Max and kyle relationship test

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max and kyle relationship test

Erika Alexander and T.C. Carson, Max and Kyle, reunited to celebrate. aside from the relationships of the three different roommates (and their. Max and Kyle's tense relationship also grants Living Single its best physical humor, making it a crucial aspect to the heart of the series. “A Kiss. Max's campaign appears to be back on track when Kyle uncovers evidence that he begins to take their relationship seriously, but Keith says that he cannot change. . Overton and Synclaire must take a compatibility test before they can be.

max and kyle relationship test

I didn't know they had polyester on the Nile. But I just want you to know this is the last time I dress up like Cleopatra and sniff strangers for you.

Arthur Harris and Edward C. They encourage her to take the next step, but Synclaire is uncertain. She and Overton finally agree to have a romantic evening at his apartment the following night, as Kyle is out of town. After they experience a series of mishaps including Overton's allergy to Synclaire's perfumeSynclaire admits that she is paralyzed with fear. She tells him that she is just not ready, and that she is feeling too much pressure from her friends.

max and kyle relationship test

They decide to wait. Khadijah refuses to consider that her string of bad luck may have been caused by a broken chain letter. Khadijah ecstatic over accidents, unaware that chain letter was returned.

I got it the time that Overton first said those three special words: That dance is dead, Kyle.

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Even Michael's moved on. She is arrested while talking on the phone with Khadijah. Meanwhile, Overton sets up surveillance and begins recording all the girls' phone calls in the hopes of catching a prank caller. When the public defender assigned to represent Max proves to be woefully incompetent, she decides to represent herself.

She points out that the boss was the only person to run, and cites this as evidence that the employees didn't realize they were committing a crime. She adds that she was making a personal call at the time that the police raided the building, and proves this through Overton's tape. The judge dismisses the case, and all the other employees ask Max to represent them. The judge recommends Max to the public defender's office, which hires her immediately. Identity of prank caller revealed.

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Hell, it's like Batman. No, he gets off his bat behind and kicks some arch-villain boo-tay. I'm not going out like that. I'm not going out without a fight. Your bat speech really fired her up. Like when I was a kid, I used to like Fat Albert. Jones, please tell the court what is on this tape. Further along on the tape is The Best of Bootsy Collins, but I don't see how that figures into this case. Uh, Bootsy's a bass player. You're gonna work for the people. I got a job! Elayne Boosler [ Dr.

After the surgery, Regine loses her self-esteem and begins throwing herself at men. Kyle assures her that she doesn't look any different, and states that her confidence and personality are what make her attractive to men.

Kevon and the other neighborhood children blame Overton when a greedy ice cream man who had been operating in the middle of winter suffers a heart attack while reaching in the back of the truck for the Nutty Buddy that Overton had ordered.

Regine poses for photos at doctor's office. In fact, this should be you. Now I was built to hold this shelf. Come on, they're one of my greatest assets. They're part of what makes me a woman. And, if I might say, a diva. Or what if they take too much? What if they give me a third one? But sometimes you need to just let it rain. Yvette Lee Bowser and Becky Hartman d: Scooter, Michael, Darryl Everyone is surprised by Regine's companion at Thanksgiving dinner--a charming, overweight parcel delivery guy named Darryl who does not meet any of image-conscious Regine's usual date criteria.

When Scooter calls Khadijah and tells her that he wants to ask her something at the dinner, she and her friends believe that he is going to propose. Scooter becomes angry when Khadijah does not offer her blessing.

The group breaks off into boy and girl factions, who each rant about the opposite sex. When everyone re-assembles for dinner, Darryl's touching prayer prompts Khadijah to re-consider and allow Scooter to pursue his dream. Because someone doesn't think it's a good idea for me to go.

max and kyle relationship test

Next time, use pig latin. Either she'll give you an answer you do not want, or she'll answer your question with a question. And it's always the same question: Me, I'd like to give thanks for giving. It allows us to look deep within ourselves. Taylor finally agrees to let them re-take the test, but only after his wife threatens to make him sleep in the bathtub. Max tries to prove that she can have any man she wants by throwing herself at a young waiter. He continually turns her down, but relents after she takes the stage and gives an embarrassing rendition of "All by Myself.

A married gay guy with no phone. What do we do? Ivan, Charles On her way out of the hospital following hemorrhoid surgery, Khadijah makes a date with a doctor named Charles. When she learns that he was her anesthesiologist, she becomes embarrassed and is unable to show any physical affection toward him.

After he makes a fool of himself in the batting cage at the hospital's charity carnival, Khadijah's mind is eased and she kisses him. Regine begins moonlighting as a wedding coordinator. Her first clients are a spooky couple with bizarre supernatural powers, such as the ability to call Regine over a disconnected telephone.

They wish to hold their ceremony in a cemetery, and are thrilled by Regine's suggestion of throwing the bouquet into an open grave. Regine receives unwanted "gift" from Edwin and Damiana. And they are still together, despite that sordid incident with white Ken.

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Of course, you never use it. First of all, the doorbell's warped. Then the phone goes out. And all day long, I've had a hankering for deviled ham. After learning that Charles was her anesthesiologist, Khadijah complains that he saw her rear end before she even learned his zodiac sign. He responds by smirking, "Cancer.

max and kyle relationship test

And my name is Charles. Charles is quoting singer Charles Clarke's section. Kyle has a run-in with Lester Tate, the bully who tormented him throughout his youth, and finally stands up to the man.

max and kyle relationship test

He points out that many of Lester's victims are successful, while he is a loser. When Lester reveals that he is homeless, everyone turns against Kyle. Kyle tries to apologize to Lester, but catches him stealing shoes from kids' lockers. Lester taunts and threatens Kyle, who tells him his attitude is the cause of his problems. Kyle locks Lester in a janitor's closet and calls the police.

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After Synclaire is mistaken for class cut-up Helen Robinson, she impersonates the woman and keeps her admirers entertained. The real Helen finally approaches and thanks Synclaire for letting her have a night of peace and quiet. Max publicly insults the garbage workers' union. The men begin dumping trash outside her apartment until Khadijah and Regine force her to apologize.

Khadijah, you sit there and look really tough. Regine, you stuff your wig in your mouth. Arthur Harris and Edward C. Darryl After learning that Palo Alto has been cancelled, Regine is cheered by a visit from a now-wealthy Darryl, who asks her to coordinate his wedding.

However, she realizes she must tell Darryl the truth after Synclaire catches Tina making out with the best man. Darryl believes that Regine is jealous, but soon re-considers and calls off the wedding.

Tina blames Regine, and the two nearly come to blows in the church. Overton and his friend Ray decide to invent a wallet alarm system, which Kyle feels could be a big money-maker. Charles Max is stunned to learn that her boyfriend, Gary, is a virgin.

She has serious doubts as to whether she should deflower him, but eventually goes through with it. She is saddened when Gary heeds her advice and decides not to crowd her, but maintains her bravado in front of her friends. Kyle sees through her act and realizes that she is hurt, and she confesses that she can no longer simply chew men up and spit them out.

Kyle takes her to dinner to talk things over. Khadijah, following Regine's suggestion, "borrows" some ski clothing for a weekend with Charles.

Her plan goes awry when the store burns down before she can get a refund. Because you want to make Gary's first time sweet and romantic. Now I don't need some man clinging to me like a tattoo on a biker's ass. How does the virgin compare to moi?