Optimus prime and bumblebee relationship goals

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optimus prime and bumblebee relationship goals

Bumblebee is a fictional robot Superhero from the Transformers franchise. In most versions .. Optimus Prime has also returned to Earth commanding Bumblebee, vehicle and robot forms, the same lack of voice, and his close relationship to a Bumblebee's goal in the series is to be promoted to warrior class, as he first. Bumblebee met Optimus Prime when he was delivering a message to him. They continued their relationship in Transformers: Robots in Disguise where .. set by Steeljaw as Steeljaw injured himself on purpose to be placed in stasis pod so. Embedded Original Transformers, Transformers Bumblebee, Transformers Gufu-Kandagawa Transformers Robots, Transformers Prime, Bounty Hunter, Elk, .


Dark of the MoonTransformers: Age of ExtinctionTransformers: The Last Knightand Bumblebee film Bumblebee appears in the live-action Transformers moviereturning to his role as the friend of the Autobots' human ally — in this case, Sam Witwicky.

Sam possesses the glasses of his great-great-grandfather Captain Archibald Witwicky, a famous explorer. Unknown to Sam, the glasses are engraved with the coordinates showing the location of the life-giving All Spark. Bumblebee is assigned to guard Sam from the Decepticons, and poses as a dilapidated Chevrolet Camaro as Sam and his father are buying a car for Sam. They eventually purchase Bumblebee, due in no small part to Bumblebee damaging every other car at the dealership to ensure his purchase.

Later, Bumblebee drives away from Sam's home to summon the Autobots. Sam thinks Bumblebee is being stolen, and chases the car on his bike. Sam then witnesses Bumblebee transforming into robot mode and reports it to the police, who believe he is on drugs. Bumblebee returns to Sam house to come get him but he ran away from him which resulted a chase through town. After Sam gets attack by Barricade Bumblebee came to his and his crush Mikaela Baneswho followed Sam, rescue as was able to get them away.

Bumblebee battle Barricade while Sam and Mikaela battle Frenzy where they both ended up being victorious, although they weren't killed just defeated them for a while.

When Mikaela criticizes the poor condition of Bumblebee's vehicle mode, he scans a passing Camaro Concept and transforms into the same model. Bumblebee then drives Sam and Mikaela to an alley where they meet the other Autobots as they properly introduced Bumblebee, due to his voice being damage in battle, to Sam and tells him that Bumblebee is his guardian also they explain why he talks through the radio.

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They return to Sam's house and retrieve the glasses, but a secret government organization, Sector 7, arrests Sam and Mikaela. The Autobots attempt to rescue them but Bumblebee is captured and taken by Sector 7. Sam eventually negotiates his release. Bumblebee survives the massive battle at the film's climax, although he loses the use of his legs after helping Ironhide deflect missiles from Starscream.

optimus prime and bumblebee relationship goals

With Mikaela's aid, he is able to rejoin the battle supported by a tow truck later confirmed to be the Autobot Longarmand destroys Brawl. After the battle, Bumblebee is fully repaired and asks to stay with Sam and is granted permission from both Sam and Optimus Prime.

optimus prime and bumblebee relationship goals

He is later seen alongside Ironhide, Ratchet, and Optimus watching the sunset while Sam and Mikaela recline on his hood at the end of the movie. Bumblebee is voiced by Mark Ryan in the films, but he mostly speaks with his radio, having had his voice processor damaged though his actual voice squeaks and whines laboriously through much of the movie.

He also speaks with quotes from television shows and movies, in a way similar to Wreck-Gar from the film and season three of the G1 cartoon series. Screenwriter Roberto Orci explained Bumblebee regained his voice through the regenerative laser Ratchet fires at his neck as they meet, and it eventually works its magic by the end of the film. He agreed this was not made clear. It was said that making Bumblebee mute was to show that his bond with Sam went beyond words. Bumblebee also appears in the film's sequel, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.

When a fragment of the AllSpark inadvertently turns the kitchen appliances in Sam's home into feral robots, Bumblebee intervenes to save him and his family. Taking pity on the newcomer, Optimus lets him off with a stern warning, and they move out together to face Megatron, who has absorbed the power of the Allspark.

Optimus fights Megatron, but Megatron gains the upper-hand. Optimus is on the verge of defeat when Create-A-Bot takes the Allspark and drives to Megatron's chest, weakening Megatron but mortally wounding himself in the process. Optimus fights Megatron again, defeating him. As Megatron is on the ground, he tells Optimus that if he kills him, the Allspark will be destroyed and Cybertron will never be restored.

Optimus says to Megatron that he will do what he must do, then he raises his sword and kills Megatron, destroying the Allspark in the process. Create-A-Bot also dies, but not before telling Optimus his final request to make Earth the new home of the Autobots and to protect the humans. The game ends with Optimus sending a message to all surviving Autobots taking refuge among the stars. Optimus does not appear until Megatron is released and Starscream escapes with the Allspark.

optimus prime and bumblebee relationship goals

Optimus fights Megatron, but is defeated and is killed while Megatron gives chase to his traitorous second-in-command. In the Revenge of the Fallen video game by ActivisionOptimus Prime is among the playable characters. The Ride at Universal Studios theme parks.

In the ride, Optimus fends off against the invading Decepticons at N. He battles Megatron throughout the ride until Megatron is killed by Evac.

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Optimus then congratulates Evac and the riders for protecting the AllSpark. In the Autobot campaign, he starts off as Optimus, a warrior who rallies his fellow autobots against the Decepticons following the reported death of their leader Zeta Prime. He succeeds in defending the Autobots' home city of Iacon from Starscream and his forces. Optimus then receives a distress call from Zeta Prime. Knowing that this is most likely a trap set by Megatronhe proceeds anyway with a rescue mission.

He lets himself, Bumblebee, and Sideswipe be captured by the Decepticons and is sent to a prison in Kaon, the decepticon capital, in an elaborate scheme to free Zeta Prime and all imprisoned Autobots. He frees all the other prisoners, and defeats Soundwave and his minions FrenzyRumbleand Laserbeakbut he is too late to save Zeta Prime. After taking Zeta Prime's body back to the Autobot high council, he is bestowed upon the well earned title of Prime.

Optimus Prime is then informed that Megatron has infected the core of Cybertron with dark energon and is given the task to undo the damage done. After rescuing Omega SupremeOptimus, Ironhide, and Prowl fight their way to the core, but it's too late. The core informs Optimus that it is far too corrupted.

It can repair itself by shutting down, but it will take millions of years. By that time, Cybertron will have to become cold, barren, and uninhabitable. The core gives Optimus a small piece of itself, saying it will still survive as long as the piece does. Optimus accepts the burden and the core relinquishes the Autobot Matrix of Leadership. Realizing that the planet is dying, Optimus orders a mass evacuation of all Autobot cities, but many transport ships are destroyed by the Decepticon satellite Trypticonunder orders from Megatron that no one shall leave the planet.

The aerial trio manages to destroy Trypticon's jet pack and send the Decepticon behemoth crashing into Cybertron, where Optimus Prime and the Autobots band together to narrowly defeat him, sending him plunging into a pool of raw energon.

Optimus and the remaining Autobots volunteer to stay and defend Cybertron from Megatron for as long as possible while the rest evacuate the planet. He commissions a massive vessel known as the Ark to transport the remaining Autobots into space when the time comes.

Autobots, Optimus Prime and Bumblebee are the initial two characters playable in the game. Optimus Prime appears in the next game, Transformers: Toys The original Optimus Prime toy patent design.

Art by Hiroyuki Obara. Through the years, there have been many action figures made in the likeness of the original incarnation of Optimus Prime, some of which have been featured in fiction, others of which have not.

Additionally, some toy makers have made unlicensed toys in his image or accessories for the existing toys. This particular toy has been reissued multiple times, mostly to commemorate the anniversary of the Transformers franchise. Optimus Prime was also released as an Action Master and Powermaster toy in the original Transformers toy line.

For the Generation 2 toy line, the original Optimus Prime toy was altered somewhat and an electronic sound maker was added. While retaining the original concept of a transforming semi-trailer truck, this die-cast figure incorporated modern toy manufacturing techniques for improved detail and articulation, while, at the same time, captured the look of the cartoon character.

Entering a dormant state between life and death, Soundwave only recovered because Shockwave saw to his revival. His most trusted ally apparently decided to exceed expectations, as he returned home with three: Skywarp, Thundercracker, and Starscream. Joe, Thundercracker has gone AWOL to pursue screenwriting on Earth, and Starscream has treachery flowing through his veins; Soundwave's efforts not only didn't benefit the Decepticon cause in the long run, they actively harmed it. In the case of the Autobot Blaster, the opposite is true.

During the early days of the war, Soundwave was attempting to shut down a pirated news broadcaster, who was spewing anti-Decepticon propaganda. When Soundwave discovered Blaster's location, he sent a pair of Decepticons to assassinate him.

optimus prime and bumblebee relationship goals