Mg ff love and hate relationship

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mg ff love and hate relationship

Hardcore bussinessman. Only believe in Profits and hate kids.. GEET HANDA: INNOCENCE is her assert. Love everyone around her. This is the story of how Maaneet became Maan and Geet. Until she lighted the spark of true love in him, he has been a recluse and a It is a relationship where 'I hate you' became the epitome of .. Single Tear Drop · Smart Versus Sweet · The Dance of Passion and Pain · OS: Staying Together For More. But what was an irony his love was weaker in front of his hatred and . it's just started to take a shape in our relationship and I don't want to lose.

I argue that this kind of love may make us develop epistemic and practical forms of rationality. Based on an analysis of its characteristic action tendencies, I argue that love may help us to develop an instrumental form of rationality in determining the best means to achieve the object of love. It may also narrow down the number of practical considerations that may help us to achieve our goals.

Finally, love may generate rational ways of belief-formation by framing the parameters taken into account in perception and attention, and by bringing into light only a small portion of the epistemic information available. Love may make us perceive reality more acutely. O amor pode fazer-nos perceber a realidade de um modo mais vivo. According to an old commonplace, emotions are potential disrupters of rationality.

Traditionally, people have thought that emotions are impulses or urges that interfere with our capacity to form rational judgments and beliefs, and with rational action more generally. Rationality and emotions, we are told, form part of a duality in which both appear to have very clear and separate realms.

The notion of rationality seems to preclude any involvement of emotions; emotions are a paradigm of unreflective and subjective motives, and whenever they appear in the justification of our judgments and actions, that is reason enough for suspecting that this justification may not be objective or guided by logic and proper reflection.

To be sure, this view, the received view, is true in many cases: Recent studies in neurophysiology, for instance, have shown that emotions and feelings are the system of support without which the building of reason would not work properly and might even collapse: Actually, emotions are among the most common reasons that we have for acting; without them, we would probably have few reasons for acting. In this paper I want to defend the idea that, rather than disrupting rationality, certain emotions may actually help us to develop rational ways of thinking and acting; that is, I intend to challenge the received view that sees rationality and emotions as completely at odds with each other.

I am not saying that emotions can always yield rational effects on behavior, because this is obviously not true. The effects on rationality that some emotions may have are contingent on particular circumstances.

There is truth in the traditional view that sees emotions as disrupters of rationality; but if this mechanism of disruption takes place more often than not, the opposite mechanism, that of aid to rational thinking, seems to be also effective in a number of cases. Mechanisms, as Jon Elster defines them, are "frequently occurring and easily recognizable causal patterns that are triggered under generally unknown conditions or with indeterminate consequences.

They allow us to explain, but not to predict. It is hard to rely on any kind of law-like explanation for when emotions take one role and when the other, or to make generalizations about the conditions that would lead to one or the other effect.

I do not intend to generalize my thesis for all kinds of emotions, especially since I suspect that it does not apply to all emotions, like those characterized by very visceral reactions, such as fury or panic. Since emotions are so diverse I am going to limit my claim to the case of love.

Perhaps some of the conclusions that I hope to reach here would also apply to other emotions. I am not going to attempt to develop any meticulous articulation of the nature of love and I am not even going to talk about the different kinds of love that we may find, particularly since it is such a multifaceted and diverse emotion. There are several kinds of love and not all of them work in the same way or are manifested in the same manner.

Maternal love is not the same as romantic love, brotherly love, self-love or love of God. Because of the connotations of irrationality that it traditionally carries, I have preferred to focus on erotic or romantic love, and I want to challenge this aspect of the received view that sees it as inexorably linked to irrationality.

mg ff love and hate relationship

I have chosen this kind of love because, unlike the other kinds of love that I have mentioned, this kind is the one that, in the minds of many people, more clearly has associations with sexual desire, lust, concupiscence, and with those lower passions that make us lose control of ourselves, and go head over heels.

From now on, my use of the word "love" will refer to erotic or romantic love. Perhaps some of the things that I am going to say about it may be extended to other forms of love, but I am not assuming so.

Pure emotions are hard to find in our emotional and mental life. The received view of love has emphasized its irrational effects. It is no coincidence that we even say in English "to fall in love" when one is overcome by love: It may even lead to self-destruction, craziness and irrationality. Ruth, one of the hundreds of people interviewed by Dorothy Tennov in her classic book about the experience of being in love, put this thought in the following way: Whether you call it a mental illness or sublime spirituality, you behave in love in ways that do not represent your own true best interests, ways that deflect from the goals you've built your life around, even if the deflection is slight, even if it is easily rationalized and even when it is disguised as beauty or experienced as ecstasy.

Robert Graves gives us a different version of this commonplace in these verses: In these few verses, Graves gives me a good formulation of the ideas that I want to develop here, though in an opposite way. Love may not only be no stain on the vision, blotting out reason, but it may facilitate the former, while developing the latter.

I shall leave the effects of love on epistemic rationality for the next section. In this section, I shall analyze the simplest form in which love may affect practical rationality: When talking about practical rationality I shall refer mostly to instrumental rationality. In its character as a reason for action, love sets the goals of our actions paving the way for a means-ends way of thinking. Love has characteristic action tendencies that fix the goals of our actions.

Although my main aim is to talk about how love may develop rational ways of acting, love in itself is open, at least in part, to rational evaluation and control. This might be claimed about almost any emotion. Emotions have cognitive and evaluative antecedents and this makes them, to a certain extent, assessable in rational terms. In the case of love, this emotion involves beliefs and value judgments about the object of love: Love does not entirely depend on reasons in the same way as beliefs or some of our desires do.

An agent may have the best reasons for being in love with somebody, even from his own point of view, and nevertheless not fall in love. Even if she is, say, the most convenient person for the agent or the one he admires the most, he may not fall in love with her. Love just doesn't happen. An emotion may be rationally "appropriate" depending on its object and on the circumstances in which it appears; and our rational assessment of it is about when it makes sense to have it or not, and about the role we let it play in our lives.

The object of our love may be assessed in rational terms depending on the general context of our life in which it appears, that is, in the context of the goals and life plans around which we have constructed our life. It might be argued that somebody may just not be convenient for us given the kind of persons we are, our goals or our specific circumstances. Thus, an emotion in itself can be assessed in terms of its appropriateness in relation to its object and surrounding circumstances. But at other times the love of a person may be judged as irrational, not because the emotion he experiences is itself irrational, but because of the role he allows it to play in his life.

For instance, a person who is led by love to such a degree that he misses out on some experiences or benefits that life has to offer. Let me now turn to the role that love may play in developing strategic or instrumental forms of rationality.

In belief-desire models of instrumental rationality, a desire is usually regarded as the state that sets the goals of our actions, and beliefs just play a role in determining the means through which those ends are going to be achieved. When emotions get into this picture, they tend to be viewed as interfering with the process of deliberation through which we achieve our goals.

But sometimes emotions and desires are bunched together given, among other things, their alleged character as drives that push us to action. In that sense, both play similar roles in setting the goals of our actions.

But the roles they play in practical rationality when an emotion, and more particularly love, is involved are different, so let me make clear the point about the relationship, and the differences, between love and desire: Thus, it is not desire that sets the goals that are going to determine our deliberation and conduct, but love. Love determines our desire, and not the other way round. When love is implicated as a reason for action, the starting point of practical deliberation, so to speak, is love, not desire.

However, the boundaries between love and desire as well as other emotions and more generally other mental states are not clear-cut and it is not always easy to distinguish them; sometimes what passes for love may actually be some form of sensuous desire or lust.

For the sake of the argument, let me assume that love is not only different from desire in general, but also from the sensuous desires love may generate. I take it that love and desire have a distinct phenomenological character. In general, and when not interfered with by other emotions, love has three characteristic action tendencies, which we can also identify with the kinds of desires that it may generate: The first moment in which this takes place is when love is making us behave in certain ways in order to get the attention and the love of the loved one; a second moment will come once the love of the other person has been achieved and one is seeking to maintain it.

The lover will look for reciprocity to his love, and here is where a kind of Hobbesian reckoning of consequences makes its appearance: Here, love also appears combined with hopes of reciprocity and fear of rejection. The strategies of love may emerge perhaps even before the appearance of love, with the desire to be in love, through trying to put oneself in a position where it is more likely that one finds the love desired. It has been claimed that love and the dating scene are a sort of marketplace and that there is a kind of shopping involved in it.

The possible shopper will look for the smartest, kindest, funniest, or most attractive person available; she knows, or should know, that the same criteria apply to herself and may thus try to enhance or accentuate what she takes to be her best features in order to win the attention of others.

The person who seeks love may try to behave in ways that attract the attention of potential partners. Although there is no guarantee of gaining their attention, the love-seeker knows that by enhancing those characteristics that she takes to be her best assets she increases the probability of impressing these potential partners and getting what she desires. Things are not that different for the person who is attracted to somebody or who has already fallen in love: Love, it is claimed, may produce miracles in people: In one of the stories of his Decameron, Boccaccio tells us the story of Cymon, a stupid man who is turned into a intelligent one by love: Now that Cymon's heart, which no amount of schooling had been able to penetrate, was pierced by Love's arrow through the medium of Iphigenia's beauty, he suddenly began to display a lively interest in one thing after another, to the amazement of his father, his whole family, and everyone else who knew him.

He first of all asked his father's permission to wear the same sort of clothes as his brothers, including all the frills with which they were in the habit of adorning themselves, and to this his father very readily agreed, he then began to associate with young men of excellence, observing the manners befitting a gentleman, more especially those of a gentleman in love, and within a very short space of time, to everyone's enormous stupefaction, he not only acquired the rudiments of letters but became most eminent among philosophic wits.

In short without going into further detail about his various accomplishmentsin the space of four years from the day he had fallen in love, he turned out to be the most graceful, refined, and versatile young man in the island of Cyprus.

She packed up her equipment and decided to head out straight away as it was quite a long way out and she wanted to get back before dark. Pinky had gone off to do some work on an ongoing project. There was no way any taxi driver was prepared to go that far, any that were willing were asking for extortionate money which she was not prepared to pay, so she borrowed a neighbours scooter. Two bone shattering hours later on the scooter she reached the site, there were a quite few workers clearing the site, it was an extremely large area.

Taking off her jacket, she approached what looked like the temporary office. At least she would be able to look around and see which way the land faced, to judge if there could be the possibility of using wind power and any other points to be noted about the area.

She always like to go and see it for herself and get the feel of the place. Yeh construction site hai. I have seen some of your work and am very impressed.

I am Mohan Rabari. Maan Singh Khuarana will be working with us too I understand. Did he not come with you? He rang earlier and asked for some figures on the site. I am happy that you will be working together, the Parth township will benefit from his experience and your new ideas. Mr Rabari the site manager was quite the chatterbox Geet smiled. He gave her the whole history of Shah industries.

She talked to him a little more and then took her notebook out to take down ideas as he went off to continue with his work. Maan sat in his car fuming, the events of yesterday playing again and again in his mind. A chit of a girl! His face darkened like a thundercloud.

What had possessed him to agree to working with her he asked himself. He knew his temper had got the better of him at that time, he should have just told Mr Shah that he was no longer interested in the project or working with Ms Geet Handa, its not as if he needed the money, but why had he lost his temper at all.

He questioned himself, it was not like him to loose his cool. His scowl grew more fierce. Geet Handa had made him lose it and lose it badly yesterday. His fists clenched, he would not let that happen again.

How could he let one slip of a girl effect him so much. Damn it, her eyes had sucked him in. Warm amber, they had fascinated him. And those lush pink lips as she spoke. She had been so passionate in her presentation. Her whole face had lit up as she presented her ideas.

He had watched her mesmerised by her passion. Interrupting his train of thought his mobile rang. It was from Mr Singh begging his apologies and cancelling the meeting. What a waste of his time Maan muttered to himself annoyed at the turn of events, he was already half way there. Dialling the office he rang Adi. What have you got arranged for today? Is the Noidawala file ready? Haan Noidawala file is ready.

But Maan sir I told G. Geet not to come as I thought you were going to a meeting today so she decided to go to see the site today. Does she have a car? Then stopped himself, why was he worrying about her? She was not his concern. I will phone her and ask her if she has reached. He was finding out rapidly that Ms Handa had a mind of her own and did just as she pleased. Might as well get it over with.

He chuckled to himself. Working with Futures Ltd was turning it out to be great fun. He had not seen Maan sir so irked about anyone like this before. Time flew by as she worked, it was late afternoon by the time she finished. She was just about to go and look for Mr Rabari to say she was going, when there was a commotion on the far side of the site.

The Phoenix Rises – Maaneet love story chapters 1 to 78

From a distance it looked like some men were pushing the site workers and Mr Rabari around. She strode towards them to see what was happening.

As she approached she saw one of the men loudly telling everyone to get off the land. Kajol lined eyes adorned his dark thin face. He was wearing a bright yellow shirt and red trousers, wearing what looked like copious amounts of junk jewellery around his neck, looking quite menacing. The other two looked young and weedy, standing around trying to look threatening, waving their laathis about. Yeh sab zameen Panday sahab ke hai. This land belongs to Shah Industries. It is officially registered and bought.

Go and tell Mr Panday that! Looking at the thugs, they looked more talk then action she thought. Mr Rabari looked at her and frowned. Leering, the thug looked at Geet, his eyes lit up. Geet glared back him. The chivalrous Mr Rabari stepped in between them blocking the thug. She hid a smile at his sweet but ineffectual action.

The thug seeing the little man blocking his approach suddenly lashed out pushing Mr Rabari to the ground without provocation. Mr Rabari landed on the ground with a thump. His glasses dislodged, a moan of pain escaped him. Geet furiously strode up to the thug and slapped him hard right across the face. How dare he push a elderly man like that, her eyes flashed at him. Scrambling up, he launched himself at her, raising his hand he was just about to slap her when his hand was caught and he was neatly turned around and flipped over by her.

Staring up at her from the ground, he looked totally shocked and wondered how she had managed to land him in the dirt, this slip of a thing. The other two with him sniggered at his predicament. The other thugs launched themselves at the crew and Geet. It was all over in a few minutes. As there were only three thugs the crew were able to overpower them by grabbing the laathis they were carrying and landing quite few hits.

The thugs ran off shouting abuse and threats at Mr Rabari and Geet, promising to come back. Mr Rabari smiled a sweet smile. He always believed we should be able to look after ourselves. He glared at the scene. She was laughing and chatting with all the crew, whilst they were all standing around admiring her as she dusted off her white shirt and jeans. Her hair was tied in a thick plate which rested on one side of her shoulder. His lips pursed at the way all the men were looking at her.

The Phoenix Rises – Maaneet love story chapters 1 to 78 | janememe

What possessed her to wear such fitted clothes? He muttered under his breath. Why was no one working? He had met Mr Rabari before on many of the previous projects, he had never seen him smile like that with anyone.

What had Geet said and done which had them all looking at her as if she were royalty? From out of nowhere anger rose in him at her familiar manner with Mr Rabari and his crew, the way they were all gushing over her.

He strode up to them his stance angry. Have you got the figures I asked for. Geet turned to look at him her eyes wide with surprise. Maan Singh Khurana, What was he doing here? She watched as he strode up to them, his lithe body making short work of the distance. Wearing a black short sleeved shirt and black jeans he looked like an avenging angel she thought, but why was he so rude to Mr Rabari and why was he glaring at her like that.

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He winked at Geet which made Maan suck in a deep breath and walked off to get the figures. Geet looked at the time on her wristwatch, the afternoon had flown by, she really needed get going, it was going to take a long time to get back home. Maan peered at Mr Rabari with a dark scowl, was the man actually blushing? And why was he asking her to call him by his first name?

I need to get going. He just stared at her back with incredulity. Why was he questioning her like this. Biting her tongue she replied in a civil voice still walking to where she had left her equipment. Geet winced as his hand clamped around where she had been injured.

She looked up at him her eyes full of pain and total surprise. She looked down at where his hand was clamped around her arm. Pain forgotten she stared at his hand, shocked that he had actually grabbed her as if it were his right. He did not even look at where his arm was clamped around hers but stared into her face scowling and demanding an answer.

You do realise you have to maintain a professional relationship with the team. They are not your friends they are here to work and you are obviously distracting them. Geet stared at him unable to believe what he had just said. How had he come to such a conclusion she wondered. Pulling her arm out of his grasp she glared at him. She did not answer but carried on strapping everything into place. He came around to face her his manner angry that she was not listening to him at all. She had tried to be civil but she was not going to let him give her orders.

I will be fine. They stared at each other eyes locked. Amber into chocolate brown, something unspoken passed between them. Was that concern in his dark intense gaze she wondered? But why would he be concerned about her? Under all that determination he was sure he saw the vulnerability in her eyes that she tried to hide.

mg ff love and hate relationship

It seemed to go on and on. His eyes softened, for the first time she noticed the small lighter flecks in them, his nostrils flared and his lips opened slightly to take a breath. Her lips opened slightly taking in much needed air, it seemed as if oxygen was in short supply in this completely open space. As she took the much needed air a spicy citrus scent hit her which enveloped her, it was him, all him, he overloaded her senses.

He seemed to drowning in those eyes, again lost in their depths. His eyes strayed to her parted lips which quivered slightly. With a muttered curse at himself he broke the link.

His face became completely closed, giving nothing away. I will see you tomorrow at 9am in the office. If she wanted to be Ms Independent and foolhardy then he did not give a damn about her either.

He heard the scooter fire up as he strode to his car with angry steps. Damn Geet Handa and her eyes, his mind screamed at him. So why did he ask his driver to follow her all the way home to make sure she got back safely? Chapter four What kind of Man is this? She fumed all the way back.

Who did he think he is? She was not his employee to be ordered about as he saw fit. If she had not needed the money so badly she would have chucked the whole project in his face and walked away.

As she soon as she got home she threw herself into her work. It was the only way she could keep her angry, sad thoughts at bay. Her life had changed so much in the last 6 months. Finally when she did get to bed, she could not sleep. All night she tossed and turned wondering how she was going to manage everything, Barely getting a couple of hours of sleep. The morning did not start well for her, groggy as she was from lack of sleep.

This short period has made her realize that she absolutely needs him. She needs him for her to live her life peacefully. Without him she is restless. Today for the first time she experienced the fear of losing him. This is the same fear he felt on that day when Brij's companions took her captive and almost killed her in Hoshiyarpur. One thing is definitely lucid.

At every stage, she has displayed how much she has learned from Maan to deal with life. From the days of being a stranger to the days of being an ardent lover, he has given her the strength to be able to live, to face the troubles of her life and emerge a winner on her own without his help.

There can be no better proof for this than her victory today in stopping him from completely leaving her, and what better proof can be there than this to justify what he said at the very end, "Tum Meri Madad Ke Bina Jeet Bhi Nahi Sakthi".

He always knew how incomplete he feels without her. He also always knew that she controlled his life in such a way that he has no control over it anymore. But today when she lost her consciousness and did not respond to his earnest pleas, all these things gained a more profound implication to him. He felt as if the very breath has left his own body. His care, concern and worry indicate how much she means to him, how much lost he will be without her, and how much he fears of hurting her by his actions that can be driven out of control by her mere presence.

Never ever can he forsake her, and anyone who contemplates on hurting his Geet better beware because they will be not be spared from his wrath. He will for sure hunt them down to the ends of the earth if need be and leave no stone unturned in the bid to ensure that they receive their proper punishment.

She is affected by him as much as he is affected by her. She understands his silence as much as he understands her's. She is as much restless for him as he is for her.

Inspite of the uncleared misapprehension, she has opened up her mind and is ready to reciprocate to his every gesture and accept him in her life "as is". After seeing him repent so strongly, she could not possibly refuse his offer to take her to the doctor. Had things been the same before the slap, she would have retorted 'I don't need your help'.

The slap has not only brought him back to his senses but also made her realize that depending on someone is not that bad after all. What more proof can we get about their broken egos than the fact that both called each other knowing the other would have guessed it.

But, this is just the beginning. Transformation of her thoughts regarding Maan will be complete, and she will be restored to her previous loving self of pre-Black Friday days only after her misconception gets cleared totally. He still has to be restored to the same respectful position he held in Geet's eyes from where he has fallen due to her misunderstanding about his actions and intentions on that black Friday when she maligned him in front of the whole world.

Until then, there will be a shadow lurking behind every reconciliation they have. All the same, I fear the day when she realizes her mistake, which was highly appalling. How will she react? She is one person who would go to any lengths to correct her mistakes. Once she realizes it, she never hesitates. But the impact the entire thing would leave on her would be something to never forget.

Her reaction, after she finds out that Maan was innocent, may compel her to take a drastic action and try to leave saying she doesn't deserve him. It may force her into a bottomless pit of guilt and despair. But at the same time, Maan may never give her that chance to leave him ever again and he will definitely never let her lose herself in the darkness of the despair caused by her guilt.

He will save her the same way she saved him from falling into a similar darkness. If Maan is the benefactor and Geet the recipient, then there are times when she is the provider and he the acceptor.

They have proved time and again that they are incomplete without each other, and they are each others strength as well as weakness at the same time. Conclusion Both of them are responsible in their own way for the outcome of this epic clash of their egos, passions, emotions, and half-truths, but both of them are blameless at the same time.

This one encounter has shaken the very foundation of their relationship. It has started to test every promise they ever made to each other, and evoked such raw passions that turned their love, which once nurtured their relationship, to burn them in desolateness. It actually reminds me of a forest fire, which burns down an entire forest from an old tree to a new sapling with equal ferocity, the one calamity dreaded by all forest beings, but that which is often necessary to restore the ecological balance.

Once the fire dies down, a new forest takes form, stronger and livelier than the older one. Similarly, once their passions calm down enough, this encounter will redefine a balancing point for their relationship, which will then emerge with more strength and vigor. Remember that strength of relationships is defined not by what we adore in the other person, but by how we deal with the worst in the other person.

Will the story end here? No, it will go on till once again Maan and Geet ultimately become Maaneet, and it will continue further about how they will remain one soul in two bodies till the last breath leaves their bodies and beyond.

A Request Love scenes, if genuine, are indescribable; for to those who have enacted them, the most elaborate description seems tame, and to those who have not, the simplest picture seems overdone. Every heart knows how much a heart weighs, but only the heart that has experienced it first hand can understand the real pain of being broken.

Did Maan or Geet's love become so much bitter that it can no longer be loved? Are their mistakes so gigantic that they can not be forgiven?