Parks and recreation april andy relationship problems

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parks and recreation april andy relationship problems

Andy Dwyer. April Ludgate. Your Relationship As Told By April And Andy From Parks And Rec. Might be .. Adult Wednesday Adams' advice about monsters. If you ask any Parks and Recreation fan, they will probably tell you that April But here's where you really see the difference in April and Andy. Your Relationship As Told By April And Andy From Parks And Rec. You're each You don't take your relationship too seriously. Shenanigans.

She was assigned the internship because she overslept on intern sign-up date, which she blamed on her sister Natalie for not waking her up.

April was responsible for uploading the staff bios onto the Pawnee parks and recreation site, [6] and she jokingly made a fictional bio for herself that reads as follows: She has the ability to fire beams of tacos out of her hands and she can turn her legs into tigers.

On Sundays, April enjoys reading Family Circus and traveling through time.

Andy and April's Fancy Party

Her favorite color is greenish-transparent and her favorite movie is the one you just watched. April is in charge of uploading the staff bios to the website, and no one has checked over her work.

You pride yourself on being a loner. You do not obey, you choose to cooperate. And when you stop baring your fangs to pick a mate, it's for life. And you're fiercely loyal to your pack. Which makes you a rare black Siberian husky. For the first two seasons, her boyfriend was Derekwho is openly bisexual and who simultaneously dates an openly gay college student named Benwhom April dislikes.

Aubrey Plaza herself came up with the idea of her character's boyfriend being bisexual and her boyfriend himself dating another guy. They admit their mutual attraction to each other in the season finale, but she tells him she does not want to get involved with him due to what she perceives as his lasting feelings for Ann.

She changes her mind after he gets into a car accident and the two kiss for the first time, but she leaves abruptly after he reveals Ann kissed him just two minutes earlier. Season 3[ edit ] April traveled to Venezuela between seasons but has returned to Pawnee to continue her job at the Parks Dept. April eventually breaks up with Eduardo after he becomes friends with Andy because Eduardo was used only to make Andy jealous.

April tells Andy to do all of the things she hates doing for her for a month.

parks and recreation april andy relationship problems

After only one day of him doing this, April kisses Andy. Andy and April decide to get married in "April and Andy's Fancy Party" after only one month of dating.

parks and recreation april andy relationship problems

Andy had proposed to April the day before the party asking, "What if we got married tomorrow? Season 4[ edit ] April and Andy throw a Halloween party at which Ron and Ann go around fixing all of the problems in her and Andy's house. She becomes a member of Leslie's campaign as the "youth outreach".

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April takes over a large portion of Leslie's duties in the Parks and Rec department towards the end of the season to allow Leslie to concentrate on the election. April is shown to somewhat enjoy and excel in this position. Season 5[ edit ] April is working as Ben's assistant at Washington D. She actively supports Andy while he tries to get into the Pawnee Police Department.

Following her passion for animals, she develops plans to have Lot 48 become a dog park. She reveals that she wants to become a veterinarian and asks Ann to write her a recommendation letter.

parks and recreation april andy relationship problems

Plot[ edit ] During a cold open scene, Ron Nick Offerman horrifies the entire parks department by apparently pulling an aching tooth out of his own mouth with a pair of pliers. He later admits it was a prank, as a dentist had removed the tooth the previous day.

Which “Parks and Recreation” Couple Is Your Relationship More Like?

Although Leslie wants Ben to stay, she is hesitant to say so outright, disappointing him and leaving him conflicted over which job to take. At the party, Leslie discovers Andy and April plan to surprise everyone by getting married that night. Leslie spends most of the party trying to dissuade them, since they have been dating less than a month and have no place to live.

However, Ron believes it is not Leslie's place to interfere with their decision. Tom Aziz Ansari is thrilled when Andy makes him his best man, but his excitement lessens when Andy also asks Ron, Chris, and several others to be his "best men". Tom tries to throw an impromptu bachelor party and give a speech to make himself the "best" best man, but fails each time.

Although Leslie plans to object during the ceremony, she cannot bring herself to do it and comes to accept the marriage. Andy and April officially become husband and wife. Afterward, Ron explains to Leslie that she did not object because deep down she knew that Andy and April would get married no matter what, and that there is no correct way to do things when it comes to matters of the heart, using his own two former marriages as an example.

parks and recreation april andy relationship problems

During the reception, April privately tells Leslie how much she appreciates her, flattering Leslie. Andy makes a speech to the guests, where he calls Tom his "best" best man, much to Tom's delight. He tells the crowd that life is short and he and April simply did what made them happy. Taking Andy's advice, Leslie asks Ben to stay in Pawnee, and he surprises her by revealing that he has already accepted Chris' job offer.

In a subplotAnn Rashida Jones goes to a singles mixer where she is extremely uncomfortable. She runs into Donna Rettawho at first views Ann as competition, but then offers her advice after witnessing Ann's awkward flirting. When Ann hears about Andy getting married from Leslie, she considers going home, as she and Andy dated for several years. Donna tells Ann to forget her past and enjoy herself in the present.

parks and recreation april andy relationship problems

Ann ends up having a good time at the mixer and gets several phone numbers. It is referred to simply as "Fancy Party" in some publications. Parks co-creator Michael Schur said they wanted to avoid the "standard-issue TV romance plots: