Okabe and kurisu relationship tips

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okabe and kurisu relationship tips

Rated: Fiction T - English - Romance/Drama - Okabe R., Kurisu M. - Words: The only time they've ever really made any headway in their relationship is Thus, I write to provide you with a list of helpful tips to prevent your. Shortly thereafter, Okabe runs into a very-much-alive Kurisu, and Daru . trying to follow the advice from a dating manual and failing spectacularly, Okabe time. "El Psy Kongroo" is the password that Okabe Rintaro uses whenever he ends a One of the many names given to Kurisu by Okabe, due to seeing her dip her finger . or a sexual/romantic lesbian relationship between two female characters. Makise Kurisu occasionally hints at her interest, as she is what many would call.

First came the lab coat. Pepper and 2chan memes. By the halfway mark, Okabe and Kurisu are practically Birds of a Feather who don't get along only because they also share the trait of major tsundere-ness. It's seriously moe invoked. There is a reason no one has ever developed time travel. An organization will exploit it for their own evil ends and kill anyone involved. Steins;Gate is officially a sequel to Chaos;Headbut the stories are almost completely unconnected.

However, references are made to the ugly frog straps and even Takumi himself through his online avatar. Mayuri and Faris both work at a maid cafe, which Faris has really embraced. Covert Group with Mundane Front: Well, besides Okabewe mean. There's a lot of junk lying around both literally and metaphorically.

For example, the eight Future Gadgets aren't all used and are generally kind of useless and the plot overviews for RaiNet never amount to anything either. There are some things you need to pay attention to and a lot that you don't.

Daru, who, for whatever reason, keeps a tub of apricot puree in the Future Gadget Lab's fridge just in case he gets a girlfriend who visits the lab and wants to cook.

Kurisu then briefly lampshades how unlikely this scenario would occur. Luka is a girl?! Kurisu in episode 5 of the anime.

One more word and I'll make your neocortex into a flowerpot! What kind of threat is that?! It deals with cyberpunk themes Cyberpunk Is Techno: The game's soundtrack are mostly techno. Whenever Mayuri dies, Okabe time leaps back to several hours or days ago before her death. Lampshaded and deconstructed when Okabe wants to keep time-leaping to try and Take a Third Option to avoid having to let Kurisu be killed; when she says that seeing Mayuri die so many times will destroy him, he notes that he's already gone numb to the experience.

Possibly subvertedthough, since Kurisu at least doesn't believe he could still have a heart and not feel anything at all at the sight; thus, she calls him out on it. Okabe's Ripple Effect-Proof Memory lets him accomplish things with time travel no one else can, but can also prove to be a huge liabilitysince he has very limited means to figure out how things are different.

Even worse, altering the present too significantly starts to seriously alienate him as his surroundings and even his friends shift from what he knew in ways he can't comprehend. Mayuri even states such a fate without realizing its this way for Okabe —slowly and constantly separating from your friends as you know them—sounds horrible. The latter half of the series deconstructs Set Right What Once Was Wrong by showing that undoing the alterations caused by time travel may reverse the bad things they caused, but it also negates all the good things, forcing you to let go of the gifts you got from time travel.

And even if you go through all the trouble of reversing one disaster, that doesn't mean that others can't happen The anime's opening credits sequence.

Suzuha upon failing her mission to retrieve the IBN after losing her memory by using her fixed time-machine. Witnessing Mayuri's death multiple times is not enough to shatter Okabe's hope to save her.

okabe and kurisu relationship tips

Because Destiny Says SoMayuri will always die, no matter how unrealistic the circumstances are. Died in Your Arms Tonight: Mayuri, in Okabe's arms, every time her death isn't instantaneous. Mayuri's later description of her recollection of these deaths implies that from her perspective this is how her death always plays out.

Faris's father, who died in a plane crash. This makes her use D-mail to save her father and causes Akihabara to become well-known for electrical appliances instead of otaku culture. Also, the fate that befalls Nae after her father's suicide.

Mayuri, who can suddenly stop at a place doing Stardust Handshake, much to the dismay of Okabe. Does This Remind You of Anything?

In episode 19, taken out of context, the brawl Okabe has with Moeka looks very much like a rape in progress. In the Visual Novel, Kurisu's ending is the same as Mayuri's, except now Okabe is going to be a miserable wreck since he sacrificed the woman he loved.

Furthermore, this timeline has the worse of the two potential bad futures: Fortunately, the True Ending follows up on this and makes it better. The Dog Was the Mastermind: The identity of FB turns out to be none other than Okabe's beleaguered landlord Mr.

Dreaming of Times Gone By: It is revealed later on that Mayuri is on some level aware of her many deaths, through various dreams of her own demise by gunshot, falling on the train tracks, being run down by a carwhich always end with Okabe holding her and apologising.

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Similarly, when Okabe finally tells Kurisu she will die if they return to the Beta timeline, she reveals she already knew; she has faded, barely-there memories of that timeline. Suzuha, after she travels to using the time machine fixed by Daru, having lost her memories then recovering them 25 years later. Several characters go through this actually. Moeka hangs herself in one timeline and Mr.

Braun shoots himself in another. Even Okabe tries to kill himself at one point while trying to save Mayuri. Dude Looks Like a Lady: I'm talking about lying about what happened, lying about the trauma you went through. I'm talking about how long you plan on hiding your PTSD. As before, the thought is immediate, like his body has planned for this conversation and prepared a notecard to flip to in advance, a mental note from the future that reads: As long as it takes.

With sudden clarity, he understands the bits of him that didn't make sense to him earlier this morning. Why he could confess his feelings in a universe that was about to be erased, only take the initiative to kiss a girl he loves before he disappeared from living memory: He doesn't say anything.

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For a terrible moment he thinks she's about to cry. I knew this was affecting you more than you let on. Why on earth didn't you say something?

How am I supposed to help? I — it's not because I…" Because he what, he doesn't trust her? He can't see her eyes. I can meet you halfway. Can you just — reach out to me halfway, Rintarou?

I don't expect the world of you, but I need you to give me something. I need a place to start, especially when I'm younger. Telling is the hardest part, but you've done it before. I can take care of the rest. He suspects he won't have an answer for her for another twenty years. Now, though, he at least owes her a response. He reaches out to pull her left hand away from her face and gently brings it to his lips. It seems the husbandly thing to do, and he hopes desperately it doesn't come off as ingenuine or uncomfortable for her, knowing a year-old version of her spouse may be treading on intimate ground better left for his older self.

Kurisu lowers her other hand from her face, and with her thumb she rubs her ring finger where he'd kissed it. She squeezes his fingers back, and then, slowly, as if approaching a frightened animal, she leans forward and presses her lips to the corner of his mouth. He doesn't move, unsure what to say or do or where to put his hands or lips or face, but it's over before he can decide.

She's pressed her forehead against his now, lids half-closed. He's a fool of a man, but perhaps the universe will let this fool hold on to this pathetic sliver of hope he's stumbled upon this morning. Okabe lays back on the bed with his unoccupied hand behind his head. The tense atmosphere has dissolved, but he's still cautious after listening to her lay out his private thoughts and fears into words so easily, as though his problems can be condensed into language so simple.

Surprisingly, though, he's not mad or embarrassed.

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Acknowledging his residual issues — the flashbacks, night terrors, PTSD, whatever it is — has always just made him feel unyieldingly tired. He's never shared it with anyone. As far as he's concerned, he's the one who put them through all of that nonsense, so he should shoulder the consequences.

But perhaps… Okabe closes his eyes. Or do you just remember my telling you? I think the older we got the more the divergence number shifted. We'd be closest, mentally, to those other versions of ourselves when we were younger, so as we grow up, our minds would veer off in different directions, so unless I focus all my efforts, I don't think I'll see anything more. I could try, I don't think it's impossible, but… I feel this is for the best. Consider what I said. You need it, back then.

I don't know how much good it will do, but I wish I had been there. I wish I'd known. Kurisu looks content, and then glances around, as if to search for a visible change in topic. Inher hands are so small against his, but here, they're fully grown and weathered, comfortable fitting with his own. I don't really remember what I was doing in December …" "You're in America studying… something. Oh that's right," she says, and her voice lights up a little, but still quiet, as though she too is nervous about treading lines too fast following a dispute.

There was a facility out in the desert I got to work with over break. The disagreement seems to have taken energy out of him. From this angle he can see Kurisu leaning against the headboard upside-down, looking out the window as she reminisces twenty years back. Just between you and me. Do you want to? Half of him wants to squeeze every bit of information out of this older Kurisu that he can — what his life is like, is he happy, is she happy, how are Mayuri and Daru and Faris and the others, how long are they away from Japan — and the other half is impatient go back to his own time to talk to the Kurisu he knows, ask her if she's doing well, what she imagines her future will be like, if she's ever thought about visiting San Francisco with him, maybe, some day.

Mostly, though, he's just tired. He doesn't say any of this, however; he just shakes his head. He cracks an eye open. She's… running her hand through his hair. Gently, like she's scared of putting him off, but in a way that suggests familiarity enough to be calming.


She must do it often. Mad scientists keep their hair cut short lest it all be burned to the roots in an experiment, but he can understand, now, why he would grow his bangs out. America's becoming more bilingual, but it's still better to know English, and I suppose you won't remember learning. That's thanks to me, of course. I know this is difficult for you. From behind his head he extracts one of his own and grasps her fingers.

okabe and kurisu relationship tips

Her hand is warm. She freezes, then backpedals: I'm not sure how long you've got till you leave, so maybe it's best to stay in anyway. I suppose now this is a second chance. If you want to talk about it…" He swallows. Soft like how she'd thanked him in the street that day in Akihabara, when they met by fate or by chance; soft like how she'd invited him into her motel room when they were stranded in the California desert and told him that their history together, including his affection for her, was nothing more than a dream she wasn't sure she wanted to understand.

Not just here-here in this moment, but. I didn't tell you this often enough when we were young.

Steins;Gate 0’s Amadeus Helps Us Connect With Kurisu Again

I'm not very good with reaching out first either, but if… if you want something to bring back with you, you should know that, in DecemberI'm sitting in my hotel in Arizona wondering what to get you for your birthday, and how to apologize for not checking in with you after what happened that summer.

I'm a coward too, Rintarou. I wanted this to work out without having to make the first step. I spent ages wondering if some other crisis would happen that would force us to acknowledge what this was really about.

And there's still so much we don't know about world-lines and time travel… and who we are, how we exist beyond the memories we have available. We can change, though, we can make a difference without messing with the past. I know it can seem like there are no options left, but there's always something. You're proof of that. There are no options for a do-over, but it's important to me that you understand that's all right. It means that we just work around the constants to get things the way we want them.

And it's you who does that, you know, not Hououin. Don't push yourself away from Mayuri when it gets rough. It's easy to want to travel back to the past, and pick and prune at the details until they're perfect, but we're okay without that ability. It's not going to be perfect, but it's still something good. You taught me that. Just let me know if that ever changes.

He doesn't think there's a word for it, this impossible 7AM pillow talk that could only happen on a California summer morning inwith one of the participants twenty years too young and the other twenty too old. Any word he would reach for seems to be escaping him, really, when the bed's so comfortable and her fingers brush his ear like that. He's too tired to respond, but he hopes that the next time he wakes up on this morning, he's the Okabe Rintarou she'd expected to greet to half an hour ago, the one she'd said yes to.

He hopes she's said these things after he's told her everything he didn't say now. He hopes she knows without having to be told. Around them, above them, below them, people are waking up, making breakfast, driving to work, and starting their mornings on a sunny California day in June of Inside, however, Okabe Rintarou starts to fall asleep.

He next wakes at the computer in his apartment to a midafternoon sun blazing through the windows. He's sitting in the desk chair, one hand resting on the keyboard, as though he'd simply nodded off.

He checks his watch. The calendar on the wall behind the desk is flipped to "December ," and the 2nd is marked off with blue ink. He doesn't remember falling asleep at the computer, though. There's an email box on the screen, cursor blinking after the last letter, as if he'd just finished composing a message. Last he remembered, he had browsed 2chan before heading to sleep around 3 AM on the couch, not sat up late composing mail, but there's at least five solid chunks of paragraphs on the screen that don't look remotely familiar.

Warily, he begins to read. Updated Procedures with the Future Gadget Lab Kurisu, This communication will no doubt come off as uncharacteristically saccharine when compared to our history of ignoring each other across the Pacific Ocean, but I owe it to the both of us to properly warn you of the oncoming storm, for which I hope you will prepare yourself by following my instructions below.

You'll read this while in Arizona; I apologize, as there's no doubt I've interrupted your research on some crucial collaborative Yank paper you must be working on to improve the memory capacities for Amazon tree frogs or whatnot, but I hope you'll allow a mad scientist from across the world a few minutes of your time. I have received disclosure that the Organization has traced the locations of some of my closest associates and plans to launch assaults in the near future.

As the only Future Gadget Lab Member with a frequently used passport and no doubt a plethora of frequent flyer miles, I trust you to take care of your own travel expenses to flee your immediate area if you suspect your movements have been detected. For now, I am of the personal belief that my personal assistant requires protection that the other LabMem, under my watchful eye at our home base, have no need for.

Thus, I write to provide you with a list of helpful tips to prevent your exposure to our enemies for the sake of upholding the lab's safety and its international reputation.

I hereby suggest the following: A Immediate suspension of all current offensive nicknames with the postulate that future nom de plumes must undergo rotations to avoid detection from the aforementioned Organization. Code-names will be allowed no more than ten uses each before expiration, forcing the user to provide a consistent creation of new handles to both exercise one's imagination and throw off investigations into our private affairs.

B Agent has proposed an operation for disguised reconnaissance in the form of a group cosplay at an upcoming convention, the details of which are TBD.

Your participation in this investigation of the Organization's affairs with the rest of the lab will take place during your next trip to Japan and is decidedly mandatory. C At your earliest convenience, the scheduling of a private rendezvous with the founder of the Future Gadget Lab, the purpose of which is twofold: I suggest disguising this conference over the simple guise of a meal in a public place so that the assembly may dissolve without delay if it turns south, either due to the Organization's interference or issues of internal affairs.

The dress code for this arrangement is left to be decided on the dining place of your choosing. Your immediate response is required so I may know if these terms are agreeable to you.

I suggest the introduction a new password, for use strictly between the two of us for our private communications, so as to ferret out imposters who have hijacked our personal effects. The mouse is hovering over the 'Send' button and — Okabe realizes with a jolt — since he awoke, his hand has been poised, index finger ready to click.

So he does switch with his future consciousness when he flashes in and out. Or someone broke in, typed this nonsense onto the computer screen, physically arranged him at the keyboard, and disappeared. Well, it is the type of crap Daru would pull, but as he's out of town visiting his parents for the holidays, more than likely — God, future him is a dick. He's suddenly stricken with another bout of nerves. What's he meant to do? Kurisu said as long as he doesn't change the past too much, the world-lines wouldn't differ and they would end up as they had — were?

Maybe that's all it had been, just a vision. A dream, or a very bizarre hallucination. He could've written this the night before in a frenzied state of sleep-deprived mania. It would explain why Kurisu knew so much about him, his thoughts, his private life — it had all been in his head.

He had genuinely believed it wasaccepted all the new aspects of civilization she had mentioned and her would-be uncharacteristic tendencies, but then, you always believe these things in dreams.

The only way to be sure, it seems, is to wait two decades and wake up in a laboratory in Tokyo as a single year-old when he should be 39 and married in San Francisco.

okabe and kurisu relationship tips

But Okabe is a little tired of waiting, if he's honest with himself, and the message is still blinking at him, waiting to be sent, edited, or deleted altogether.

A paralyzing thought comes to him, and he forces himself to entertain a theory that he hasn't seriously considered before: What if Steins Gate isn't a single world-line, but an attractor field? Each composed of realities in which Mayuri and Kurisu don't die, but the details of their personal lives may branch off in different directions… If this isn't a dream, what if, being there, he hadn't flashed to the future, but also crossed to another world-line?

If what he'd seen isn't his future — She's alive. Kurisu is alive in this world-line, he reminds himself for the thousandth time in a year. What she remembers, where she goes, who she decides to — the rest is inconsequential. Time traveler Suzuha offers Okabe the physical time machine he needs to go back to the scene of Kurisu's death and make it happen. Crucially, this takes him two tries. On the first try, he gets involved in the confrontation between Kurisu and her father and… accidentally kills her himself.

But he resolves to try one more time. With the help of a message from his future self, he goes back and saves her life. The aftermath of Okabe's success is that Mayuri and Kurisu both live. Of course, Kurisu has no memories of getting to know Okabe in the Alpha world line. It seems Okabe may not be the only one who remembers alternate timelines. Okabe calls this outcome "Steins Gate.

Steins;Gate 0 takes place in the Beta world line where Okabe does not try a second time to use Suzuha's time machine to save Kurisu. A Japanese rebroadcast of the Steins;Gate anime took a different route towards this world line. In the original scene, Okabe receives a message from his future self. Mayuri slaps Okabe when he looks ready to give up, motivating him to try again.

In the new version, he receives no video and she comforts him instead. He never gets back in the time machine.

okabe and kurisu relationship tips

Steins;Gate 0 will pick up six months later. Returning Cast Not only are there plenty of characters to keep track of for Steins;Gate 0some of them are different depending on which world line you're in.

Rintaro Okabe, or Hououin Kyouma as he liked to call himself when claiming to be a mad scientist, is a college student who got in way over his head when he accidentally built a time machine.