do? He needed a subject.

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As he stood in front of his lab thinking, he saw Ezreal walk by. Perfect, he thought, I can use Ezreal as an assistant. Although the inventor knew Ezreal was just as bad as him when it came to women, he figured that he could use Ezreal as bait; Using Ezreal, he could see how each woman that they asked would react, without him suffering from it. Heimerdinger personally preferred to keep both his face and his genitals intact. He scampered over to the explorer who was calmly whistling as he strolled along.

He caught up and called out to the blonde. With what professor Dong- er, Ding- erm, professor Heimerdinger," Ezreal replied, stumbling over his words in an attempt to not offend the temperamental professor by using his infamous nicknames. He was lucky the professor did not notice his slip ups. The last time he called the professor Donger, or Dinger, he was subjugated and was forced to take a gender swap serum.

He still had problems convincing people that he was a guy. Heimerdinger apparently did not catch the double meaning behind his statement. I can't really help you with that.

lux and ez real relationship twitter

Have you tried talking to one? Or maybe you can build an artificial one? She hated me for some reason. Anyways, I need a female test subject and I need your help finding one. I remember the breast enlargement event. Kat, Sej, and Fiora kicked your ass ten ways to Sunday. You ended up in the hospital for week, haha.

What made it worse was the fact that the Institute's best healers are all women, and they refused to treat you to the best of their ability, cause they were insulted too. I'm pretty sure they didn't give you any pain relievers either, did they? Hahaha," Ezreal laughed at the professor, who only frowned in response.

lux and ez real relationship twitter

I would never have the audacity to willingly subject you to excruciating pain that would cause the loss or degrading of your genitals-" "You're using big words and rambling again. You were definitely trying to use me as bait, weren't you. And it is someone who knows the female species well, as she is one of them. She will just need some convincing. Let's get to it, shall we? Who is this wonderful being anyways.

She would never help us. And I'm pretty sure if we insult her, she could lock us up" "As I said, she would need convincing. And she would never lock us up. The Institute wouldn't allow her anyways. All we have to do is phrase your request to sound like there a crime is happening and bam, we got her. By the way, what do you actually need? And I need someone to get the DNA of subjects to operate it. We can get Caitlyn to get the DNA, but what does your machine do.

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It takes the DNA of a sample and the DNA of the testing subject then materializes the thoughts and personalities of the two subjects into data. Then I take the data and process it into a virtual reality that the subject futuristic experiences, allowing them to witness a possible relationship with the sample subjects.

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I then use the machine to view this vision to analyze the testing subjects reaction. Can you repeat that for me in a way that Gnar could understand it? He forgot that not everyone was an intellectual like him. There may have not been a single other Valoranian mage alive at that time who could tap into its power, but Ezreal did. It fused with him, and he soon became a Champion of the League, representing Piltover, getting handsomely paid, and probably hitting on girls with pick-up lines about the Institute of War.

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He is clever, bold, and supremely arrogant. He sees Demacians as a bunch of fascist killjoys, but perhaps at times he wishes he could be part of something larger than himself. Lux joins the League of Legends.

lux and ez real relationship twitter

She also showed great magical potential, but combined it with a passion for learning and a dedication to her studies. Its syllabus includes two elemental subfields that may have Shuriman origins: Her parents and superiors saw her potential, and pressed her into service in the Demacian military.

She was quite literally dragged away from her home to begin life as a soldier, and the experience broke her. She loves her country, but deeply envies the freedom that Piltovians possess. At this point, Lux and Ezreal may or may not have been together; if so, they were keeping it quiet.

The Howling Abyss is opened as a Field of Justice. Aatrox causes a minor panic when he swoops down and enters the League. Ezreal, who had been mostly snarking from the sidelines, goes berserk when a Zaunite gunnery crew turns their cannon from the Demacian regiment to target Lux herself, and blasts her with what seems to be an instantly lethal wound.

As for Lux herself, she sees the potential of Piltover in the battle, and had been doing quite a lot of research herself during the Hextech Revolution. And when she came to, thanks to Piltovian medicine, she probably heard about her boyfriend singlehandedly slaughtering dozens, if not hundreds, of Zaunite soldiers in his rage.

This might have made things a little weird for both of them. They both left with some serious psychic damage, especially Lux. The Harrowing comes to Runeterra. The dimensional damage inflicted by the previous Battle of Shurima drastically amplifies its effects.

Ezreal tries to talk Lux into doing something incredibly dangerous in Shurima during the disruption; she gives him a talking-to about the consequences of killing and what likely awaits him if he sets foot on the Shuriman battlefield this Harrowing.

Things between her and Ezreal seem to have cooled off somewhat, leading to a fair amount of gossip around the Institute and in their respective states. Another factor to consider: It seems a little weird. My feeling is that either they should break up, or one or both of them needs to change significantly—which might not be a bad thing. Maybe this arc is a good time to show Ezreal being clever, along the lines of the Aatrox piece.