Popular master and apprentice relationship

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popular master and apprentice relationship

The Master-Apprentice Chain trope as used in popular culture. Depending on how Master Apprentice relationship is depicted, this can lead to not-blood. Ideally the relationship between an apprentice and his master was that between a son popular domestic manuals and guidebooks of the century. (2) These. The last decade has seen a rebirth of the apprenticeship model, and many now consider the master-apprentice relation to be a good vocational learning model.

Masters and Apprentices in the World of Martial Arts

Harry Potter received more than the standard Defence Against the Dark Arts training - Lupin, for example, gave him some exclusive tutelage. Harry then founded Dumbledore's Army and passed everything he knew to them. Later Neville, formerly a trainee of the D. Harry is clearly invoking it when he speaks to Neville for the last time in Deathly Hallows, making sure there are always more people to keep fighting after the previous heroes are dead.

Done by entire species in the Uplift series. A species is formally designated by its chain of uplifters and by those species it has uplifted, and a species' prestige in galactic society is largely determined by the prestige of their chain.

In the novel Lords and LadiesGranny Weatherwax lists a series of witches, her master, her master's master, etc. Only one of those witches had even been mentioned in any other book.

And since Vimes's training is highly valued across the Disc, we can assume there are a few watchmen being trained by his graduates. Additionally, one of the antagonists in the book, The Machiavelli Interface Massey, is revealed to have learned under Khadaji as well, by enrolling in the Matador's training school. Since every clan cat in Warrior Cats has a mentor, there are often long chains of apprentice to mentor. This can get really convoluted when cats switch clans, seeing as the more recent ThunderClan medicine cats can trace their roots back to the early ShadowClan.

Also, there are other funny coincidences. Since medicine cats always mentor one another, the chains can be traced back all the way to the prequels.

popular master and apprentice relationship

Bramblestar, the current leader of ThunderClan was mentored by Firestar, who was mentored by Bluestar, who was partially mentored by Sunstar, who was mentored by Pinestar. The best part is, it's all purely coincidental. Dustpelt trained both Squirrelflight and Ashfur. Ashfur hates Squirrelflight with his entire being. In Barbara Hambly 's Dragonsbane series knowing a mage's Master-Apprentice Chain or 'line' tells you all kind of things about the type of spells they are likely to know and avoid.

At the start of the story, Jacquie is a rookie under the wing of a veteran detective, Serge. At the end of the story, she has become the veteran and has her own rookie in Clay.

The immediate chain presented is in the Dragon's Lair mercenary company. Looming Shadow extends the chain back two thousand years by stating that Dengel Tymh taught the first batch of Dragon's Lair mages. Then it goes further back to Ariek Valeten, who taught Dengel.

popular master and apprentice relationship

In Shannara we have a chain of High Druids who each mentored their successor either directly or as a Spirit Advisor: Spike even once refers to Angel as his "Yoda", in reference to the Star Wars list above. The previous link in the chain MacNutt put in an appearance in "Masonic Mysteries". Zero is Seven's son, BTW. You set the tone.

Dave Taylor taught Hero the art of chain wrestling, which he would pass onto Claudio Castagnoliwho would go on to help Hero and Mike Quackenbush train more wrestlers in Chikara.

popular master and apprentice relationship

Every mage is nominally descended, parens to fidelius, from the Founder of one of the Twelve or Thirteen Houses, although adoption is common from outside the Order; only four Houses require direct descent. This is part of the basis for Hermetic social structure - if your master is revealed to have betrayed his oath, you have a legal problem.

Further, if you go bad, your master has already sworn to hunt you down and slay you.

The Master and the Apprentice | The Pathway Compass

In Warhammer every Battle Wizard in the Empire can trace a chain back to the first Supreme Patriarch — Volans — or another of the original pupils of the High Elf mage Teclis, who founded their Colleges of Magic after the Great War Against Chaos some two centuries before the present day. Teclis himself trained at the feet of Loremaster Belannaer. Belannaer's tutors during the reign of Bel-Hathor the Sage have not been revealed, but it is possible that Bel-Hathor himself was among them.

However it may or may not be a slip up that Kreia and Arren Kae, the handmaidens mother, are both identified as having been both his first and last. Unless they are both the same person.

popular master and apprentice relationship

Kreia serves as the teacher of the Exile. In turn, the Exile agrees to unofficially train the Handmaiden in the ways of the Forcesince this would technically not break the Handmaiden's oath to Atris about never learning the ways of the Jedi. It should be noted that the Exile had several other proteges, though they don't qualify since the Disciple already had Jedi training, Visas Marr was a reformed Sith and Atton, Mira and Bao-Dur were convinced to develop their Force-Sensitive abilities, but recieved no formal training.

The Sith Inquisitor character in Star Wars: The Old Republic is part of such a chain: Late in Act III, the Inquisitor also takes an official apprentice from the Sith Academy, much like themselves at the beginning of the game.

Each of the Jedi and Sith classes go from being an apprentice to having an apprentice of their own. Ken would later go on to unofficially take Sean in as his student as well as begin training his own son, Melwhile Ryu would indirectly mentor Sakura who based her fighting style on his own. That "the only time a lawyer can cry is when it's all over" creed that Phoenix teaches Apollo and Athena came all the way from Diego telling Mia that when she lost her first case.

Unfortunately, the chain is cut short by the deaths of Roach and Soap. When the crusader fell in battle, their apprentice would take on their weapon, shield, name, and an apprentice of their own. The Arland series has one of these: Atelier Lulua adds a new branch starting from Totori: Do they take a path unknown to them, but that their heart tells them is true? Other times, apprentices might discover they have outgrown their masters. Do they stay with their masters out of loyalty?

Or do they continue trying to better themselves? Here are some of my favorite masters and apprentices in genre fiction, movies, and comics: He had to make a choice, and for better or worse, chose to follow his passion rather than that of detached justice.

popular master and apprentice relationship

He forsook his master and chose another. Jen Yu trained to be a warrior under Jade Fox, who had stolen a combat manual from the famed Wudang Mountain temple. Yet Jen cleverly kept some of the information to herself, and soon her skill surpassed that of her master. Betrayals are met with more betrayals, and eventually Jen leaves her master to serve others. Yet Batman vowed he would never have another Robin. Tim Drake, however, came along with answers Batman needed.

He persisted, even when Batman tried his best to send him away, and eventually the apprentice taught the master a lesson in accepting help when one needs it. In spite of himself, he takes on the role of her master, teaching her to survive the cruel, harsh ways of the world of Westeros.