Olivia benson and brian cassidy relationship problems

'Law & Order: SVU': Cassidy Reveals Why He Really Left the Special Victims Unit

olivia benson and brian cassidy relationship problems

Brian Cassidy was a male Human who was a detective assigned to Manhattan's Cassidy's relative lack of sophistication causes several problems for him. the Special Victims Unit he started a brief relationship with Detective Olivia Benson. They didn't officially get in trouble for it (if I remember correctly) but it did cause friction between them, he wanted more of a relationship and had. Olivia Benson (Mariska Hargitay) is back on the market. to delve deeply, to really explore their relationship issues, to do them justice, like This Haden in season 13 and Dean Winters' Brian Cassidy in seasons 14 and

Benson is walking on the sidewalk and Cassidy races up to her and he apologizes for being late. He says he got stuck in traffic back there and she comments she guesses they are both kind of stuck, He asked what happened.

He got shot and then demoted and she got …hurt…and he got her through that. She grabs his arm and pulls him closer alongside her. She wonders if that is what it was supposed to be, maybe there is something even more right for each of them. She still thinks about having a family, asking Cassidy if he ever thinks about having kids with her or growing old with her.

Cassidy dryly states he does not see himself growing old. She tells him to go ahead, she can take it. He says he loves her. He asks how much he owes, and West explains it is on the house, they take care of them so they take care of the girls.

Quinn adds to call it a quid pro ho. She walks off, explaining that Tucker is waiting. Tucker reminds them he was listening all night and says it was dereliction of duty, maybe.

Benson counters that West is not going to confess to Cassidy the second he meets him. Cassidy says they leaned on Tanya but Tucker thinks that is subjective. Amaro believes Cassidy has their trust and Cragen adds if he spends more time, they will slip up. Benson thinks the other vics will be just as drunk and scared.

Fin says they need a reliable witness, and suggests IAB set up a honey trap. Rollins adds West likes his women drunk and disorderly and she can do that. At a later time, West and Cassidy get a call for an assault by a white female who is possibly intoxicated, West says they have this and Cassidy calls in they will handle. Quinn radios she will back up.

Brian Cassidy

At the scene, Rollins is playing drunk while Fin is playing the her driver whom she is fighting with, saying that she paid for the night.

They get her in the squad car. Benson and Amaro listen as West puts on her seatbelt and Rollins complains she is dizzy. West says he does not know what it is with these women — low self esteem? He says they will do her a favor and drive her home, and as he puts his hand on her leg, saying when they get there they can work something out and see if she deserves to get off for drunk and disorderly.

Amaro says he wants this guy. West gets in the car and tells Cassidy to get her keys in case she falls asleep. West says it is not happening and then calls in the drunk and disorderly and where they are taking her. Benson tells Amaro to stay close and radios Cragen that they are on the way. At the room where Cragen has a team set for surveillance of the room, Fin enters and tells Cragen that Rollins was so good she scared him. He explains that West took in Rollins while Quinn distracted him and told him to stop picking up drunk white women.

They see Rollins, Cassidy and West arrive at the building and Cragen comments he does not want Rollins in there any longer than she has to be. Cassidy asks what happens if they get a radio call and West says they answer it and can come back and check on her later, they have her keys.

West asks for 15 minutes with her and he begins to take off her shoes. He says he has to make a phone call, and then tells Cassidy he told them the next one would be his. Cassidy seems reluctant but West explains she likes cops. He steps out to reply to the message but leaves the door open while Cassidy climbs on the bed and onto Rollins.

In the car, Benson wonders why West is making Cassidy go first and Amaro wonders if they are still testing him. Benson says she does not like this. In the hall, West looks at his phone and then knocks on the door, saying they have to go. West says he got a call. Cassidy climbs off the bed and tells West she is cute, he likes her. West closes the door and Rollins looks up toward the camera, Cragen and Fin also wondering what just happened.

In the car, Amaro questions if they got a call, and Benson said they would have heard it. She thinks they are on to him.

olivia benson and brian cassidy relationship problems

As Cassidy races down t he stairwell with West, Cassidy comes face to face with Quinn who is holding a gun on him. West slams Cassidy against the wall and also pulls his gun on him. Cragen and Fin enter Rollins room and Fin asks if she is alright. She says she is fine. Cragen radios to Benson and Amaro asking where is Cassidy, and, as Amaro backs up the car, Benson tells Cragen his wire went dead 45 seconds ago.

Cragen tells Fin to check the back. Meanwhile, Quinn is driving a cab and Cassidy is in the back seat. West orders Cassidy to give him his cell.

He hands it to Quinn and tells her she knows what to do. She tosses the phone out the window. Cassidy asks if they are now commandeering cabs and making calls from his phone, questioning that is their plan? Cragen says he is gone, Fin adding they found a back door out to 20th St.

Rollins thinks they had a second car. Amaro tells them they got the call with a female voice reporting a suspicious man with a gun on West 21st street. Amaro also wonders if it is a decoy call. Back in the car, Cassidy says they have this all wrong but West thinks Cassidy worked with Groves up in the Bronx and Quinn wonders if Cassidy is his avenging angel. Cassidy says Groves is a nut job. He says he does not know as Rollins holds a gun on him.

He explains Quinn told him to drop her here and then she got in a cab and said it was personal. Rollins tells him to stop covering for her, and he says he just got out of the Academy 3 weeks ago and he does what she tells him. They hear a call on the radio saying the suspect is fleeing across West Side highway by Marine terminal. Fin asks if that is his sector and he nods yes.

A woman radios they are en route. Rollins and Fin race off. Meanwhile, Cassidy is now out of the car as West and Quinn continue to have guns on him and they push him forward. Quinn asks what Groves told him about them, and Cassidy says nothing but they question that IA put him undercover on a whim.

olivia benson and brian cassidy relationship problems

West punches Cassidy and he falls to the ground. West asks what Groves gave him and Cassidy insists nothing. Quinn says this is his chance and screams at him to take it.

olivia benson and brian cassidy relationship problems

He says nothing and Quinn says he blew it, radioing in there are shots fired,suspect is shooting. She fires her gun toward the water. Cassidy asks if they are going to shoot him in the head with his own gun? West replies not them, the perp grabbed it and tells Cassidy it is his last time to tell him what Groves told him.

Cassidy swears nothing, saying he tuned him out and Quinn and West order him up and tell him to talk or start running. Cassidy is not running and West asks if Quinn wants him to call an officer down or if she wants the honors?

Benson calls out, suggesting she call it in for them, and she is standing there with Amaro, their guns drawn. Quinn and West put up their hands and West says they are on the job. Fin and Amaro cuff the officers and take them away. Benson asks Cassidy if he is alright, and he breathlessly says yeah. Back at SVU, Tanya is in the interview room and Benson says they have West and Quinn and she does not need to be afraid any more but she does need to tell them what happened, Tanya asks if Benson will believe her and do something about it, and Benson reassures her and asks if she will trust her.

Tanya explains that West seemed nice at first and helped her upstairs and got her cleaned up. She remembers the sound of him opening his zipper and she tried to push him off but he held her down. He came back twice that night and the next day she spoke with Officer Groves who took her to his Lieutenant. That night, West showed up at her apartment angry and said she was a drunk slut and she should be smart and should keep her mouth shut.

She knew she could not trust the lieutenant and she thought Officer Groves was on her side. Benson explains that he was. Rollins and Fin have West in interrogation and he claims he was entrapped and set up and he wants his PBA rep and lawyer. Fin tells him good luck with that, Quinn is giving him up right now. West says she is not. Meanwhile, Amaro is questioning Quinn, telling her it is all on her, she held the gun on Cassidy and made the calls. She denies it but Benson walks in and Amaro asks if she can believe this, a female officer covers for her partner while he assaults drunk civilians.

Benson asks if West has something on her, and if he does, she suggests she tells them because he is in there right now ratting her out. As the only detective on the case, he has to appear in court to testify against the offender.

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ADA Abbie Carmichael questions him about the events that lead to the offense. Cassidy is extremely nervous during his time in the witness stand. Defense attorney Hawkins takes advantage of Cassidy's nervousness and lack of sophistication. When Hawkins asks him about the technical term for fondling a stranger, Cassidy comes up with the answer "fromage".

olivia benson and brian cassidy relationship problems

The answer was supposed to be frottage. The two had a drunken one night stand and Brian was left wanting to start a relationship with Olivia. Olivia feels that she has broken her personal rule of not getting involved with your co-workers.

When he starts to come close to her, she decides to end the relationship.