Meet dora and friends

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meet dora and friends

School-age TV icon explores community service, friendship. Read Common Sense Media's Dora and Friends: Into the City! review, age rating, and parents guide. Dora is a true heroine--an Indiana Jones for the preschool set. She is she serves as something of a big sister to her best friend, Boots, and to the viewer as well. Dora& Friends Meet Blue's Clues is a Crossover of Dora the Explorer/Blue's Clues. It's By AlexBrattenRockz.

Kannada — The Kannada language version broadcasts on Chintu TV and is a very popular program on that network. Hindi is the second language in this version. The title is "Hi Dora" and is introduced by a real person whose name is Dami — she introduces key English vocabulary for each episode. The episode is primarily in Korean with some English.

The bilingualism is Macedonian-English. Malay — The Malay language version broadcasts on TV9. The bilingualism is Malay-English. Dora speaks primarily in Malay, and the secondary language is English.

Meet Dora and Friends

Norwegian — In the Norwegian language version, the bilingualism is Norwegian-English. Polish — The Polish language version broadcasts on Nickelodeon in Poland. The bilingualism is Polish-English. On Nickelodeon Brazilthe show is called Dora a Aventureira, and Dora and Boots called Boots in the Portuguese version and Botas in the Brazilian version speak Portuguese, while the other protagonists speak and answer in English. Some Portuguese episodes are available on DVD.

The bilingualism is Russian-English. The series is called Dasha-sledopyt "Dasha the Pathfinder". Dasha is the children's name of Daria Darya.

Serbian — The Serbian language version broadcasts on B The bilingualism is Serbian-Spanish. Dora and Boots called Botas speak Spanish and the other protagonists speak and answer in English. Toucan only speak English.

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Additionally, Univision has added on-screen captions of the Spanish words spoken in English. It is another reverse of the original English version the characters speak mainly Spanish but there are commands and expressions in English. Swedish — In the Swedish language version Dora- utforskaren the characters speak mainly Swedish but there are commands and expressions in English. Meet Kate! (Dora and Friends) eBook: Nickelodeon Publishing: Kindle Store

It broadcasts on Nickelodeon and TV4. It broadcasts on a local kids programming channel Chutti TV.

meet dora and friends

Turkish — In the Turkish language version Dora the characters speak mainly Turkish, Spanish, and English but there are commands and expressions in Turkish. As shown by the list above, the usual second language is English, but Spanish is used in the original American version in English broadcast also for Malay speakersin the Irish, Serbian, and the trilingual Turkish versions. Produced by Nickelodeon and LiveNationthese productions featured live actors portraying the roles of Dora and her friends, including Boots, Diego, Isa, and the Fiesta Trio.

Many of the characters wore elaborate foam costumes designed to resemble the Dora characters. Each production featured a structure similar to an episode of the television series.

Both productions featured a version of the popular Gloria Estefan song "Get On Your Feet" as the final number of the show. Both productions were conceived by Chris Gifford, creator of the television show, and directed by Gip Hoppe.

There have been three Dora touring companies. The third company performs a reduced version of "Pirate Adventure" and does not employ union personnel.

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This production is currently touring North America, and scheduled to travel to the United Kingdom and France. Dora the Explorer merchandise There are many action figures and playsets available in many markets, along with DVDs, cosmetics, hygiene products, ride-ons, books, board games, plush dolls, apparel, handbags, play tents, play kitchens, and more.

Toys In Lego released four sets based on the TV series' characters. Families can talk about what being part of a community means. What different roles do people play in your community?

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Why is each one important? What communities do you belong to?

meet dora and friends

What evidence do you see of Dora's Latino culture in these stories? Are any of them familiar to you? Does your family have any traditions that reflect your own heritage? This show can inspire volunteerism in your kids as they see Dora and her friends pitch in around their hometown. What opportunities exist to help others where you live? How can doing so improve your community and the work that's done there? Why are these important character strengths?