Okita and kagura relationship

Top 5 interpersonal relationships between Gintama characters

okita and kagura relationship

2- Gin-san and Kagura's father-daughter relationship; it's just really cute. . but to make sure she wouldn't get too close to Okita, especially after. Kagura (神楽, Kagura) is a member of the Yorozuya and the main female She often quarrels with Shinpachi and Okita physically and verbally. Their relationship seems to be of a "father/daughter" or "older brother/little sister" relationship. Sougo is a Cancer while Kagura is a Scorpio, meaning their star signs are compatible. Sorachi-sensei didn't have to mention the star signs and instead could've.

He immediately regrets it when she manages to tie the rope against him and throw him up. Later on, when everyone was on the cliff, the enemy began shooting arrows down and one of them hit the rock that Kagura was holding onto. Okita saves his waifus laifus Okita risks his life to part away from the cliff, to reach out for Kagura and catches her.

As the attackers add another arrow, awaiting the next wave, Kagura tells him to let go of her which he doesn't do.

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Here, Kagura is telling him to let go because if they stay like that and more arrows were to shoot their way, Okita would fall too. She doesn't want him getting hurt just to save her. See this, this is another example of them caring about each other. Luckily, some of the Shinsengumi manage to get up to the top of the roof and prevent anymore arrows from getting shot down.

Okita throws Kagura up and she ended up hitting her head against the edge of the cliff before knocking out some of the enemy's at the top.

okita and kagura relationship

When Nobume and Okita were fighting, Kagura stopped them and told them that they needed to be fighting together than against.

Okita tries to clarify and tell Kagura that it's Nobume and the rest of the Mimawarigumi's fault why this fight began in the first place, but Kagura tries to convince Okita that Nobume is a good person. Though, to both their surprises, Nobume rests her sword against the side of Kaguras neck. Okita got triggered so bad damn He thought her life was in danger so he was ready to attack Nobume if she got any closer than she already was. In this scene, you can see how agitated Okita suddenly got when Kagura dares Nobume to do it.

Usually, he's on top of his game and he hardly reacts to things.

okita and kagura relationship

But here, you can see the sweat drop, the way he adjusts his stance, his pupils getting smaller, and how the light in his eye began to shake. He doesn't want anything to happen to her. But to their surprises Nobume protects Kagura and pushes her toward Okita. The two also helped Gintoki fight Utsuro.

Kagura stops the sword from slicing Gintokis neck while he was dazed and Okita jumps on Utsuro's arm despite being hit in the stomach. The two help get Nobume on her feet as they retreat to the ships. Back in Edo, it was ordered that all police officers were to be caught and killed so the rest of the Shinsengumi had to flee. Before they left, everyone went to go say goodbye one last time Kondo went to Shinpachi and Otae.

Hijikata went to Gintoki or more like Gintoki came to him. And Okita went to Kagura. Okita was being kinda out of character as he just wanted to say bye and leave but Kagura wasn't having it lol.

She reminds him of who they are and that they don't need farewells In addition, she kicks him off the bridge and Okita yells at her saying he's still healing.

Here you can definitely tell that he came to her just to say goodbye and nothing more. There's also this running theory that I'm pretty sure is true about Kaguras relationship with the bridge.

It's been shown throughout the show how whenever Kagura is upset about something, she runs to the bridge and looks down at the water as a way of reassuring herself. Episodes like the Valentine's day one where she threw the chocolate in there, was an example of her hoping that the things getting washed away in the stream would also get rid of the difficult feelings she's going through.

With this, her kicking Okita down there could also show the difficult emotions she's feeling at that moment.


Her rival is leaving for how long. Her friend is leaving for how long. That can be pretty difficult. After telling him off, she joins him in the water. And then they start fighting in the water. Whilst doing this, they promise each other to get stronger, and that they shouldn't lose to anyone else.

They basically said to stay safe. If you've read up to here, and still don't think they don't care about eachother you're on something. They banter right after meeting each other. Okita agrees with Kagura against Hijikata but his facial expression makes it seem as if he's annoyed by that.

Chapter Okita tries to grab her attention by offending her but when she ignores him and leaves him. He calls out to her. Okita once again meets Kamui but Kagura is there too. Okita and Kamui indirectly argue with each other while Kagura tries to get them to stop. Out of nowhere, Okita decides to get to the "point" of the argument and yells out that Kagura is ugly Seriously though Out of all things to say He just Okay.

Kagura had nothing to do with the conversation and he just tries so hard to grab her attention and he does. Honestly Okita reminds me of a grade schooler bullying the girl they have a crush on And when I think about Kamui and add him to the equation it makes me think of one of those "boyfriend meets the brother" situations.

Well if the world's gonna end atleast they'll die while they're close to each other!! Not Kagura, but her apparent daughter, Kanna. They start fighting instantly Like mother like daughter am I right? They do some gags together. And as they fight, Shinpachi somehow gets in it and they end up beating up Shinpachi together. Honestly, he needs a break. Like he allows it to happen but still. He puts up with too much of this emotional and physical torture. Okita interacts with Kanna like he's some lovesick dad reminiscing to his daughter about her mother Crazy comparison, I know but seriously When you read what he says, you can tell from an outside perspective that him and the person he's talking about must've been close.

Okita talks to Kanna as if he knows Kagura well, he knows how she feels about certain things and predicts what she'll do next. The two have been separated for 2 years and it seems as if he can never forget her. And the look on his face as he talks about her. It's like he enjoys talking about her and you can clearly see that he misses her. What ruins the moment a bit but is also very Sougo like is that he makes a prediction. His inner self is something that will be quite important in this discussion.

Kagura has had a dark past as well, but she retains her childlike innocence and strong focus on saving the people she cares about. Kagura is all about the bonds and friendships forged around her, having been lonely most of her childhood, with Kamui leaving home, her mum dead and Umibouzu gone most of the time. Like Okita, she has no clue about romance or boys.

okita and kagura relationship

Both were lonely, had important people taken away from them and were always in the shadow of someone else Hijikata for Okita, and Kamui for Kagura. Yet both characters turned out pretty differently, Okita became spiteful but Kagura became hopeful.

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This may be because Mitsuba spoiled Okita so much and his issue was more of jealousy, while Kagura had to pretty much survive on her own.

That I think, is an important dynamic of their relationship later on and is an interesting aspect. Basically, both of them share similar traits at a fundamental level but are also nicely contrasted.

This childishness of them is also what triggers their dynamic. Of course they love fighting too. Chronicling their relationship Their first meeting is an instant spark. After which, we begin to see the antagonistic side of their relationship and their bitter rivalry. Of course this irritated Kagura and she started to dislike him too.

Her protectiveness of Gin is also something that triggers her, and this unfortunately played out. This was pretty early on too. Young boys poke fun and bully the girl they really like to hide the fact that they like her. To Kagura, he bullies her and provokes her even when unnecessary and this reminds her of childish behavior.

Because their dynamic was reminiscent of a primary school boy-girl relationship, and Sorachi thought it was funny to put it in. Then again we could choose to take it with a pinch of salt and dismiss it as comedy, but again, WHY did Sorachi write it like that if he had absolutely no intention to suggest something affectionate?

okita and kagura relationship

At this point, I just wanna say that I think Okita might have a crush on Kagura. Frivolous matters aside, another critical aspect of their relationship is how they manage to work together and end up as one hell of a duo.

What I find interesting is also how the animators have decided to give them auras — red for Kagura and blue for Okita. It was used twice even, again in the Beetle Hunting arc. Also, how Okita is willing to play with kids and beetles just to beat Kagura. Kagura then cries over her loss of Sadaharu no. Also, at the end of the episode, when Gin punishes the both of them, it really seemed like a father punishing two kids who were being immature and stupid.

Their rivalry is unstoppable as we see that they destroy everything in the way of their competition, including their friends. In other words, to uphold their pride. Almost always, they just bicker. They compete over everything, and along with it comes arguments as well, but notice that they just like to compete with each other because both of them are just super skilled. Another interesting point is how Okita takes Kagura so seriously.

So far, I just wanna point out that Okita shows his true self to Kagura a lot. Perhaps not romantically, but definitely interested.

But first we need to discuss the Yagyuu arc. Something else this arc has shown is a sense of exclusivity between the two. No one else is allowed to beat her except for him. I like her more when someone paired her up with Kamui, my second favorite character. Eventually they will meet.

I wonder how the interaction will be like since Kamui is interested in samurai and she is the only samurai woman around. If they developed unique relationship, then Nobume would get two hottest boys in Gintama, Kamui and Okita, interested in her at once! It is like a response towards his threat. They are much more fitting as a couple.

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Well, she was being kind to him, blushed over his comment, cried for him and waited for him for like forever. I think the perfect pairings will be Okita x Nobume and Kagura x Hisashi. Yeah, I am weird and maybe no body agrees with me but who cares?

Wait, why do those pairings even appear on this post? I hardly find any okinobu fanfiction out there. Kamunobu has more supporters in fanfiction. On the contrary, I can find some good fanarts about okinobu, while kamunobu almost does not exist in fanart.

Weird things happens… The canon interations of okinobu are better than those made fans, I think.