Marlene and rebecca ending a relationship

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marlene and rebecca ending a relationship

By the end of it, Rebecca is completely smitten and Marlene is eternally can't pay attention to her fiance lovingly reading his marriage vows. Rebecca von Lahnstein is a character on the German soap opera Verbotene Liebe (Forbidden . Marlene accepts Tristan's marriage proposal, leaving Rebecca heartbroken, Rebecca is chosen to design Marlene's wedding dress and weaves. "Marlene," Rebecca voiced as she entered the front foyer closing the door, "In here," She answered . She seems to think I lied about the relationship between the two of us? The song ended and they returned to the table.

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Last season ended with some major cliffhangers and fans of Tierra de Lobos are anxiously awaiting its return; however, the date of that return is still unclear. If you have any scoop, let us know in the comments. Tierra de Lobos airs on the Telecinco network. Kind of like the German version of Quinn and Rachel, except with good storylines and make out session. Luckily the feeling was mutual. In spite of the sometimes crazy soapy plot, the relationship between Emma and Jenny, or Jemma, was organic and sweet and all the things that puppies dream about when they sleep.

Hand aufs Herz was unfortunately up against longtime running soap, Verbotene Liebe, in the same timeslot, which may have contributed to its untimely demise. Here is what you had to say about HaH on Twitter. Currently, Verbotene Liebe has not one, but two storylines featuring gay couples.

Or, as fans know them, Marbecca. Everyone who came in her presence was touched by her. How had Rebecca not been in tuned at the time with how Marlene positively effected everyone around her. How had she not been aware of how much Marlene improved the quality of her life. How Marlene had made her a better person in her attempts to open Rebecca's eyes to those supportive people around her and not just her cut throat family members.

Robert's words of praise for Marlene only made Rebecca's need to see Marlene more intense. The walk down the hallway although relatively short seemed like a mile to Rebecca. With each step her heart beat became more rapid. She could feel the moisture forming in the palms of her clutched hand around the bouquet. It had been six months since that night Rebecca watched Marlene walk away from her and seemingly disappeared into the depths of the dark night.

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The closer Rebecca came to the green room the more nervous she became. Her mind was racing.

Marlene & Rebecca - Part 137 (closed captions)

When and if she saw Marlene what would she say? How would she feel? How would Marlene feel? Would Marlene be happy to see her? Maybe Marlene wouldn't be happy she was there! And with that thought Rebecca paused in her steps. What if Marlene didn't want her there? Rebecca had refused to let herself even think that thought until she was only steps away from finally seeing Marlene again.

What if during Marlene's time away she had come to the realization that Rebecca was just merely a moment in time. God how she hated that phrase.

Often thrown at her and Marlene when they first became a couple. Rebecca always knew that Marlene was never just a phase for her.

marlene and rebecca ending a relationship

She lost her heart to Marlene. Her heart would always be with Marlene. I refuse to believe that I am nothing to her. And with a determined deep breath Rebecca made her final steps into the green room.

The excited energy of the room was overwhelming. The room, although small, held an impressive amount of people. Rebecca easily identified many of them as cast members. Many of whom were still adorned in costume and makeup. The crew in their mandatory all black, and then Rebecca spotted familiar faces. Ollie all dapper as usual and then Thomas and Biggie alongside Kim and Emilio.

While Rebecca had remained on friendly terms with Thomas and Kim she was relieved to see Ollie. She decided to focus on making her way to his side to wait for Marlene, but before she could move a thunderous applause mixed with cheers filled the room. Rebecca dared not to blink for fear of loosing sight of her. Six months had done nothing to change Rebecca's love for Marlene. Immediately Rebecca felt every ounce of love and desire ,and then some, that she had for the blonde beauty she could finally see again.

It took every bit of Rebecca's self control not to race to Marlene.

Simms LGBT Blog : Marlene and Rebecca Verbotene Liebe (Spoilers Alert)

Every bit of self control not to take her by the hand and race from that very room so that she could have her all to herself. At the time it hurt her deeply to know that she would lose Marlene to Tristan. Now she was hurting again. But what exactly was on her mind? What she did not recall however, was Marlene telling her about sleeping with Tristan. This goes to show how important - or unimportant in this case - that incident was to Rebecca; she was angry about it, but not hurt.

So again, Marlene did not achieve her goal of hurting Rebecca by sleeping with Tristan. But in all honesty, how can you hurt somebody who says that having sex with someone else does not mean anything, by doing the same thing they did? That does not make any sense to me. The final moment came the following morning early at LCL when the two decided to talk again. Both were not feeling well and both had not gotten much sleep. Rebecca then said that she had thought about things and concluded that Marlene was probably right, that she was selfish thinking about herself and her work, and that their life came second.

She just wanted Marlene to know that she understood what hurt Marlene so much. And then Rebecca said something I wrote about a while back in my post about episodewhich was: Marlene then thanked Rebecca for being honest with her and said that it was the first time in months that they were honest with each other.

They then continued talking about things not working between them. Marlene seemed pretty tired but determined.

marlene and rebecca ending a relationship

Rebecca seemed quite hopeless and sad. Marlene then looked at her, hugged her, and both started crying. It broke my heart.