Parks and recreation april andy relationship questions

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parks and recreation april andy relationship questions

Dec 5, 21 Times Andy Dwyer Was the Best Part of 'Parks and Recreation' Parks N .. Not Ready For Marriage Ready For Marriage, Questions To Ask. She is employed by the Pawnee Department of Parks and Recreation originally Toward the end of the season Andy and April's relationship begins to grow to the Ron and Ann go around fixing all of the problems in April and Andy's house . Parks and Recreation, while brimming with nutty and crazy humour, also features As any fan of the show knows, April and Andy are not the typical couple.

Donna tells Ann to forget her past and enjoy herself in the present. Ann ends up having a good time at the mixer and gets several phone numbers. It is referred to simply as "Fancy Party" in some publications. Parks co-creator Michael Schur said they wanted to avoid the "standard-issue TV romance plots: They decided the two should get married after dating for only a short time because it was funny, it made sense with the characters' personalities, and it raised the stakes for future stories involving the two.

What if they just make a rash decision and get hitched? At this point in the series, April and Andy were separated and had not yet reconciled. Part Two" due to an error by NBC employees: We sincerely hope that fans of the show are cool with us gently lying to them, in an effort to maintain the surprise nuptials as much as we could. Now if you'll excuse us, we have to go shoot the season finale surprise Jerry-Donna wedding scene.

parks and recreation april andy relationship questions

Derek is April's bisexual ex-boyfriend and Ben was the boy he dated while simultaneously dating April; the two had appeared in several second season episodes. The character was mentioned offhandedly in the episode " Time Capsule " and Dippold loved the idea of him, so she worked Orin into the script. April had previously given him the jersey as a gift in the second-season episode " Christmas Scandal ".

parks and recreation april andy relationship questions

After seeing Ann flirt awkwardly, Donna asks her "Did you grow up in the woods? Crime Scene Investigation which, although it had more viewers at 8. There were no plans whatsoever to develop a romance between April and Andy—until writers noticed, and decided to pursue, the surprising, untapped chemistry between Pratt and Aubrey Plaza in season two's "Hunting Trip".

Alan Sepinwall of HitFix called it "one of the funniest, sweetest, just plain best episodes of this season of this great comedy", and that it embodied "intoxicating mix of laughs and sweetness that "Parks and Rec" consistently nails".

Sepinwall particularly praised the scene when April declared her love for Leslie, and enjoyed the comedic pairing of Ann and Donna.

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In most shows, he wrote, April and Andy would have been persuaded to stop the wedding at the last moment, or Andy would have panicked after realizing the enormity of what he had done.

He also praised the episode's blend of "humor and heart", of which he said: He also praised the subplot with Ann and Donna, and said he hoped the two characters would continue to interact with each other throughout the season.

Meslow said the episode "couldn't have been better" and was even effective during unabashed sentimental scenes, like the wedding itself and April voicing her appreciation for Leslie. When in character at these kids' parties, he adopts a fake name, which was at first given to him by co-worker Craig. But can you remember which of the following was that name?

London New York Indianapolis Also in season six, Andy got a huge promotion when he was chosen to run his own non-profit organisation The only downside is it meant he had to stay in another city for three months. In real life, Andy's temporary absence from the show happened so that Chris Pratt could go make Guardians of the Galaxy.

But where was Andy in this time? This comes to a head when he shows that he will literally do anything for her when she sets him a thankless task to do but he still does it.

parks and recreation april andy relationship questions

What does Andy have to do to win April back? It means a cushy life for him, as he gets to do nothing else but play his guitar and watch TV. But exactly what sort of accident happened to Andy that caused him to break his legs like this?

Lasers Women's Studies Law In season four, Andy decides to expand his horizons by belatedly attending college.

parks and recreation april andy relationship questions

As he doesn't particularly have any goal in mind, he just picks whatever course at the drop-in day grabs his interest. At the end of the semester, Andy manages to pass the course - though we're not sure he actually retains anything he's learned. But what was Andy's course at college? He's not usually particularly great at any of them but he actually shows a bit of a flair for this job. One of his friends works for the Sweetums charity foundation and hires Andy to be his assistant as he turns out to have a gift for picking worthwhile projects.


But who is it that hires Andy? Unity Concert Founder's Day Parade Sweetums Summer Spectular Andy Dwyer had one of the greatest moments of his musical career in the season six finale when his band got to close this concert attended by practically the whole town. Andy and his band performed alongside numerous other acts - including real-life stars like Ginuwine - who all joined in singing one of the band's most famous songs.

So what was this all-important musical event? He had been kicked out by his old girlfriend and he didn't have a job. Totally penniless, Andy was secretly living rough, though he kept this fact a secret from those around him until they accidentally found out. So where did Andy live for the first few episodes of this season?

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Unfortunately, the moment is ruined by Andy doing something that, though isn't exactly his fault, totally sets their relationship back and means he has to work hard to regain April's affections the next season. But what did Andy do that was so bad. Unfortunately, being the idiot that he is, Andy doesn't say the magic words back which hurts April and causes her to ignore him for the rest of the day. Eventually, though, he makes it right by finally saying it back.

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But what is Andy's dumb reply in the first place? See if you can get this fact about Andy right by picking the correct answer from the options below. Some of them are extravagant, fantastical things while others are weirdly doable. For instance, "Catch the winning touchdown at the Super Bowl" and "Make the world's greatest grilled cheese sandwich. Andy didn't think it could be done but April convinced him to go for it.

The pair went on a 30 hour road trip and eventually reached their destination. It made for a touching moment, though Andy immediately punctured the drama by making it clear that he didn't actually know where he was. But what landmark are we talking about? They don't have any cutlery or crockery and their house is a mess. The icing on the cake is the place Andy chooses to file his bills.

Only Andy can think this is a logical decision to make. But what place are we talking about? It resulted in a hilarious scene, with some of the secrets adlibbed by Chris Pratt.

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They ranged from dumb mistakes to bizarre revelations - but can you remember which of the following is NOT one of Andy's secrets? Ultimately, it's not a problem, though, as April is, in many ways, mature beyond her years while Andy has the mental age of a five year old - so it all equals out.

But what is the age difference between them? As it happened, the show just made a throwaway joke about how Andy managed to lose a lot of weight.

parks and recreation april andy relationship questions

But was the brief explanation that was given? Thank to April rigging the election, he even gets crowned Prom King. The power quickly goes to his head, though, and he gets to make one declaration before he is deposed. What was Andy's first - and last - act as Prom King?