Murdoch mysteries william and julia relationship questions

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murdoch mysteries william and julia relationship questions

After William and Julia have been happily married for a while, Ruby . Julia and Emily about the impact of Julia's marriage on some of her .. He asked insightful questions and truly seemed to learn from the experience.". 54 questions and answers about 'Murdoch Mysteries' in our 'Television L-P' His religion also caused problems between him and his love Dr. Julia Ogden in a few more episodes, and she and William began a tentative relationship. The William-Julia relationship, often referred to by MM fans as Jilliam or Willia and more recently Julliam, (while the cast and crew call them Julia and Murdoch .

William comes home with a plan to deal with the discomfort of knowing that his wife will have disclosed much about their relationship. William and Julia had been living happily at the Windsor House Hotel where Ruby would rent a room for her stay.

Julia had taken Thursday and Friday off from the asylum to spend time with Ruby. Thursday morning 6 A. Julia awoke first this morning. It was usually William. She rolled over to face him as he lay on his back sleeping. She would take this chance to admire him. Even closed, his eyes were beautiful, combined with his square masculine jaw and his muscularly-defined physique it was no wonder that so many women found him attractive. They had been married over a year now and she still marveled at how her body reacted to the mere presence of him.

She had expected that their attraction would weaken with familiarity, but it seemed to have actually grown stronger instead. Perhaps it was because now they knew the power of the feelings they made together. Anticipation often drove her to levels of arousal she had never even dreamed were possible.

And so it happened now. She had let her mind move ahead to what would happen once she softly awakened him, sliding her naked body up to his, reaching around his neck to entangle her fingers in the hair on the back of his head, lightly kissing his ear and whispering his name.

He would roll over to face her before he even opened his eyes. They would kiss and move against each other, explore each other's bodies, slowly build up the tension between them. She would lose the ability to think clearly as her awareness of her warm, tight, need for him took over her world. She would push herself under him as best as possible, but only when he was ready would he tuck her completely underneath him, pressing down into her with his full weight and his need.

They fit together so well this way — his broad shoulders and chest covering her as his strong arms held her in place while her thighs surrounded his compact, powerful hips.

Their eyes lined up perfectly once he had moved down a bit to come inside of her. William's amazing self-control which she had needlessly worried would be his lovemaking downfall — rendering him unable to let gohis attention to detail, and his desire to pleasure her resulted in nearly perfect sexual unions between them. He was a master of timing, holding himself back just enough to ensure that she was about to climax before he drove himself forward into his own pleasure.


She chuckled to herself in her mind when she felt her back surge into an arch as the muscles under her pubic bone engulfed and squeezed her in contractions of desire for him. She could wait no longer — she felt her breasts against his skin first, she actually held back a moan at this simplest and softest of touches. It was time to make her dreams come true… Julia remained in her robe as she basked in the sights of watching William go through his rituals of getting ready for work — brushing his teeth, shaving, and his orderly crafting of the clean, neat, buttoned-down detective the world sees.

They had finished eating their room service breakfast by the time Ruby knocked on their door. William let Ruby in just as he was putting on his coat and red scarf to head out.

He welcomed her with a hug and apologized that he had to rush off to the stationhouse, but was looking forward to catching up with her later. After the door had closed, Ruby turned to see Julia, "Jules, you're not even dressed yet," she said as she and Julia embraced each other.

Ruby's eyes soaked in the unique home shared by her sister and her new husband. She twirled around and moved from the parlor to the bedroom. Her gaze became fixed on the unmade bed. With a mischievous look in her eye, she reached over to squeeze her sister, "William seemed quite happy, and strangely confident, relaxed even.

I guess things are good Ruby's eyes turned to focus on the bed once more between you two? You seemed to hit it off well with her the last time you visited. But for now, do you want me to order you some breakfast? You can eat while I get dressed…" Julia asked. Ruby took a breath in an effort to slow herself down, "That all sounds great," she agreed. Julia and Ruby had been talking all morning. They had gone out to buy some cheese and crackers and wine.

They would order room service for lunch after Emily arrived.

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Pouring herself a glass of wine, Ruby said, "Jules, I have to say you seem happier than I have ever seen you. I swear you seem to be more alive, and more patient too. I never imagined William and I could be so happy. It's really quite wonderful," Julia said, attempting, but failing, to keep the large smile off of her face. There was a knock at the door and they greeted Emily.

After they had ordered their lunches and supplied each other with wine, snacks, and seats, Ruby shared about some of her most recent adventures.

William-Julia Relationship

Emily expressed her amazement at Ruby's independence and worldliness. The conversation shifted to the efforts Julia and Emily were making with regards to women's suffrage. Not knowing that there had been some tension between Julia and Emily about the impact of Julia's marriage on some of her suffrage activities, Ruby asked how William felt about Julia's involvement.

Julia sang his praises, explaining that he tended to get more excited about her actions than she herself did. However, she had to admit that he clearly worried about her being jailed. Their lunch arrived and Emily shared with the two sisters about her relationship with Lillian as they began eating. Ruby was not surprised but found herself drawn to Emily's free spirit. Julia and Emily had not ever discussed Emily's relationship in much detail and Julia pushed herself to get over her discomfort.

She was happy to see that Ruby and Emily got along so well, and she was truly enjoying the opening of hearts that the three of them were engaged in. Around the time they began tea and desert, Ruby couldn't hold herself back anymore and asked about Julia and William's relationship.

murdoch mysteries william and julia relationship questions

She leaned into Julia, motioning for Emily to join her, and she said, "So Jules, you really must tell about your married life. Julia turned a little red and struggled with her decisions about disclosure. She felt completely comfortable revealing all to her sister, and had come to greatly trust Emily as well, however much of what she wanted to share would involve William, and he is a very private person, further Emily worked with him.

You have to tell us what it's like being married, and to such an interesting man as William Murdoch. You don't have to go into detail, and maybe you can make sure to only tell us how it is for you, not revealing so much about him in the process?

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I want details… Jules, we can be discreet. We won't tell anybody else and we'll be careful not to act like we know anything around William. Julia took her teacup with her and moved to the couch. The others followed suit.

Ruby and Emily looked at each other with excited looks — this was going to be good! Ruby led off, "About the sex, of course. All I will say is that, however he managed it, his lovemaking has managed to bring us both abundant pleasure, and pretty much right from the start.

Our honeymoon was much better than I had ever imagined it would be. And, believe it or not, our attraction and desire for each other has only grown stronger over time. I mean I know you aren't expecting to be able to have your own. I think Detective Murdoch would make a magnificent father, don't you? It's just that we are both enjoying each other so much right now, and I'm a little worried about what will happen to my career. I think William will leave the timing up to me — he knows my career means so much to me," Julia said, with a touch of sadness drifting into her tone.

Emily sat up straighter and said, "He really does seem to be such a modern and caring husband. I only hope I can find someone to share my life with that I fit with as well as you fit with him. It was quiet for a moment before Emily asked, "You know, you told me a while ago that there was an attraction right away when you met, but that love grew over time as you worked together. Was there a particular moment when you actually felt yourself fall in love with him?

Before she met William, she had been told that he was very intense and brilliant and would be demanding of her as a pathologist. When she saw him for the first time she was surprised he was as young as he was, having built up such a strong reputation as an expert detective in such a short time.

She was struck by her reaction to him — She felt like a schoolgirl with a crush. She had butterflies in her stomach as she shook his hand and had to work to speak without a quiver in her voice. She wanted to impress him, but spent half of her attention on telling herself not to stare at him. She had never seen such beautiful eyes in her life, and she found herself reasoning that his fit body was likely due to all the cycling.

But, William was so hard to read and she couldn't decide if he felt the same way about her or not. Their conversations were invigorating, stimulating, and she felt right away that he respected and valued her input. She loved working with him and attempted to hide her feelings from him until she could be more sure that her feelings were reciprocated, fearing the loss of the wonderful working relationship they shared if she spoke up about her romantic interests in him.

The first time she ever had any clear-cut evidence that William felt a similar attraction for her was when he had rigged himself up to a device he had invented that would indicate whether or not someone was lying.

Once again, Julia failed to conceal her glee when she described the scene for them, "He was demonstrating how it worked to the whole stationhouse, and when I walked in he immediately started squirming and wiggling, trying to get out of the device and put off the demonstration.

His big, dark eyes moved from my face to the blue liquid in the coiled tube which would rise if his heart rate and pressure increased. The liquid was slowly creeping up and he looked very worried. Finally he asked her to a ball, and, as fate would have it, they each decided to take dancing lessons before the event — and they ended up at the same studio at the same time and were paired together.

She remembers being more tense about the situation than happy about it, but she also thought about their dancing together constantly. She speculated, "I had almost fallen in love with him. It was like I was at the precipice of the cliff, but I wouldn't let myself go over. Three women had been gutted in much the same fashion as were the victims of Jack the Ripper. A detective from England, Detective Scanlon, had shown up claiming to know that the murderer was a man named Orville and that Orville would continue until he had killed eight women.

murdoch mysteries william and julia relationship questions

This detective became very agitated when I tried to inform him and William about my findings after conducting a post-mortem. He was rude and William stood up to him and put him in his place, demanding that he apologize to me. That's when you fell for him, when he protected you?! It turns out that William's actions weren't quite as chivalrous as they seemed because Detective Scanlon had also been rude to many of the constables and William was dealing with him as he needed to," Julia said and then got up to top off everybody's wine.

Do you want me to continue? Emily replied emphatically, "Don't you dare stop, Julia. Now we have to know. She told them that they had charged a suspect with the crime and that Detective Scanlon stopped by the morgue to ask her out to dinner, using his desire to make it up to her for being rude earlier as an excuse. She stayed late that night to finish up her report on the last victim.

A serious tone overtook Julia, "It was dark. I had my music playing as I sat at my desk finishing the report. Suddenly I heard the floorboards creak to my left and when I turned there was Detective Scanlon, silent, staring. The look of him startled me and I was up out of my seat before I had time to think. I tried to cover up my fear by asking him if I could help him.

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Then he opened up his switch-blade. I heard the noise and saw the shimmer of the metal blade in his right hand. I figured out at that instant that he was Orville, not Detective Scanlon, and that he intended to gut me as he had his other victims. I ran into the morgue theatre and dodged back and forth from the opposite side of the shelf as Orville. I spotted a pair of scissors I had left out and picked them up.

He tackled me to the ground. I tried to stay down on the ground — I knew from the autopsies that the way he struck required us to be standing with him behind me holding my shoulders. He grabbed my arm and as he pulled me up I surged the scissors into him. He didn't die right away. I turned out all the lights and hid in a corner. William, the Inspector and George burst in a few seconds later.

William helped me up and I watched as Orville thanked me for finally putting an end to his ordeal and he died. William had taken her home. She had asked him to stay the night. He stayed on her couch. In the middle of the night she awoke screaming in the midst of a nightmare -reliving the trauma.

She heard William from the other room — he asked if she wanted him to come to her. Julia paused and looked away, shaking her head, "I will never ever forget how he looked when he came in. I guess he didn't have any pajamas to sleep in and so had been sleeping in his underwear. He had wrapped the sheet around himself. I could see one of his bare shoulders and the bottoms of his legs sticking out of the sheet.

He looked like he was wearing a Greek toga. I ended up laughing, with him joining in. I called him, "my Greek God. I fell back asleep and a few hours later woke up screaming again. Grace to the pizza man and introduces her to pizza as well. His sister is shown to belong to which profession?

Detective William Murdoch click to play it. Nun Susannah Murdoch appears in the season four episode "Voices". In this episode, Detective Murdoch is called to the convent to investigate the death of a supposed priest, and is surprised to find Susannah is there.

They reconnect, and Susannah confesses she is suffering from a terminal illness. She later passes away off-screen. Murdoch's estranged father, Harry, and half-brother, Jasper, have also been seen in the series, and Murdoch has mentioned his deceased mother, Mary, once or twice.

Which "Murdoch Mysteries" villain is this? In season two's "Big Murderer on Campus", Gillies and his friend Robert Perry orchestrated the murder of their university professor, for no real reason. Gillies turned out to be a complete psychopath, and after Detective Murdoch foiled him, Gillies became obsessed with Murdoch.

The next time Gillies showed up, in season five's "Murdoch in Toyland', he devised a game for Murdoch to solve. Gillies kidnapped Julia and buried her alive in this episode. This time he killed Dr. Darcy Garland, Julia's husband, and framed Julia for the murder. He also trapped Murdoch in an elaborate cage, to stop him from revealing the truth before Julia could be hanged. Murdoch again foiled Gillies' plan. Gillies was next seen in season seven's "A Midnight Train to Kingston", in which he was being transported to his hanging.

He again managed to pull off an elaborate escape, but had to jump off a bridge while handcuffed. While his fate remained a mystery for awhile, Gillies was declared to be well and truly dead in the seventh season finale. What was being celebrated in Toronto on the night that Robinson was killed? The date was May 24th, Queen Victoria's birthday As Murdoch and Constable Crabtree investigate the crime scene, fireworks can be heard outside and Crabtree asks Murdoch how old the queen is turning this year.

Murdoch later proves that the clerk would have heard the gunshot had he been at his post, indicating that Fannie Robinson, who had been discovered with the body, must have arrived at the scene after the murder took place. But if Robinson's slighted wife didn't kill him, who did? Queen Victoria was born on May 24th, Following her death inCanada's parliament enacted Victoria Day as a statutory holiday to honour the Mother of Confederation.

It is celebrated today in Canada on the last Monday in May before the 25th. Dominion Day commemorated the formation of the Dominion of Canada on July 1st, It was celebrated in Canada until when its name was changed officially to Canada Day by an Act of Parliament. His birthday was December 27th. Julia Ogden, the local medical examiner, a position not often if ever held by women in Victorian times.

She and Murdoch have an awkwardly romantic relationship. In season six, she decided to separate from her husband Dr. Darcy Garland so she could marry Murdoch. How did her marriage to Darcy actually end? Darcy was murdered Murdoch had intended to propose to Dr. Ogden in season three, but she moved to Buffalo and returned to Toronto married to Darcy in season four, believing that Murdoch's religion would always keep them apart.

Over the next few seasons, Dr. Ogden and Darcy's marriage is strained for a number of reasons, including her relationship with Murdoch.

murdoch mysteries william and julia relationship questions

In the season five finale, she decides to leave Darcy for Murdoch. However, she runs into a number of problems including refusing to lie to get an annulment and Darcy changing his mind about divorcing her. Darcy is killed in the season six finale and Dr. Ogden is the prime suspect as her being a widow would end not only her marriage to Darcy but allow her to marry Murdoch with his conscious free.