Personal responsibility and college success relationship

Be Responsible for Your Academic Success

personal responsibility and college success relationship

You must take personal responsibility. career options, nurturing family time, and blissful personal relationships simply because we exist. Text: Personal Responsibility for Success In this section, we examine the elements of college success. . Have good relationships with my professors. Personal Responsibility and College Success article, A Study of University Students' Motivation and Its Relationship with Their Academic.

personal responsibility and college success relationship

One of the foundations of good citizenship is personal responsibility, and the College seeks to create an environment in which students learn to take responsibility for their actions. Personal responsibility is one of the most important lessons that can be learned at college. It may take some trial and error for some of the lessons to become ingrained, but once they do, students learn a valuable fact — no one is responsible for your life but you.

Research and, common sense indicate that college success is tied to the effort that students put into their work and how much they are involved with their studies and campus life. Irresponsible students also diminish collective academic and campus life. Within a classroom, the behavior of even a few highly irresponsible students can completely disrupt the atmosphere of a classroom.

Personal Responsibility and Academic Success Essay

For an institution, the erosion of an academic ethos can lead to a culture that is stagnant, divisive and anti-intellectual and irresponsible behavior by a few in a residence hall, for example, can negatively affect life in the entire hall.

Showing personal responsibility is important as students move onto their next stage of life.

personal responsibility and college success relationship

Will employers or graduate schools be tolerant of individuals who do not display sufficient self-control and initiative? At Tusculum, students are expected to take responsibility for their behavioral choices, respecting rules and policies and developing healthy study, eating and sleeping habits. Students are also expected to maintain academic honesty and be persistent in doing their best in their academic studies.

They are to show personal integrity and care and be a positive member of the campus community. Being responsible also involves knowing when to seek assistance with academics or a personal issue when needed. Each student at Tusculum possesses individual rights and responsibilities in the context of the college community. However, the student has a personal responsibility for his or her success. One way to look at personal responsibility is to see it as responding wisely to opportunities and challenges Downing, Persons with personal responsibility do not wait for other things, such as people or luck, to make choices for them.

An important part of personal responsibility is choice. One example is studying for a test. A student who has assumed personal responsibility will create a time schedule and study for the upcoming test.

personal responsibility and college success relationship

A student who has not accepted personal responsibility will not study for the test. That student will hope that he or she will be lucky and still get a good grade. A victim will not accept when things are not working and will continue doing the same things.

A victim will be the person making excuses for his or her failures.

Personal responsibility one of the greatest lessons to be learned in college :: Tusculum University

When a person enters adulthood, he or she has more personal responsibility in his or her life. With this in mind, one can conclude that the choices a person makes will affect his or her success in college, whether negatively or positively. Some students use excuses to advert the responsibility of his or her failures from them. According to some books and journals, people should be taught when they fail to shift responsibility from themselves to independent factors they cannot control.

By using excuses, personal responsibility is reduced.

personal responsibility and college success relationship

When personal responsibility is reduced, performance is lowered. When entering college, the student has a responsibility to study, do his or her own work and maintain satisfactory grades.


These responsibilities are critical for college success; therefore a student should take personal responsibility for them. Parents, siblings, spouses, and other family members want to see the student succeed. They usually will do what they can to help the student in his or her academics. This can include helping them study, ensuring they have the quietness and space to study, or paying for school or supplies.

Although families and instructors can help a student succeed, the ultimate responsibility falls on the student to study and do his or her work. The most important reason each individual is personally responsible in his or her achievement in college is motivation to succeed.

Motivation can be defined as the general desire or willingness of someone to do something. According to them, students must choose to focus their time and energy into college to be motivated.

personal responsibility and college success relationship