Melisandre and stannis baratheon relationship quizzes

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melisandre and stannis baratheon relationship quizzes

Melisandre did a lot of pretty messed up stuff in her quest to get Stannis on Game of Thrones Gwendoline Christie Brienne of Tarth armors Gethin Anthony Renly Baratheon season 2 Although Gendry's relationship with the Brotherhood Without Banners .. The Most Entertaining Quiz Site In The World. The Relationships Of Stannis Baratheon Pt 1 When Melisandre tells Stannis not to worry about all of the lords of the Stormlands declaring for. Here are the couples that hurt and saved series. once again, following her previous sham of a marriage to Renly Baratheon. .. 2 Hurt: Melisandre and Stannis Baratheon . The Most Entertaining Quiz Site In The World.

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He ultimately considers Stannis a son he never had. After Stannis is given the castle of Dragonstone by Robert Cressen follows Stannis and becomes maester at Dragonstone. When Melisandre tells Stannis not to worry about all of the lords of the Stormlands declaring for Renly and that Renly will be dead soon Cressen is shocked at the thought of Stannis kinslaying and he suggests Stannis try to make an alliance with Robb Stark or try to win Lysa Arryn to his cause.

Ultimately Cressen becomes convinced that Melisandre is bad for Stannis and decides to kill her by poison. He hurries to a dinner being held by Stannis for his supporters and falls with Patchface the fool he has trouble getting back up to his feet due to his advanced age envoking laughter from the gathered lords and ladies.

melisandre and stannis baratheon relationship quizzes

Stannis informs Cressen that the young maester Pylos will take over as his maester. Selyse mocks Cressen for being old and not believing in the Lord of Light and she suggests Cressen wear the bucket helm of the fool Patchface which Stannis makes him do. This hurts Cressen deeply due to his love for Stannis.

Stannis and Selyse Stannis relationship with his wife Selyse is almost non exiestent despite being married. They arent close and Stannis only sleeps with her once or twice a year to do his duty as a husband.

melisandre and stannis baratheon relationship quizzes

When Stannis goes to Kings Landing to Serve on Roberts small council he leaves Selyse behind on Dragonstone and rarely sends letters to her. Stannis and Ned Now Stannis and Ned didnt have much of a relationship at all really they likely never spent much time together at all.

The reason i included Ned on this list is because Stannis is very jealous of the close friendship between Ned and Robert.

The man was nothing to me Oh Robert loved him to be sure loved him like a brother how often did i hear that? I was his brother not Ned but you never would have known it the way he treated me. Stannis feels resentful of Ned due to him getting credit for lifting the siege of Storms End when Stannis was inside holding out and starving living off of rats.

He also took it as a slight that Ned was named hand of the king by Robert instead of him.

melisandre and stannis baratheon relationship quizzes

Stannis and Melisandre Melisandre believes Stannis is the savior of her religion and is telling Stannis about how special he is. I believe this does have an impact on him after all Stannis isnt used to people liking him at all and here is the woman constantly building him up.

melisandre and stannis baratheon relationship quizzes

Stannis adopts the Lord Of Light somewhat he generally remains skeptical of religion but more on that later. House Baratheon's sigil is a clear symbol of masculinity, and the three Baratheon brothers seem to represent the different forms that masculinity can take. Secondly there is the argument that Stannis must be asexual because he acts asexual— i. Rather, I think Stannis acts this way because he is personally insecure and shy around women, a combination that makes talking to females, indicating interest in them, and acknowledging his natural desire for sex to be something near impossible and embarrassing on his part.

In addition to being personally reserved and somewhat shy and awkward by nature, he is rather old fashioned, and especially socially awkward around women. Stannis is here, as in so many other things, the polar opposite of his brother.

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Robert handsome, friendly, can easily charm women and seduce them from an early age. Stannis, in contrast, has never been comfortable around them.

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He also seems to hold some genuinely felt beliefs about sexual behavior and sexual fidelity, however, imo, his cold, indifference towards women is largely an act. Theirs may be a rare example of young love that could work in Westeros — that is if the world of Game of Thrones allows them to ever get to that point, before the series ends forever. For some reason, the series felt it necessary to even feature scenes suggestive of their consummation of their relationship, despite the disturbing age implications.


Even worse, as Tommen found himself swayed by the cult of the Sparrows, Margaery soon found herself banished to prison, proving that all she had achieved in the name of social climbing was utterly pointless. Grey Worm and Missandei The Unsullied as a group are rarely ever given a voice, let alone an interior life of their own. With the character of Grey Worm, however, the series does offer an inside look at the emotional world of these men — no matter how little verbal communication he uses.

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Their scenes rank among the most tender love scenes that the series has provided so far, as the chemistry between he characters and their actors is entirely believable and effortless. Joffrey Baratheon and Sansa Stark Poor Sansa Stark may have picked the worst possible person in the world to have her first crush on. The destructive relationship plays a large part in the untimely demise of her own father, Ned, as well, which leaves Sansa with plenty of trauma to deal with and no real source of solace.

So when their relationship finally comes to an end, it is with great relief on the part of all viewers, and Sansa herself. However, the damage has already long been done. When he fell in love with Gilly, a long-abused daughter of Craster, it was clear that this was what he felt could be his moment of heroism.

Despite how little viewers actually were treated to of it, the marriage between Ned Stark and Catelyn Tully was portrayed entirely as a partnership of equals. Through their unhealthy union, three children were born — with a fourth potentially on the way — including the tyrannical King Joffrey and the utterly incompetent and overpowered King Tommen.