Meet and greet tickets r5 2016

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meet and greet tickets r5 2016

List of all R5 tour dates and concerts. the songs they know I was able to get to meet them the day before which was amazing . Events; R5: Sometime Last Night Tour; March 1, March 1, • PM One Premium Reserved Seated Ticket One Exclusive Meet & Greet with. For theater locations and tickets, visit Fathom Events at Special Preshow Access to the Official R5 VIP Soundcheck • Preshow VIP.

A girl behind us while waiting in line took a video of us meeting them so we also have that. Then right after the meet and greet, we went back downstairs and into soundcheck.

You can basically sit anywhere in soundcheck which I love so we chose second row center. Then we can see R5 coming in from the back of the theater and they climb on the stage.

meet and greet tickets r5 2016

Ross had trouble getting onto the stage and it was the cutest thing. Then Ellington finally came a little bit after that and they started singing Summer Nights from Grease. Rydel was doing the high pitched voice background and it was so cute, I loved it.

meet and greet tickets r5 2016

I made an announcement about it! We were like the second to last people to meet Ryland because there were two other girls that were late as well.

Mark, their Dad and tour manager gave us our tee shirts.

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Ryland was so chill and asked us for our names but we met him individually and got to take a selfie with him as well as a regular picture. The photographer also takes the photo but not everyone is in it but Alanna and I were in it which was the good part. After the pictures, Ryland did a little q and a with everyone as much as he could and then it was time to leave and we still had our pizza with us. Then we went and got R5 merch since we still had time before the concert actually started.

I ended up with three tee shirts, a hoodie and a wristband. I was just as nervous as ever, but luckily my friend and I went together so we could have more time to talk with them. Rydel red jacket and Ellington green shirt Ross Lynch just casually touching my shoulder. They ask you questions about yourself, laugh with you, and make you feel important. I left feeling really happy about my experience.

I thought a lot on the way home and I came to the conclusion that the genuine conversations and hugs I got from them were paid for. I paid to have a conversation with Rocky about their snapchat and his favorite hockey team. I paid for the laughs and the pictures. I just wish the circumstances were different, like every other fan does.

R5: Sometime Last Night Tour | Veterans Memorial Auditorium

I wish I could have genuine conversations with them without breaking my bank. Do minors need to be accompanied by an adult? Do R5Family Fan Club members gets special access to meet and greets? What does the R5Family Meet and Greet include?

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The R5Family Meet and Greet includes: The R5 Online Store does not accept exchanges. We do accept merchandise returns up to 14 days after a package has been received. If you wish to return your purchase, please let us know and we will send instructions for shipment back to us.

Shipment must be returned to us in the original packaging and in the original quality it was received, and at the customer's expense. Refunds will be submitted upon receipt of merchandise in new condition; please note that shipping costs are non-refundable. Please note that our Customer Service Agents have the right to use their professional discretion relating to refunds and returns.

For all returns allow business days for any merchandise credit to appear on your account statement. How do I get an update on my order placed through the online store?

R5: Sometime Last Night Tour

Shipment notices along with tracking numbers will be emailed to you when your order is sent out, and you will be able to track its progress to you via the USPS. We strive to fulfill orders within 2 business days of purchase; if you have not received your shipment confirmation after 3 or 4 days, you can email us to check on the status of your order. Do you ship orders internationally? All physical items in our store are available to be ordered and shipped internationally.

Digital download products are only available in the United States.

meet and greet tickets r5 2016

I have a question about the store or my purchase that is not answered here. Who should I contact?

meet and greet tickets r5 2016

Please note that this address cannot answer any questions that do not pertain to physical merchandise. European Store Where does the R5 European store ship from? You may access their privacy policy here and contact them at contact r5rocks.