Nursing and technology a love hate relationship

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nursing and technology a love hate relationship

Nursing Informatics: Technology and Nursing - A Love/Hate Relationship Technology: Transforming EMRs - From Patient Snapshot to 'Clinical Hologram'. EBSCOhost serves thousands of libraries with premium essays, articles and other content including Nursing and Technology: A Love/Hate Relationship. We are nursing students at Curry College in Milton, MA. We applaud Judy Murphy's wonderful article, "Nursing and Technology: A Love/Hate Relationship," .

Take those old-fashioned under-tongue mercury thermometers that took five minutes of staff time — and patient cooperation — to get an accurate temperature reading. Well, now there are instant non-contact thermometers that can read a temperature in three seconds — without even touching or waking a patient.

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Everyone working in long-term care knows how time-consuming medication management can be. And most of that time is not only spent away from residents, but eats up so much time that nurses have very little time left to interact with residents.

With its in-facility packaging and delivery technology, The InSite System cuts that time in half, leaving nursing staff with more time to do what they want to do — spend time with residents. The InSite System changes the game in regards to the traditional cumbersome, costly, unrewarding, and error-prone medication management process — freeing up valuable time that lets nurses be nurses. While electronic record-keeping is unquestionably a great idea — and certainly efficient in terms of having records right at your fingertips — it can be time-consuming to maintain.

New technology needs to have outcome-based metrics and measurable components to determine its efficacy.

nursing and technology a love hate relationship

Does it really help? For that to happen, implementation is extremely important. The set-up, training and support are all crucial to the ultimate success.

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And most importantly, nursing staff needs to accept the technology, truly believing that it helps them do their own jobs better as well as optimizing overall efficiency and improving resident care.

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nursing and technology a love hate relationship

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nursing and technology a love hate relationship

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nursing and technology a love hate relationship

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